char simulator

Char Creator Cosmetic Upgrade

It being Extremely Fucking Alpha is still a thing that is true, but it has come to my attention that people are already shoving their OCs into the thing, so I may as well make it easier on you.

The experimental branch lets you change hair style and color, species, blood color and horns (horns are obviously for trolls only).  I haven’t bothered prettying anything up or making the user interface bareable, because, again, Extremely Fucking Alpha.

In case anyone is wondering, the way you get to the character creator is run a session, and at the top you’ll see a navbar. You’re gonna wanna click on on ”Replay Session”.  That’ll let you rerun the session with custom characters.

I STILL am doing fraymotifs and balancing the classpects before buckling down and focusing on the character creator, but figured a cosmetic upgrade would only take a few hours.