char: bobby

Reaction: When you give them the silent treatment


At first he wouldn’t even know what was going on, he’d talk on as usual and think that you probably just were tired. After realizing you weren’t talking because you were giving silent treatment, he’d start doing small antics to make you happy again. If that wouldn’t work, he’d be quite annoyed and instead of trying to get you to talk he’d beat you at your own game and be silent untilyou gave up and had to make him start talking. 


He’d start off by asking you what was wrong, if you were feeling alright or if anything had happened? When realizing you weren’t going to answer him back, he’d leave you alone to calm down and come back after a little while to try to sweet talk you into stop ignoring him. 


He wouldn’t even care about it, he would continue talking to you, making it impossible for you not to crack a smile or start laughing. After he’d seen you smiling and laughing, it would be impossible to go back to ignoring him, so you’d be forced to stop with the silent treatment.


He would immediately sense something was off when you didn’t even greet him hello. At first he’d try to talk with you, hoping you’d respond to his questions. Noticing that that didn’t really work, he’d try to make you laugh by making stupid faces at you instead.  

/ Bella

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how would be the first kiss with bts and ikon (with gifs pls)^^ awesome blog xD


Rap Monster – It’s yoursecond date and he drove you back in his black car. You want to kiss him, just once to try his well-known skills out and he knows you want it as well, but like the tease he is:

Jimin – You two enjoyed a cute date at his parents house and while he ran a quick errand for his mother, you fell asleep only to be awaken by what started as an innocent kiss:

Suga – He’d be hard to convince and he’d prefer holding hands rather than kissing right away. But then again, you’re not the very pantient type:

Jin – Your first real date, in front of your house, you’re waving goodbye when Jin finally gathers his courage and leans in:

J-Hope – You tripping while getting into his car is very attractive to him all of a sudden:

V – It’s one of the rare few seconds he’s silent, pondering whether to do it or not. And then, you tilting your head and smiling makes him act:

Jongkook – You don’t know him that well. Just that he’s the dumbass, new best friend of your brother. And gosh, do you bicker?! Over the smallest things, over the smallest details. Until one afternoon when you were incredibly annoyed with him demanding a bite from your food:


B.I – You two were relaxing at your place like every Saturday night. The movie was pretty good but you felt a little sleepy so you place your head on his shoulder.. and your eyes meet.. then your lips touched…

Bobby – School projects were never fun until you had to do it with him. It was never fun till he “accidentally” tripped and fell on you.

Yunhyeong – He was about to leave and you were about to turn around. “Wait a second!”, he whispered.

Jinhwan – The bottle stopped in front of you. You looked at him as he bit his lip. It was a dare…a dare for him to kiss you.

Junhoe – It was quiet, maybe a little too quiet. But you could feel his eyes burning. It only took a second and he was on top of you his lips brushing against yours.

Donghyuk – It was your 3nd date and things were pretty good. He bought you ice-cream and a plushie. Then he bit his lip and made his move :

Chanwoo – You were both awkward even if you were really good friends. He cupped your face and you could feel his sweet breath and soft lips…


One of Rap Monster’s famous fansite turned into a Bobby fansite and is posting Bobby pictures, while one of Bobby’s fansite turned into Rap Monster fansite and is doing the same thing, and they’re both leaving sentimental captions 

If this isn’t the best thing ever, I don’t know what is. LOL! I bet it’s for April fool

Reaction: When you don’t want to cuddle with them


He’d start being overly dramatic about being rejected. Pretending to fake cry and act as if you just broke his heart by not wanting to cuddle right now. Honestly by seeing the faces he’s making, it would simply assure you that you made the right choice to reject him.


Since he was the one to initiate it he’d be annoyed by you not wanting to cuddle with him. Junhoe is usually not the one to take the first step and want to cuddle, so he’d feel a bit embarrassed as well. 


He’d respect you choice, if you don’t want to cuddle right now, you don’t have to. He wouldn’t accept it right away though, knowing you were weak to him acting cute, he’d start pouting as a last try to make you change your mind.


Hanbin wouldn’t even have time to answer- Jinhwan would come to his side and help out right away. Instead of Hanbin trying to convince you into cuddling with him, Jinhwan would do it for him. Jinhwan ships you two.


Yunhyeong would act as if it was no big deal and that he didn’t really care. You would almost believe him until you saw he was trying to trick you into cuddling with him anyway. It wasn’t a coincidence that he went to go lie down and look at you with that cute smile of his.


He’d be a little sad, Donghyuk just wanted to cuddle and spend some time with you, but you rejecting him would make him feel sorry for himself. Although, he’d just ask you again 10 minutes later again and if you still refused, he’d just go ahead and hug you anyways. 


He’d be a little shocked by your answer since you’re usually always the one who asks him to cuddle with you. So instead would Chanwoo try to play it cool and just shrug it off.

- Bella 

Fairest Of Them All  ▏Bobby

►I got around to read Romeo and Juliet over again for the umpteenth time, and this scenario sort of played in my head as I read the balcony scene, and I thought I’d make it into an actual lil scenario with Bobby. Hope it’s coool :)

           It had to be close to midnight bynow.

           The party had started when the sunwas still hanging in the sky, and now it was so dark you could barelydistinguish the outlines of your feet when you looked down and took careful steps across the rooftop. Even from up there, the booming music from inside was picked up by your ears, as well as the shouting from the many teenagers in the house.

           This wasn’t particularly your “scene”, and you couldn’t lie to yourself and say otherwise, but a couple days ago the idea of coming to this party and trying to have a good time sounded interesting to you.

           But you grew tired of the dancing, and the yelling, and the house full of rowdy teenagers who shared no interests with you. So instead, you stepped out of the house and somehow made your way onto the rooftop, where you were able to find the perfect spot to sit and look up at the night sky.

           This was better than any party, for sure.

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ikon and winner reaction to you making out with them but then running away purposely just to tease them keke. thanks if you do the request <3


Hanbin : *gorilla mode ON* “Come back here and love me. You don’t wanna see me angry, do you?”

Bobby : “Maybe if I show you this, you will change your mind.” *moans*

Jinhwan : “ Ok, have it your way. Tease me, mock me, leave me, run away… You’ll come back later and beg for more.”

Yunhyeong : “One does not leave these lips for a cupcake you know. Come on, you know these are sweeter.”

Donghyuk : “Yaaa! Give me a kiss. Do you want me to be sad? Don’t do this to me.”

Junhoe : *sassy mode ON* “Fine! Have it your way. You don’t wanna try the Jun? Fine! But don’t come back later asking for the Hoe.”

Chanwoo : “ Aish! You always do this. Not funny, you know. Damn girl.”


Seungyoon – “WHAT WAS THAT SUPPOSED TO BE?! I don’t like demos, give me the full version NOW!”

Mino – “Don’t mind me, I’ll just walk around the house like this… like this naked I mean… just in case you change your mind.”

Taehyun – “Ha! I’m so annoyed right now that I could, like, change my hairstyle or whatever!”

Jinwoo – “This cake won’t be eating itself, you know?”

Seunghoon - *nagging you while you change your clothes* “Oh, c’mon! Pet me! Play with me! Finish what you started already!”

Reaction: When you whine about how hard it is to cover the hickeys on your neck


“c’mon stop whining, it’s a proof for our love, isn’t that a beautiful thing?”

Hanbin would have an idiotic smile on his face because he secretly really likes the fact that you have hickeys of the previous night. It just makes him happy because people can see that you obviously belong to him and only him. He even would want people to see them for that reason.


“hey they look… cute”

Bobby would enjoy himself a lot and tease you about it, saying how cute they look in an ironic way (although he thinks they’re really cute) and if no one is there, he’d come close and pretend like he want’s to do something about it just to give you another hickey/kiss on your neck.


“let me fix it for you babe”

Jinhwan would be the most helpful out of all of them and feel a little bad that you have a hard time covering all those hickeys. He would help you and google what helps against hickeys and how you can cover them the best. He really doesn’t want his girlfriend to go around, feeling embarrassed because of some hickeys. After all it’s just between the both of you and Jinhwan is the only one who is allowed to see them.


“it’s not that bad, don’t worry you look beautiful anyway”

Chanwoo would reassure you that they really don’t look as bad as you think and that you don’t need to be embarrassed or anything. He would give you compliments and tell you it’s alright, trying to calm you down.

- moyo