char: alex cabot

It was all over and done with. People were filing home and the cleaning crews were coming out. It was 2017…the New Year.

 You walked into your favorite coffee shop; having decided to get a cup on your way home.

 “(Y/n) stop to get a brew for the way home?” Trixie the granddaughter of the owner asked.

 “You know me. Can’t make it a couple of hours without it.”

“I figured so. That’s why I already made you a cup.” She said smiling as she handed you the cup.

 “You know me well.”

 “Nah, I’m just psychic.” She said winking.

 “Oh yeah, then how bout you tell me my fortune.”

 Putting her fingers to her temples she squeezed her eyes closed. “I predict you will kiss someone for the new year.” She said.

 “The count-down came and gone.” You said laughing. “Maybe next year.”

 You were about to walk out, but a gorgeous blond walked in and you couldn’t help but take a little bit of extra time with putting cream in your cup.

 “Alex I didn’t think you’d be stoppin’ by.” Trixie said.

 “I need a pit of break so I thought I’d pick up a cup of that strawberry tea.”

 “I’ll have to run in the back and make some. Take a minute or two; you willin’ to wait?”

 “Yeah. Take however long you need.”

 You decided to be brave and ask the blond if she had a good New Year’s Eve.

 “It was fine. Just catching up on some work. What about you?”

 “It was ok. Celebrated on a friend’s roof, did the count down and all that.”

“You know, when I was in collage I could party like there was no tomorrow and now…now I don’t even kiss someone at midnight.” The woman said.

 “I didn’t kiss anyone either if it makes you feel better.” You said.

 “Not really.” She laughed. “I’m Alex.”


 “Alright I got the tea.” Trixie called as she turned the corner.

 You were about to leave but Alex stopped you before you could.

 “Do you want to get something to eat? I know this great place just a few blocks down.”

 “I’d like that.”

 The two of you had dinner and talked and laughed about everything. You were now standing outside the restaurant about to say your goodbyes.

“You know I was thinking…” Alex started.


 “What if…if we kiss? It’s not that long after midnight.”

 Smiling you stepped forward and wrapped your hands in her hair before kissing her. You took control of the kiss; running your tongue along her bottom lip asking for permission. She opened to you and…you were sure if she hadn’t already wrapped her arms around your waist, you would have fallen into a heap on the ground. You could feel my body burning with blush, your heart was beating fast, and your breathing was becoming shallow. Your skin felt warm all over, and when you kissed her even more deeply you felt something almost like an electric shock run over your skin. And somewhere deep inside you felt that tightening pull of wanting, of needing someone.

 Pulling away from her you looked her in the eye for moment before stepping away. “Sorry I…un…that may have gotten a bit out of hand.” You said blushing.

 “Hey, don’t blush. I mean it’s cute, but don’t be embarrassed. I…I enjoyed it too. In fact, I was wondering if you’d like to come back to my place?”

“Are you sure?”


“Lead the way.” You said smiling and giving her your hand.