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Jax Teller - Golden Boy


You’re Bobby’s daughter and one day while you’re both baking you admit your feelings for Jax to him.

You thought he was going to drop the bowl of batter when the words “I have feelings for Jax Teller” slipped from your mouth.

Your father looked at you wide eyed almost as if looking at you trying to figure out if he heard you correctly or not.

“Jax? My president?”

“Yes Dad.”

Bobby snorted and shook his head. He had the feeling that was the case.

“Jesus [Name], why him?”

He almost whined and your father never whined.


“It’s the hair isn’t it?”

He asked causing your face to burn.

“Dad no – ”

“It’s the hair, I knew it.”

Bobby Munson - Uncle Bobby

Bobby was always that fatherly figure to you. Out of all the years your dad had known the club our of all the guys Bobby was that one special guy that made sure you were extra taken care of when times called for it.

He was always Elvis at your parties growing up - aside from the five year jail time he and a majority of the club had - and then as you got older he always provided for you like a real father would have done.

Which was kinda sad seeing as how he had kids of his own by his ex-wife Precious.

But you guessed that was because you were right here where he could see you and not have to give you money constantly and instead love and attention.

“You know, Uncle Bobby.”

You told him one day as you sat out on the picnic table with him while he smoked a cigarette. He looked at you through those narrow eyes he did to keep the sun from them.

“You should teach me how to bake sometime. I’d really like that.”

You told him. He chuckled as he pulled the cigarette from between his lips.

“Why so you can swoon the guys with the good shit?”

He asked. You couldn’t help but crack a large grin.

“Nah, just the one.”

You said looking out in the garage at the Son who had caught your attention lately. Bobby laughed and shook his head. He’d never understand why you had fallen for the man, but he wasn’t going to question it.

He was just happy you still wanted to spend time with an old man like him.

Morning Love

Anonymous asked “Heyyy :) Could you do some Kozik smut?“

Kozik laid next to you with his arm under your head. You were still asleep the movie you and Kozik were watching long forgotten. Kozik moves to his side to look at you still asleep. He runs his hand down your side admiring your curves that he loves so much, till he reaches his boxers that you wear around the house. He slips his hand into the boxers using his middle finger to circle your clit. You stir slightly in your sleep, but not enough to wake you up. Kozik still rubbing your clit, plants kisses down your jawline onto your neck sucking and leaving marks. Opening your eyes you move your hands to the back of his neck giving him the opportunity to move his arm out from under you to prop himself up over you. You start to moan lightly squirming under him at the pleasure he’s giving you. He slips his finger inside you, using his thumb to rub figure eights on your clit. As you arched your back he pulled his finger out and stopped rubbing your clit. You let out a whimper at the loss of contact. Kozik unclipped your bra and took off your and his boxers. He sucked and rubbed your breasts for a moment then moved down your stomach to kiss your inner thighs. Kozik started to kitten lick up your pussy, spreading your wetness. Licking and sucking your clit he inserted two fingers. You moaned loudly, “Kozik please… don’t stop.” you tugged his hair, and he hummed against tight cunt. Your walls clenching around his fingers cumming all over them. After Kozik licked up your juices he moved up to look at you with a smile, “Morning babe.” You giggled and got on your hands and knees in front of him. “Morning.” Kozik stood in front of you at the end of the bed as you moved your hand up and down his shaft. You kissed the tip of his cock and put it in your mouth. You swirled your tongue around his tip and deep throated him. He let out a deep groan at your movements. You bobbed your head nice and slow up and down his shaft. His hands tangled in your hair moving your head up and down. You could feel him twitch in your mouth, he pulled you off him and brought your lips up to his and kissed you deeply. He pushed you down on the bed and got on top of you. He slid his cock up and down your folds and teased your entrance. Kozik slid inside you and you let out a gasp. He gave you time to adjust to his size before he moved. Soon enough he started to thrust in and out of you. “God Kozik, please faster.” Kozik thrusted quicker into you making you and him moan out. “Y/N fuck you’re so tight.” He bit and sucked your earlobe. He growled as you clawed at his back. He twitched inside you and you knew he was close. “Shit Y/N I’m close.” “Me too baby me too.” You came soon after triggering his release. Kozik pulled out of you and laid next to you. “Damn babe you should wake me up like that more often.” Kozik smiled and looked at you. “I love you.”

Not Father Material - Bobby Munson - The Reaper’s Angel

Words: 683

Note: This is a one-shot from my ongoing series The Reaper’s Angel None of my work is Beta read, as I have no one to do it right now, so all mistakes are mine. Also, this is short. I’m trying to get the story moving but I’ve been lacking motivation. Hopefully this isn’t too horrible!

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 Bobby never thought of himself as a “Father” material. The day Susan admitted to being pregnant, Bobby almost lost it. It was a hard time for him to come to terms with the thought that he would have a kid of his own.

The day Susan went into labor, it took all of SAMCRO to force Bobby to the hospital and into the room. He wanted to do nothing more than hop on his bike and ride as far as he could. As Susan gripped his hand tight and cried out, Bobby felt he would be sick. He wasn’t father material. His thoughts went to just telling Susan he’d send her money but wanted nothing to do with this kid.

He had never wanted to run away this much before. Then he heard the tiny shrieks and cries of his child. When the nurse handed him a bundle of pink blankets and a squirming baby who was just staring up at him, Bobby felt weak. Angel Marie Munson was tiny. Tinier than Bobby remembered Jax and Opie being.

The day that Bobby could finally show off his little bundle of joy was the first proud moment of his life. She fussed and cried when anyone held her, even Susan. Bobby was the only one that could hold her for a while and she’d be content. Bobby smiled because he knew she’d be like him, a watcher.

The father’s day after Angel’s first birthday turned out to the best father’s day for Bobby. As he tried to move away from Angel to get a drink, she shrieked “Dada no go!” and stared up at him with watery eyes. He almost didn’t believe his ears. It wasn’t until the congratulations and jokes started that Bobby realized her first real sentence. Gemma had smiled and waved the camera toward him.

On Angel’s first day of school, Bobby’s heart broke for the first time. His little girl took quickly to playing with the other children and hardly seemed to notice that he left. It wouldn’t be until later in the day, when Bobby got to see his daughter before bed, that he would learn how much he was missed. All her stories, all her pictures - they were all about him.

Bobby could admit to himself that although he was a dad, he wasn’t a “father”. Angel stayed with Susan and Susan’s boyfriend. Bobby knew that he was the fun one, that he never had a need to discipline Angel. So he never really felt like a father to her. It wasn’t until his baby cried in his arms and begged him to let her stay that it all began to click in place.

The day that Susan’s boyfriend laid a hand on his daughter was the day that Bobby became 100% sure that he would never let anyone else in the world harm his daughter. He would hurt any man or woman who dared laid a hand upon her head or caused her tears.

The second time that Bobby’s heart broke was the day he got a call. “Angel’s in the hospital. They’re taking her into surgery.” To this day, Bobby couldn’t tell you what happened after the call or how he got to the hospital. He remembers clutching his daughter’s blood stained patched denim vest, the one she begged for so she could be “like Daddy and Uncle Clay!” Bobby sobbed when he saw his daughter in the hospital bed. It was that moment that everything clicked for Bobby and he knew he needed to be her father, the one to protect her.

When Bobby won full custody of Angel, they cried in each other’s arms. He would no longer have to worry about her. She would no longer be forced to visit a mother who didn’t want her and a soon-to-be-step-father who hated her. That was the day Bobby made a promise to himself that he would never let his daughter ever feel unloved or unwanted.

Bobby never thought of himself as father material. That was until his sweet little Angel came into the world.

We’re Gonna Ride Again

Originally posted by missgreeene

3 months and 14 days is exactly how long it had been since you stepped foot into that house, anytime someone even mentioned you going home to grab a few things you broke down in tears. Your Uncle Bobby was the only family you ever had, and now he was gone.

He was the one who taught you how to drive, ride a bicycle, ride a bike, how to throw down when needed, he helped you become the person you were today and now he’s gone.

Today was the day you would go back home, the very thought of it broke your heart. The fact that you would never be able to tell him he needed to shave his beard again or cut his hair that was always in a mess. Never being able to wake up in the middle of the night by his laugh, that could be heard a mile away.

Walking into the house, you closed the door behind you. Still sitting in the corner of the living room facing the TV was his recliner that he always spent his free time in. A couple of empty PBR cans still sitting on the table next to it, one still full from him having to leave for ‘club business’ as he told you as he walked out the door for the very last time.

His bike keys on the key hook next to the kitchen were only there because Jax had brought his bike back to the house, it was sitting in the garage just waiting to rode like Uncle Bobby used to. Acting like the stole the damn thing

That long gray beard hung down to his chest

Ol’ long hair was always a mess

And the laugh on that man, I’ll never forget

You could hear him from a mile away

Loved his Pabst Blue Ribbon and his cigarettes

He’d burn one down, light ‘er up again

I still see that grin and that ol’ H.D

He’d roll it like he stole the thing

You know, I talked to him yesterday

I asked him

Grabbing the keys off the hook, you had the ring hooked around your pointer finger with the key resting in the palm of your hand just staring at it. Feeling the warmth of a tear flowing down your cheek your vision became blurry with tears. Closing your hand with keys still in hand, you felt yourself breaking down.

You needed to be strong, you had to pull yourself together. You grabbed the home phone off the wall and dialed the clubhouse number.

“Hey doll, how you doing?” Chibs answered he knew that you went home and made sure to let you know that he was worried about you.

“Not so good, can you have all the guys come over. I want to go for a ride, if that’s fine” you said into the phone, your voice was on the brink of cracking.

“Yeah we will be there soon doll,, ” He said as he hung up the phone

Hearing the roar of the bikes outside the house, you took a look out the window. All lined up on the street ready to ride. Making the keys spin in your hand as you walked into the garage, you hit the button to open the garage button.

Throwing your leg over the bike you got on and started it up just as the garage door started to open, revving up the bike real loud just for the hell of it just like Uncle Bobby used to do before he would head out.

You could barely hear the hollers and whistles from the guys, over the sound of the bike but you knew they were by the smiles on their faces. Chibs who was now President, motioned his hand for you to be in front. You gladly accepted his offer, you knew just where you were going.

Pulling up at the cabin everyone lined their bikes up just as they rode in, walked around the side of the cabin towards the clearing in the back. You spotted the tree the had its roots planted in the middle of the clearing, with his kutte placed on the rock next to it marking his grave.

Walking over to his grave you got down on one kn and started off a conversation with him as if he wasn’t even gone.

Wondering what it was like in heaven, How his bike rode on those streets of gold?

Do they have back roads for long bike rides?

“You know he’s probably up there doing burnouts,” Tig said making a smile form on your face,

“Yeah, he probably laid her down up there too” You replied making everyone laugh.

“Did you rev it up while the angels were singing? Bet God got onto you and took your wings” You said aloud to Uncle Bobby knowing that he could hear you.

“Better have them back before we get in, cause we’re gonna ride again brother,” Chibs said before he placed his hands on the kutte that would continue to stay there marking his grave.

How’s that steel horse ride on the streets of gold?

Does the promised land have any ol’ back roads?

Ain’t a doubt you’ve done a burnout on a cloud

Knowin’ you, you probably laid her down

Have you revved it up while the angels sang?

Did God get on ya, did He take your wings?

You better have 'em back 'fore I get in

'Cause brother, we’re gonna ride again

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