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Anora and Isabela from @hornkerling’s 1000 word story: Captain and Queen.

Their story is nothing but charming, and a quick read. I only drew a small bit of one of the scenes, so if you like this, check out the full story! 

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I just realized that in the post-apocalyptic timeline created by Alexius, Alistair (and/or Anora) must still have arrived at Redcliffe a few minutes after the Inquisitor’s death and seeing as Alexius is still alive in the future he and the Venatori must have killed them. Maybe that’s why Corypheus could conquer Ferelden that easily.            

Everyone calls Anora a heartless bitch because when she becomes queen she calls for Alistair’s execution.

But she can be persuaded not to, (and it’s a fairly easy persuasion check, which could suggest she doesn't want to kill him, she just feels like she has to) and as soon as you persuade her not to kill him, Anora just lets him go, even though Hardened!Alistair still wants the throne and potentially just killed her father.

When Alistair becomes king, he demands that Anora is put in the tower, possibly for the rest of her life (which might not be long if he has her executed after the Blight’s done or if the tower’s conditions are bad). There’s no way to convince him not to do this.

And everyone calls Anora the heartless bitch.

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Would it be so kind of you to explain to me why alot thinks Anora is better than Celene at some extent? I really dont get it cause they almost seem the same to me. Well aside from being blonde, cunning and smart women, they are ambitious and wants the best for their country. They are both willing to sacrifice anyone for political gain and does not even care for the elven people. Anora can betray the Warden and Celene's support for the Inquisition can fade away. Am I missing something here?

It can be a lot of this, from the shallow, one is prettier or one is Orlesian, to their politics.

For me, it is the politics and I just find Celene less interesting than the circumstances surrounding her (her and Gaspard’s parents killing each other, for example). It’s just a personal feel you know?

First, Anora never openly condemns or betrays the elven people and depending on the Warden will openly gift the elves with boons. Where as Celene has actively burned and assaulted elves; all to publicly (and privately) further her own goals and disown the elves.

Also Celene did actively try to steal Anora’s throne, for people who do support Anora. That is a pretty (though maybe petty) reason to dislike her. For Anora to be dedicated to Calian and then Celene to take advantage of Calian’s infidelity. (Though idc about that, far as I see it that was a Calian problem).

My personal favorite though is their combat backgrounds. Celene is most well known for (as far as metagaming lore goes) killing Briala’s parents as a power play, framing someone else and lying to Briala about it (before sending Briala to the Dalish). While Anora is best known for slaying a giant with Calian on a cold Ferelden night, then raiding a Tavern’s beer reserves for all they had and promising to never speak of that fight again…like that’s pretty fucking cool.

That said, Anora is much more a physical fighter (which is more a Ferelden thing than an Anora thing) than Celene too. She donned armor and led her armies against the Darkspawn, while Celene arrived in the Arbor Wilds in her gown and left her soldiers to their generals.

Lastly, Anora and Celene are on different levels of experience. Ultimately Celene is a fumbling mess when it comes to ruling, no offense really meant. Just she doesn’t have the experience, she never had a teacher, she started ruling so young, and her entire ruling strategy relied on her clever words and spies (one of which she no longer has). It’s why Florianne and Gaspard can so easily challenge her, because she is relatively weak without someone behind her to wield their strength. Whether that someone be her Spymaster, The Inquisition, or a loyal chevalier.

Anora is much more experienced. She spent years beside Calian and even studied Maric as a child. Her father is Ferelden’s best War strategists and that is something she had picked up too. She grew up excelling in every thing laid before her by her father and Maric. She spun Calian around with a clever tongue, fell threats with her blade, I’m pretty sure Erlina was her Spymaster, and she picked her allies based on what would further he goal the best. Even Celene looked/looks up to Anora.

So yeah, maybe some of my other followers can add their two cents. But I do like Anora more and it’s just because I feel like it, mixed with a bunch of little nuances.

Confession:  I always try to just blank my notps and be that responsible dragon age fan but… why do people still ship Alistair/Anora? He will literally murder her father in front of her eyes, his blood with splash on her face. Anora begs for mercy. Unless Alistair gets to see Loghain dead, he will literally abandon you on the eve of battle. He’s also totally fine with starting a coup and claiming her throne and locking her up. Anora deserves better.

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Could I get a source on Anora and Cailan killing a giant? Because that's fucking awesome

Hell Fucking Yeah It Is!

Source is Anora’s section in the World of Thedas Vol. 2 Lore Book

In 9:23 Dragon a farm in the West Hills Arling claimed it was being attacked by 100 giants. This was to be handled by the Royal Guard, eventually. However, Prince Calian Theirin offered to run off the giants himself immediately, but was shut down by the guard captain.

Though the next day the Prince was found missing. Nine days later Calian AND Anora were found together in Crestwood in the West Hills Arling. Both drinking heavily, covered in battle wounds, and smelling of cheese.

There are several accounts in WoT Vol. 2 that piece together, but essentially a giant had been eating a farmer’s dairy cows. 

Only one giant of course, because the farmer had exaggerated due to grief. A scout looking for the giants, for the King’s guard, ended up being chased down by this single giant and she dove into a root cellar to hide. She waited, hoping for the giant to eventually lead and so she waited for days as the giant held her there.

Until finally she was found by the Prince and Lady Anora, though when she left her cellar there was no sign of the giant or the cattle. The air tasting of ash.

Later scouts would find a burned corpse of said giant. And finally my favorite excerpt of this whole ordeal.

How to Address Royals When Writing Fanfics

Alright, I’m going to address a pet peeve of mine: how to address medieval royalty in fanfiction. Now, I know Dragon Age plays fast and loose with it’s pseudo-medieval background, so in truth this may not apply, but this is a tic of mine borne from those hellish months that I spent pouring over 17th century English parliamentary records for my thesis. I don’t fucking recommend it.

Let’s start with Queen Anora and Prince Warden. Why is f!Cousland a queen but m!Cousland a prince consort? It is because Anora/Alistair is the one who actually holds the throne; the Couslands are consorts. Similar to how Obama is the president - the one actually ruling the country - but Michelle is the First Lady. She’s important but she has no right to the presidential powers. Just because you marry a king/queen, it does not give you automatic access to make decisions for the country. So, f!Cousland is a “queen consort” but Anora is a “queen regnant.” But the title of King is always higher than the title of Queen and since Anora is the ruler, that means her consort cannot have a title higher than hers so he becomes a “prince consort.” See: Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

When addressing a King or a Queen, the general accepted styling is “Your Majesty”/”His Majesty”/”Her Majesty.” If you want to be extra formal, you can use “His/Her Most Gracious Majesty”

Prince Consorts and Heirs should be addressed as “Your Royal Highness”, “His/Her Royal Highness.”

Now, Sebastian Vael is different. Ferelden is a kingdom, but Starkhaven is a principality. Prince or Princess is the ruling rank. Prince Sebastian should be styled as “His Serene Highness.”

As Viscount, Varric would only be addressed as “The Right Honourable” in formal occasions. He would usually be styled as “Lord Varric.” Any children he might have would be addressed as “The Honorable ____.”

Empress Celene would be styled “Her Imperial Majesty.” Any children she might have, as her heirs, would be styled as “His/Her Imperial Highness.”

The Archon is a tricky one. It’s possible he would not have a formal style address like the ones above, but he might be addressed similar to a Roman emperor would have been with a simple “Hail Archon!”

Now for Banns/Arls/Teyrns. Banns and Arls seem to be equal to Barons and Earls, respectively. Both of these ranks have the same address, so it would be “The Right Honourable Bann Teagan” and “The Right Honourable Arl Eamon.” Teyrns = Dukes, so for them it would be “His Grace, the Teyrn of Highever” or just “Your Grace” when being a bit more informal.

Although “serah” and “ser” seem very similar, the games use them differently. “Ser” is a gender-neutral title for knights and templars, such as “Ser Thrask.” “Serah” seems to be a vague, gender-neutral form of address for a squire/yeoman/freeholder. It’s a polite why to address someone who looks like they might have a little bit of money at least. Their children should be addressed as “Miss” (for a girl) or “Master” (for a boy). Please note that “Master” or “Mstr.” is the correct form of address for a juvenile male. Even today, boys should not be addressed as “Mister.” “Mister” is for adult men.