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I just realized that in the post-apocalyptic timeline created by Alexius, Alistair (and/or Anora) must still have arrived at Redcliffe a few minutes after the Inquisitor’s death and seeing as Alexius is still alive in the future he and the Venatori must have killed them. Maybe that’s why Corypheus could conquer Ferelden that easily.            

Confession:  I always try to just blank my notps and be that responsible dragon age fan but… why do people still ship Alistair/Anora? He will literally murder her father in front of her eyes, his blood with splash on her face. Anora begs for mercy. Unless Alistair gets to see Loghain dead, he will literally abandon you on the eve of battle. He’s also totally fine with starting a coup and claiming her throne and locking her up. Anora deserves better.


I wish Anora was a special romance option like Sebastian in DA2. I know many dislike her but I dont. I actually like her the best among all the DA female characters. Maybe we could understand her more if we were able to explore her character. It would also be cute if the Prince Consort Cousland send a letter to her in Inquisition.            

Giving The Right Gifts, or Three Times King Alistair Met The Divine

I. Divine Victoria greets the King and Queen of Fereldan seated on the Sunburst Throne, dressed in a cloth-of-gold raiment, flanked by fully-armored Templars and rows upon rows of richly clothed attendants. At a gesture of her hand, a Revered Mother steps forward to present Anora with a spectacular cloak. It matches her dress perfectly, and is embroidered with the Fereldan Mabari on the back. For Alistair, a Knight-Commander brings a sword. It’s not simple, the hilt worked with gold and gems, but it’s sturdy. He’s almost sure he could use it. Divine Victoria smiles beatifically at them as Anora says appropriately grateful things. Alistair knows Divine Victoria’s position isn’t as stable as she’s trying to make it look– she is a mage, after all. But he’s learned that half of diplomacy is giving the right gifts to the right people, and she’s passed that test with flying colors.

II. It’s hard to keep a straight face when Leliana– he means Her Holiness Divine Victoria, of course– meets him and Anora in the Imperial Chantry. She’s dressed just like a Divine should be, but the lay sister he met in a Fereldan Tavern is still lingering underneath. She’s probably got thirty daggers under her Imperial Vestments, but he knows better than to ask.  Anora had been uncertain about the gift he’d suggested bringing, and convincing her had used up all his leniency for jokes. But Leliana loves them: tiny gold crowns, replicas of his own, just the right size for a pampered lap-nug. Anora concedes his victory with a small smirk before she begins a conversation about when the Divine might visit them in Ferelden.

III. He’d heard about the Seekers of Truth during his training with the Templars. Divine Victoria is every bit as intimating as she’d been when she was Seeker Pentaghast. Her hat is leagues more impressive than his crown, he thinks. The gold embroidery catches the light as she welcomes him and Anora with a stiff spine and a stiffer scowl. When he bows to kiss the back of her hand, he feels the calluses of years of sword-work. She doesn’t laugh  at his awkward jokes, but she doesn’t seem as comfortable as Anora, either. It’s not until he asks if there’s some sort of training ring, where he can cross swords with true Templars for the first time in ages– and maybe her Holiness enjoys the occasional friendly bout as well?– that she smiles.

How to Address Royals When Writing Fanfics

Alright, I’m going to address a pet peeve of mine: how to address medieval royalty in fanfiction. Now, I know Dragon Age plays fast and loose with it’s pseudo-medieval background, so in truth this may not apply, but this is a tic of mine borne from those hellish months that I spent pouring over 17th century English parliamentary records for my thesis. I don’t fucking recommend it.

Let’s start with Queen Anora and Prince Warden. Why is f!Cousland a queen but m!Cousland a prince consort? It is because Anora/Alistair is the one who actually holds the throne; the Couslands are consorts. Similar to how Obama is the president - the one actually ruling the country - but Michelle is the First Lady. She’s important but she has no right to the presidential powers. Just because you marry a king/queen, it does not give you automatic access to make decisions for the country. So, f!Cousland is a “queen consort” but Anora is a “queen regnant.” But the title of King is always higher than the title of Queen and since Anora is the ruler, that means her consort cannot have a title higher than hers so he becomes a “prince consort.” See: Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

When addressing a King or a Queen, the general accepted styling is “Your Majesty”/”His Majesty”/”Her Majesty.” If you want to be extra formal, you can use “His/Her Most Gracious Majesty”

Prince Consorts and Heirs should be addressed as “Your Royal Highness”, “His/Her Royal Highness.”

Now, Sebastian Vael is different. Ferelden is a kingdom, but Starkhaven is a principality. Prince or Princess is the ruling rank. Prince Sebastian should be styled as “His Serene Highness.”

As Viscount, Varric would only be addressed as “The Right Honourable” in formal occasions. He would usually be styled as “Lord Varric.” Any children he might have would be addressed as “The Honorable ____.”

Empress Celene would be styled “Her Imperial Majesty.” Any children she might have, as her heirs, would be styled as “His/Her Imperial Highness.”

The Archon is a tricky one. It’s possible he would not have a formal style address like the ones above, but he might be addressed similar to a Roman emperor would have been with a simple “Hail Archon!”

Now for Banns/Arls/Teyrns. Banns and Arls seem to be equal to Barons and Earls, respectively. Both of these ranks have the same address, so it would be “The Right Honourable Bann Teagan” and “The Right Honourable Arl Eamon.” Teyrns = Dukes, so for them it would be “His Grace, the Teyrn of Highever” or just “Your Grace” when being a bit more informal.

Although “serah” and “ser” seem very similar, the games use them differently. “Ser” is a gender-neutral title for knights and templars, such as “Ser Thrask.” “Serah” seems to be a vague, gender-neutral form of address for a squire/yeoman/freeholder. It’s a polite why to address someone who looks like they might have a little bit of money at least. Their children should be addressed as “Miss” (for a girl) or “Master” (for a boy). Please note that “Master” or “Mstr.” is the correct form of address for a juvenile male. Even today, boys should not be addressed as “Mister.” “Mister” is for adult men.