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Beauty and the Beast

“She wanted to write to him. Tell him she was glad he was back, that he was alive, that he was home and safe. But words to him no longer fit right in her her mouth.Words which belonged in his ownership were no longer hers to give. Silence was the only acceptable state her heart would grant. He would never know what he missed, because she refused to be heard in his presence. All the words he could have had, all the phrases he might have danced with. The smiles which would have been imprinted upon his heart, would never be. And his lips would never be able to reply to the words she could not say.” ― Coco J. Ginger

((QUESTION from new kid:
 How do you guys deal with death in rps? In another verse I rp in, it’s kind of like purgatory, so they usually come back, although sometimes with memory loss/injuries/bad stuff whatnot. 
 Do characters die here? Or is it lights out bye seeya later forever? 
ALSO…cannibal characters….y/n? ))

I’m naming them Rose and Mary-Anne, since there seen to be a lack of actual names for those two in canon. And I have the headcanon that Mary-Anne adopted Rose after the whole 1912 Raffle fiasco and like to drag her around and talk about their favourite singers while helping the revolution together. 


So. Because I’m insane, I turned the fanfic The Act of Creation Will Be Your Salvation by scifigrl47 into a hardcover book. And got class credit for it. 100%, I may add. AND my professor wants it in the school gallery show. Heck yeah, man. It literally took weeks of work, but I am pleased.

Click here to see more details that didn’t fit on the photoset. Please.

If you have not read this fic, go do so. Seriously. I TURNED IT INTO A FREAKING ACTUAL BOOK. I would not have done that with something that isn’t quality, man.


The People Too Must Rise -> Les Misérables Wizarding World AU

Fifteen years after Voldemort and the Battle at Hogwarts, that period of history has faded out of common conversation and slipped into the textbooks used in History of Magic classes; all seems to be well in the eyes of many, yet a new and much more subtle threat begins to emerge. With the sudden appointment of a seemingly-charming man as the new Minister of Magic, an institutionalized prejudice begins to be instated. Hidden behind smiles and claims for a “better, more organized world,” blood and ancestry is given greater importance than ever before. Pureblood, halfblood, and muggleborn become labels that systemically define and categorize people in unfair ways, affecting their wages, their families, and their lives. With a campaign that’s becoming increasingly more sinister, the Ministry of Magic claims it is all for the better, and so many blindly follow or are too scared to defy those who lead.

Enjolras, a halfblood Gryffindor student, intently follows the news and sees this systemic oppression for what it truly is. The catalyst for change comes when one elderly Ministry worker named Lamarque dares to try to speak out, and he “tragically dies” in an “accident” for his trouble. Enraged and determined, Enjolras begins to spread active awareness amongst those at Hogwarts, and students from all houses begin to listen. His impassioned speeches lead to the formation of a group, which is appropriately named Lamarque’s Army. House hostilities are forgotten in the face of a larger prejudice, and the group quickly comes to care for not only their cause but each other. Amongst them are Enjolras’ closest friend, a clever halfblooded Ravenclaw whose straightforward strategies keep them all organized; the pureblooded Slytherin girl who always fights for the good, though her parents are in Azkaban; the muggleborn Hufflepuff, who strings together beautiful words to inspire everyone and is perhaps the fiercest of them all; and the Gryffindor boy who is publicly labelled a blood traitor by his wealthy pureblood family for fighting for the cause. Their efforts catch the eye of the Ministry and The Daily Prophet, and a Ministry worker named Javert is sent to discourage such “unruly misconduct.” Headmaster Valjean, who is clearly on the revolutionaries’ side, consistently attempts to dissuade Javert and keep Hogwarts in line, as other students take the Ministry’s words to heart and become violent.

Forced to be stealthy and work in secret, hated for fighting against hate, Lamarque’s Army makes the Wizarding World wake up, take notice, and consult history. Though many have not forgotten the horrors of fifteen years prior, even more don’t truly understand or weren’t taught the whole story. Voldemort’s evil began with his own prejudices, and though this threat does not have his mark, it is not any less of a danger.

My typographical portrait of Tom Hiddleston, using 30 adjectives that describe this incredible man.

As you can probably tell, this was something that took me a very, very long time to do, but it was worth it. I was inspired, as I often am, by Mr. Hiddleston’s personality and character as a person. I once wrote a post trying to explain how much Tom means to me, and how I hope to someday be able to thank him for being who he is, because he truly restores my hope in humanity on some days. But, since I found that attempting to string sentences together to describe how much he means to me proved insufficient, I turned to Photoshop to express some of my respect and admiration. And so, this is my tribute to Tom. These 30 adjectives are not the only words one could use to describe him, but they are some of the main ones that immediately come to my mind when I think of him. I hope to someday show him this, and maybe it will go a little farther than an insufficient “thank you” could ever express.

I am going to tweet this to Tom in the hopes that he’ll see it. If you choose to do so too, all I ask is that you please tweet him the link to this post, not just the image. I want him to know why I made this, and how much he means to me for simply being who he is. Thank you to anyone taking the time to read this, and thank you to Tom Hiddleston for being an inspiration for me daily.

(Edit: some close-up details can be seen here)