char siew bun

Char Siew Bun (Bánh xá xíu)
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I always love char siew, whether it’s char siew or char siew bun or even the sauce. I guess it’s the sweetness plus a little rice wine and hoisin scent that I love. Anw, I bought this ready made char siew sauce and I thought I would give it a try. Turn out it’s pretty good. If you don’t have the time to make the sauce from scratch, I really recommend that you try this one. I usually buy char siew bun whenever I go to chinatown bakery, and with this new recipe, I don’t have to anymore, it’s just perfect!!!


For the filling:

-400g pork with fat, diced. 

-5 tbs of ready made char siew sauce, Lee Kum Kee brand. 

-Green onion, chopped. 

For the bun: 

-400g all purpose flour

-240ml milk 

-100g sugar

-8g yeast 

-1 egg

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