char reed

Belly Flop Reed vs. The Jumping Puzzle

I had a small glitch, but had to record it ASAP to share with you all once I stopped laughing so hard. I got hit by a glitched snowball ( it didn’t load in ) before this and knocked off, ended up stuck in the ‘splat’ pose afterwards.

Sorry that it isn’t very long or a great run of the jp, I was laughing way too much beforehand and lost a lot of concentration.

Alt. Title: Reed used Splash !

Blame @aenariasbookshelf and also my sister (@hawkeyecowgirl). In case you somehow missed it, this is a reference to this post, which obviously got totally out of control, lol.

Sorry if tumblr stretches the graphic and it gets pixelly on your dash, this was the best size I could find of the base image. *sigh* Also the box could have been better but oh well. It’s way past my bedtime.