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“Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it.” (LMM)

@im2old4thisotp and I went back to Beacon Hills High School, and we couldn’t resist. 

have you ever have that moment while you’re re-watching teen wolf and you catch yourself smiling like an idiot and you just realize how happy and warm this show can make you feel

The Things We Never Got

  • Erica and Malia meeting
  • Isaac and Theo meeting
  • Theo and Derek meeting
  • Isaac and Liam meeting
  • Allison beating the hell out of Liam for killing Scott then literally being Theo’s worst nightmare for betraying all of them
  • Genuine Jordan Parrish and Lydia Martin pairing
  • A conclusion of Kira’s journey with the Skinwalkers
  • A conclusion about why Chris decided to leave Isaac in France
  • How Ethan and Jackson met
  • That awkward convo between Ethan and Jackson that went something like this:

Jackson: Yeah my friends back in Beacon Hills tried to stop me from murdering innocent people but I was constantly controlled. A girl named Lydia Martin finally brought me back.

Ethan: My twin brother, Aiden, dated her while I was with a guy named Danny.

Jackson: You dated my best friend.

Ethan: He was your best friend?

Jackson: Yes.

Ethan: Well…your friends tried to kill me.

Jackson: And you tried to kill them…

Ethan: So did you.

Jackson: Is Stiles still helpless in love with Lydia like Scott is with Allison?

Ethan: Stiles still loves Lydia. Allison died saving Isaac. 

Jackson: Why did she save his worthless pathetic self?

Ethan: They were a thing.

Jackson: Why the fuck did I leave? Everything went to shit once I left.

  • A cute ass Hale story of Peter, Laura, Derek, Cora and other younger generation family members playing together when they were under 10 and somebody did something embarrassing as hell and the others always reference it. 
  • Theo’s revive green muck being used on Allison
  • An actual progression of Scalia
  • The pack hitting Chris for healing Gerard with the special flower
  • A proper explanation of Alec’s purpose - great, he was an omega that was saved and he gets to know all of Scott’s story because he’s taking him on just like that???
  • Noah and Melissa romance - It would’ve been great instead of Natalie and Noah which would’ve made Stiles and Lydia weird or Chris and Melissa which was basically Scott and Allison in the sense an Argent and McCall were together to the end as a sweet bliss thing. Stiles and Scott could’ve been actual brothers.
  • A proper reason for that elevator scene between Theo and Liam and why it was filled with so much sexual tension but neither one acted on it. Like you can sense each other’s chemosignals JUST BE CANON ALREADY.
  • No junior prom
  • No senior prom
  • The story behind Peter meeting Corinne and that whole love fiasco
  • Other supernatural creatures from other cultures’ myths and tales. We got Kitsune from Japanese legend, Kanima from South-America, even the Wild hunt, so why is everything else were-blah blah.
  • Stiles having any PTSD from VoidStiles
  • The full extent Mountain Ash can be used for.
  • The use of these magical herbs Chris knows so much about but can’t mention them in earlier seasons 
  • What Alan Deaton and Marin Morrell actually are. Are they siblings? Are they both emissaries/druids? 
  • Liam’s struggles with I.E.D. after he’s used to being a werewolf. Like where’s the progression of him struggling again after Hayden left? Yeah, he was sad but him raging out in 6b should’ve been more frequent. 
  • An actual team-up between the babes of Beacon Hills. Banshee, Kitsune, Werecoyote, Hunter, Mercenary, Nurse, Were-Jaguars, Werewolves. All of them in one frame. The boys have nothing compared to them.
  • Greenberg. If any rando was filmed during 6b then it should’ve been Greenberg with Coach taking down those hunters to save Jackson. We went six seasons for Stydia, why must we never get an answer as to who the hell Greenberg is?
  • Any hints as to what will happen next. Does the main pack go off to College while Liam and the pup-pack guard Beacon Hills with papa Derek? Is Nolan accepted? Thiam? 
  • The underlying curiosity if Malia was to go to France at the start of 6b would she had met Isaac? She should’ve gone, sniffed him out and brought him back. 
  • That genuine talk between Scott and Isaac about caring for Allison.
  • Why Allison went by her middle name since her full name is apparently Celestine Allison Argent?
  • Allison’s funeral
  • Erica’s funeral
  • Boyd’s funeral
  • Aiden’s funeral
  • Any funeral at all other than Kate’s fake one
  • An answer to a possible spin-off or reboot
  • Isaac’s actual answer as to why he insisted on wearing scarves

We didn’t get a lot of things. I’m still mad about some - mostly the lack of explanation for characters’ dropping off the face of the earth or how deaths didn’t get properly mourned and grief wasn’t properly expressed.


So soft🌸

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That smile✨

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[Teen Wolf season 5]

Stiles: I would die for the pack

Scott: thank you Stiles, I appreciate your contribution and I’m honestly-

Derek, appearing right behind Scott, his claws pressed in his neck: Don’t. You. Dare.


Derek, retracting his claws and disappearing: much better.


favorite characters Scott McCall

“I’m gonna tell you a story. Maybe it’ll sound familiar. There was this kid. Sixteen, alone, and running for his life. He couldn’t see them, but he could hear them getting closer. They had guns, crossbows. They were hunting him. It started on the night of a full moon. Something came at him. Something bit him. And it changed his life. It changed everything.