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Cam And Angela Review The Security Footage Of The Lab | BONES 


These people were wrenched from their homeland, and disappeared into the cold seas of the Atlantic, forgotten, until today.

We’re very proud to announce that, thanks to the hard work of the Jeffersonian staff, the remains found on the Amalia Rose have been matched with the names on the manifest, and they will be buried at the Great Oak Cemetery in Maryland, but their names and faces will live on here, at the Jeffersonian.

  • Booth: We'll need code names.
  • Booth: I am Eagle One.
  • Booth: Cam is "Been There, Done That."
  • Booth: Bones is "Currently Doing That."
  • Booth: Angela is, "It Happened Once in a Dream."
  • Booth: Wendell is, "If I Had To Pick a Dude."
  • Booth: And Hodgins is...
  • Hodgins:
  • Booth: ...Eagle Two.
  • Hodgins: Oh, thank god.