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Agree or disagree: Season four Benedict is like prime gorgeousness


unaired pilot, he is fresh meat. that succulent, so fresh, so full of potential, ohhh you just KNOW it’s a good cut of meat and you’re looking, not realizing you’re licking your lips because you’re so ready to get that fresh meat and thinking about all sorts of ways you can cook it into a delicious, juicy, meal

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s1 sherlock is like… damn this fucker, he’s like raw meat that you just took from the fridge. still cold, but you know when you defrost and tenderize him, he’ll be cooked till he taste so good. Medium-rare, that’s just right for this lil piece of deliciousness. Careful though, don’t cook for too long coz the meat is thin and you don’t want to overcook this soft fucker

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and then there’s s2 sherlock, which is like “hello my name is SEX” and you died before you even manage a bite of your meal

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s3 sherlock is like some serious fancy cooking meat in a red wine reduction sauce served all fancy with a cheese tuile

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and then s4 is like a fancy ass steak sprinkled with motherfucking olive oil and rosemary and squeeze some lemon and a dash of salt and char grilled and caramelized to fucking perfection and even if you feel full it’s like “fuck i can’t look away” 

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how do i choose????

also i may or may not have been watching masterchef australia the whole day


thorin looking like the messiah literally emerging from the gold sickness and (in the words of smaug) stepping into the light (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Different Litha-Summer Solstice aesthetics/themes

Sunshine, sun flowers, bright clear sunny blue skies, cold lemonade, soft yellows, candied lemon peels, bubbles and sparkles in the air and dandelions. Water balloons and hot air balloons. Honey bees and warm breezes

Bonfires, sparks, barbecue, flame dancers, roasted peppers, loud drums, the smell of charcoal, heat, charred marks on grilled food, hot sun and bright orange day lilies. Orange paper plates, dragons, smoke and habaneros. 

Fire flies, thick emerald and lush greenery and woods, camping in the backyard, the soft glow of lanterns, cool melons and cucumbers, the musical chirping of crickets, a lakeside party in the middle of the woods, a softly playing guitar the golden glow of the setting sun layered on everything.

The crashing shores, mermaids and bejeweled bikinis, a bonfire by the sea, fries and seafood, soft colorful shawls billowing in the wind, blazing sun, sunscreen and colorful towels. Salt water taffies and gummy candies. Sea shell tea lights and sparklers.

An open field and a hot oppressive heat, an bright blue sky, the screaming sounds of cicadas and the smell of frying food. Colorful tents, neon colors, funnel cakes, tie dye, a lute playing, a summer festival with carnival-like qualities. Electric lights, holographic scales, neon black lights.

Strawberries, pink lemonade, sunset skies and sweet smelling candles in glass lanterns. White linen, rose petal infusions, hanging votives from trees, elderflower wine and lemon glaze icing. White lace dresses and flower crowns. Bouquets of summer flowers, the countryside’s grass of many streaks of colors.

Gold tiara chains, blood oranges, tiki torches and flame flag dancers. Night skies with thousands of stars, hibiscus iced tea, Gold rings, chain jewelry, bohemian cushions and sheer veil canopies. Warm summer nights, fire pits, story telling and spiced liquor


Just like corn dogs and funnel cakes as American carnivals, the most common food you’ll find at street fairs and festivals here in China is the lamb skewer. I had a great one at the Beernanza beer festival in Shanghai yesterday, brushed with a soy glaze and heavily dusted with cumin! It was so good, in fact, that I went back to try their other option, the chicken skewer, which was deep fried first then quickly charred on the grill.


A/N: I can already see the angry mob coming to hunt my ass down when they finish reading this! #youstillloveme your questions will get answered shortly… Very, Very shortly actually. So until then enjoy this kinda-filler chapter, that stars the lovely Iz, Archie and Chopper :)

As always ignore all the poor editing!!!



“This was a mistake!”

“What?” Finn turned to me; assessing my panic.

“I said this was a mistake! How could I do this!” I was on my feet in seconds. I didn’t care that my thighs were coated with his cum, or that I was running around the room naked whilst I looked for my dressing gown.

“This wasn’t a mistake” Finn corrected. He had finally caught me when I stopped to wrap the silk material around my sweaty body.

“How could you say that Finn! I cheated on Greg, and you cheated on Olivia! Fuck Finn! I can’t beleive I just did that… You! You need to leave!”

I pulled hastily out of his grip and moved towards the ensuite. I needed a shower desperately. Finn still remained naked standing in the middle of my bedroom, his eyes pleaded with me but I didn’t look at him directly.

“You need to leave!” I cried then slammed the bathroom door closed.

“We need to talk about this Rae! But I’ll respect your need to be alone. I’ll be back. No more running, I want answers…” I heard Finn speak though the door. I didn’t know how long I stood there as I waited for him to leave, but after a few minutes I slid down the door.

I couldn’t move from the spot, my body didn’t allow me. My sobs were loud, but not as loud as the sound of my heart breaking all over again.


I didn’t want to leave Rae alone tonight, but I had too. I knew the longer I stuck around the more likely it would be that she would have a panic attack. I couldn’t do that too her, and I surely couldn’t ask her questions tonight about our failed marriage. It was a disaster waiting to happen.

I was lucky that I decided to drive myself too Rae’s house instead of using my driver. I didn’t know it would turn into what it did, but I was glad not cause suspicion within my staff.

By the time I arrived back to my pent house I was a mess, my clothes were in shambles, my hair sweaty. I didn’t know how I was going to explain myself to Olivia, I just hoped she wasn’t home for once.

“Where the hell have you been Finn!” She shrieked the moment my shoe stepped over the threshold.

“.. And why do you look like that! What the fuck happened!”

‘Yeah Finn… what the fuck just happened’ i humored myself.

“I got into a stupid argument with Rae, Ohkay! I went to the park to calm myself before coming home. So just leave it Liv because I’m not in the mood”. The lie was obvious. But I really didn’t care.

I tried I move past her, but her perfectly manicured claw grabbed onto my arm. Surely she could smell the sex radiating me. Either that or she thought I might of got into a scuffle with a horny fucking homeless man over my gold watch that I left at Rae’s house, fuck!

“Baby you should of just came home. I could of made you feel better” she purred.

“I’m not in the mood Liv. I just want to go to sleep” I shrugged her off me and proceeded to walk to the bedroom.

“You never want to have sex anymore! You haven’t fucked me in over 3 weeks Finn! It’s either work or your kids! Never me, I never get any of your attention. They always get in the way of our relationship and you let them” she huffed following me to the bedroom.

“They are my kids Liv of course they are going to come first! You see me everyday, at work, at home! I see them every second weekend and after school twice a fucking week!”

I stripped off my clothes and walked into the bathroom to have a shower; Wash the evidence off my body.

“I want kids too Finn! Remember that when you finally propose and after we are married I want to start a family, just us” she continued to speak and the words sounded like acid. She has been hinting for the last year she wanted to be married to me, and I had continued to ignore her. I didn’t want that type of commitment with her, or with anyone else that wasn’t Rae. I had it once and it broke me, my heart wasn’t healed and I don’t think it ever would be again.

And kids, I knew Olivia was lying. She never wanted kids. I saw the way she turned her nose up at ever baby that was in her eye sight. She was on 2 forms of birth control just to prevent it, not that I cared. I hadn’t dared to have sex with her without a condom, even if she was on the pill. I didn’t want more children, she knew that.

“Olivia enough!” I yelled turning to face her ridged figure, “my kids will always come first. Even if we did get married it will never be just us”.

I slammed the door and made my way towards the shower. Within a matter of minutes the room was full of steam and my body was relaxing underneath the spray of hot water.

I needed to talk with Rae, i needed to see her again. I needed to know why she left.



“Jesus Rae! What were you thinking”

I had just sat my best friend down in the nook she calls an office, at the back of her bakery. I felt horrible having to explain the glory details of my magical sex romp with Finn the night before on a Wednesday afternoon.

The truth was, we had our own lives to attend too. We were working adults in the big Apple, the kids kept me busy and Izzy had a bakery to run. We talked every day on the phone and slotted ourselves into each other’s schedule once a week. But this was visit number two this week, and I needed my best friend.

Izzy’s shock quickly wavered, I could see the empathy light up in her eyes.

“Do you still love him?”

“Of course not Iz! It was a stupid mistake that I will never make ag-”.

Izzy interrupted. “Rachel! Don’t lie to me! Remember who your talking too!”

Of course she could see the blatant lie on my face. This was why she was my best friend, twenty-five beautiful years of friendship. And not one secret untold.

“Come on Iz he was my husband, the father to my children. I’m always going to have love for him…”

“He hurt you”.

I signed. She has seen us through our entire relationship, she was there holding my hand every night for two months whilst I mourned the loss of my husband. She will never forgive him, but she respects him as a father. She knows how much Finn loves his children, and for that she will tolerate him.

“I’m not going to get hurt again Izzy, it was a silly mistake”.

“You need to talk to him about this though”.

“WHAT! No don’t be stupid! This is getting buried in the ‘don’t you dare fucking dig that up’ section. I’m not embarrassing myself anymore in front of my ex-husband”.

“So you’re going to walk around like nothing happened? Ignore him… Rae, are you going to tell Gregory?”

“I can’t tell Greg. I don’t want to hurt him, I can’t do that to him Iz. He’s been so good to me, and the kids” I sobbed. Izzy got up from her seat and kneeled next to me.

“This is going to eat you alive Rae. I’m not going to force you to do the right thing, but you need to think about it. Talk to Finn, and Gregory”.

I pulled her into a tight hug, I knew she was right, but I couldn’t give her an answer just yet.

I knew Finn would be at my door step soon wanting to talk. He never could just let things go and forget about them, maybe that’s why he is such a ruthless business man.

My phone tinged and I broke the hug. Pulling out the mobile, I read the text message.

G: Hi honey, sorry I’ve been so distant lately. Work has been kicking my ass, but I want to make it upto you. Tonight I’ve book a table for us, the kids included. I need to spoil my princess. What do you say? Xx

My body was racked with guilt. How could I have dinner with my boyfriend the night after I screwed my ex-husband?

R: Where? X

I simply replied, ignoring the fact that Izzy was intently staring at me.

G: The Rainbow Room. I’ll pick you and the kids up at 6pm. I can’t wait to see you xx

R: Ohkay sounds good. See you then xx

“What’s going on Rae? Why are you so tense?”

“The kids and I are going to Dinner tonight with Gregory.. And I don’t know how to face him”.

It was now 5.45pm, the kids were in their best attire (Joshua in a navy blue suit and Ruby in a beautiful pink dress). I was currently in my room fixing my dress, and trying not to panic. Which were both unsuccessful.

I had on my beautiful Alexander McQueen v-neck ruffled cocktail dress; that my mother had gotten me for my 30th birthday a few years back. It showed sex appeal but not overly sexy, after all I was going out with the kids. I paired it with black pumps and a red hand bagged; that was stuffed full of the essentials. My brunette hair was curled, and my makeup simple.

The door bell rung at exactly 6pm, I headed straight towards the door before the kids decided they would open it.

Gregory was standing before me in an immaculately tailored grey suit, in his hand was a rose. He swiftly applied a kiss upon my lips before I even had the opertunity to greet him.

“Well don’t you look wonderful!” He appraised me from head to toe, a smile curled his lips.

“Thank you, you look very handsome yourself” I thanked, “let me go get the kids and we will be on our way”.

I rounded up Joshua and Ruby quickly and headed towards the sleek black limousine that waiting for us. We talked about quietly on the ride to the restaurant, nothing personal just useless information. 


“Hello, welcome to the rainbow room. Do you have a reservation?” The hostess asked the moment we arrived.

“Table for four under Silvan, thank you” Gregory smiled.

“Certainly sir, this way please”.

We were seated in front of the window overseeing the Manhattan skyline. It was breath taking, I had only been here a handful of times, most of them being in the private dinning room with Finn.

“Here are your menus for this evening. Our special today is the Skuna Bay Salmon on a bed of char-grilled vegetables with a minted pesto sauce. Would you like to order your drinks now?”

“Yes, can I please get a bottle of your finest wine for my girlfriend and I” Gregory spoke in his Australian accent, “darling, what would the kids like to drink?” He turned to me and asked.

“Umm- just water please” I replied, nothing on the drinks menu look kid friendly. Unless I wanted to dope them up on sugar.

“Certainly. Your waiter will be over with your drink shortly. Until then, please enjoy your night” she said politely, then hurried back over to the front podium after taking our ticket to the bar.

The night was going great, Joshua and Ruby remained well behaved whilst they enjoyed their fish and chips. I had kept conversation with Gregory light and playful, even though inside I was racked with guilt. The night was going perfect. I knew sooner or later something would go wrong, I just didn’t expect it to bite me on the ass so quickly.

“Daddy!” The kids chanted. I looked towards the entrance to see none other then my ex-husband standing there with his arm wrapped tightly around Olivia. What I was not expecting was Archie and Chop to be standing right behind them. 

Finn’s brother and I had been as close as anything during my relationship with Finn, his husband Ben was a lovable oaf and I wondered where he was tonight. To the left was Finn’s best friend, and Izzy’s ex-boyfriend Arnold. But you didnt dare call him that, he was known by his stupid nickname Chop. I hadn’t spoken, nor seen them both since my divorce, after changing my number and not allowing visitors into my office. I had blocked out Finn’s side of the family and friends, it just hurt too much.

Archie had broke away from their group and strode towards the table. I gulped in anticipation.

“Rae” he breathed. I wasn’t expecting the smile that illuminated his face, but I welcomed it.

“Rae, it’s been awhile” I rose from my seat and allowed him to pull me into his arms.

“I understand why you did what you did when you left Finn” he whispered in my ear, “But I wish you hadn’t. I miss you”.

“I miss you too Arch”.

We pulled apart seconds later, he said hello to Gregory who nodded in response then bent down to give Joshua and Ruby a kiss on the cheek.

“Where’s Sophie Uncle Archie?” Ruby asked shyly.

“Well Sophie is at home my little munchkins. Uncle Ben wasn’t feeling well, and Sophie didn’t want to leave her daddy all by himself” Archie replied stroking my daughters hair.

“Awwwww.. I really wanted to see her”.

“Maybe your mom would like to come around within the next few days so you can see her”.

I hesitated. Archie looked straight into my eyes when he spoke; almost pleading that I would say yes.

“Mommy can we! Can we go see Uncle Ben and Sophie?” Ruby bounced in her chair, completely oblivious to the awkward tension.

“Yes darling, we can do that” I smiled.

I hadn’t noticed that Finn, Olivia and Chop were also standing behind Archie til I heard Olivia speak.

“Hello Gregory, pleasure to see you again”.

Gregory looked uncomfortable with the sudden attention he was getting. I looked at him in confusion, I didn’t even know he knew that bitch.

“Uh- you too Olivia” he gulped, swallowing deeply. He gave me a look that said 'I’ll tell you later’, then took a large swig of his wine.

“Rae” Finn nodded, staring at me intently, then towards Gregory. His body going ridged.

“Hello Finn, Chop” I smiled to Chop, purposely ignoring Olivia, who moved closer to my ex-husband.

“Hi Rae-Rae, how have you been?” Chop asked. He wrapped his arms around me, pulling me into a tight hold. He had been like a brother to me for many years. So this felt odd.

“I’ve been great” I mumbled into his shoulder.

“Well we need to go to our table now” Olivia interrupted. Why did she even have to be here. Bad enough Gregory was sitting across from me playing with his wine glass, it didn’t help I had Finn’s Girlfriend sneering at me.

“Soon enough Liv” Finn hissed.

“We will loose our table Finny, plus I feel uncomfortable to be around your ex-wife”.

“Oh please Olivia! They wont give away our table and you know that. Plus you don’t have to be here. You can wait for us at the table if your so worried” Archie spat, glaring at the women.

“Archie please, not in front of my children” Finn growled lowly.

Olivia smiled smuggly towards me. She wouldn’t be smiling if she knew what her boyfriend was doing to me last night. Damn it Rae, do not think about it.

Archie and Chop said goodbye to both the kids and I, even Gregory. Olivia ignored everyone, including my children who honestly didn’t mind and walked towards their table. Finn hugged and kissed the kids goodbye, promising to see then tomorrow after school.

“Rae, can I speak to you for a second?” His was voice void of emotion.

I looked to Gregory, who was still playing with his wine glass glancing towards Finn’s table.

“Um.. Sure” gulping down the last of my wine. I told Greg, Ruby and Joshua that I would be back soon and followed Finn towards a private hallway.

“How are you?” Is he serious right now?

“Oh just great Finn! I don’t feel guilty at all” I scoffed; sending him an intense glare.

Finn’s face relaxed. “Good, because I really don’t like the gu-”.

“Fuck Finn I was being sarcastic! I feel sick to my stomach about this, unlike you I’m not good at this cheating thing!”


“God Finn! Just stop talking about it. It was a big mistake, it should never of happened. So can you just leave me alone. I don’t nee-”

“Will you stop interrupting me!” Finn interrupted. The ass face had the audacity to smirk at his own comment, before it turned deadpan again.

“I won’t stop talking about it about it, until we talk! I need to know what the fuck I have done wrong, and why the fuck you left. I’ve been waiting 2 years for this, and this time I’m not leaving!”

My heart raced a million miles an hour. I could feel the sweat start to sheen my forehead. Being strong was my greatest weakness, and right now my knees were shaking.

“Your girlfriends waiting for you”.

“Very well Rae” his fingers brushed my arm as he moved past me. “I’ll see you tomorrow my dear…” he whispered in my ear.

I watched him walk back towards his table paying no mind to his girlfriend, instead his head turned straight towards his brother. A small smile graced his beautiful face as he listen to his brother talk.

From the corner of my eye I saw Chop looking my way. I turned towards him and smiled, even after my best friend broke his heart he still remained a good friend, best friend even, of mine. It wasn’t like they never talked, I knew Iz still kept in contact with Chop. She never brung it up of course, but she has left her phone open a few times. I’m a nosey girl, and it was her own fault for leaving his message open. Chop blew me a kiss and joined in the chat between the boys, and I headed back to my table so I could try and enjoy dessert.

'See you tomorrow then Finn’ i thought.


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Tips & Dibs - Baekhyun

Based off of this drabble which inspired everything that follows.

(In this line of business, roller skates are key.) 

“A waiter?”

Kyungsoo doesn’t answer you immediately, his spatula picking up speed as he slabs more meat onto the grill, barely perspiring under the heat of the kitchen. In comparison, you’re beginning to feel sticky all over even though it’s only been about five minutes since you came in.

And you’re in a dress.  

By that, you mean an old fashioned blue car hop dress with a frilly hem and white apron, a get up that screams ‘retro’. Except you don’t deliver to cars because this place doesn’t do drive-ins. Thus explaining the breakfast and lunch rush hours that occurs on a daily basis.

Kyungsoo gets the brunt of the work by having to stand in front of the stove, fryer, and other heated appliances all day. On the other hand, you’re part of the fancy show that the place is known for, zipping down tables on your roller skates and flashing polite smiles along with your two other girls who have mastered the art of waitressing under unusual circumstances.

It’s not every day you come across a well operated diner who still does it the old fashioned way.

But with popularity comes consequences, and said consequences include working to the bone on grueling ten hour shifts, reoccurring blisters on your feet, and occasional catcalling from idiots who drive you and the girls over the edge.

These are only some of the cons that apply. One other more prominent issue is your small sized staff that’s in desperate need of expansion.

Which brings you to your current conversation.

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"If Juul is gonna cook for a troll he gonna go all out. Char-grilled Venison seasoned wit homegrown pepper and a dash of ginger extract wit onions grilled in cookin oil wit some mashed yams and on de side fer after de main course Juul can whip up some peach cobbler baked up wit de best cinnamon he got in de pantry!"

“Where you been all my life, mon?”


tandoori goodness in Delhi

when in india it is HIGHLY recommended not to eat , but to be bluntly honest i love tandoori , and for the right tandoori joint and the right piece of succulent crispy char grilled chicken thigh ….i would happily spend an eternity dealing with the consequences .

tandoori as most people know is actually an oven , however it does translate over to a special type of masala marinade , which is just awesome , tonnes of yoghurt, cayenne , paprika , chilli , gara-masala  and other things go into this mix which is then generously basted on to meats , vegetables cheeses and whatever else before being grilled over an open flame .

in this case i ordered ½ a chicken with some taws roti and lashings of green chilli yoghurt sauce . fuckin ’ eh ^^

© Courtesy of The Spotted Pig

Travel Tuesday: Star chef April Bloomfield’s cozy New York City gastropub is best known for its char-grilled burger—topped with pungent roquefort cheese and served on a homemade (and also grilled!) bun—but her perfectly crisp shoestring fries are essential supporting cast members.

Here, more of the best french fries in the US.

nct at a bbq
  • taeil: brings potato salad, fixing plates for everyone, laughing at dirty jokes he doesn't quite understand
  • hansol: suggests saying grace when everyone has their plate, lowkey judging, eats standing up
  • johnny: is the main man cooking at the grill, makes puns, calls the grill "char-lene", "something is at steak", does the nae nae and says "im going to WHIP up some dinner aha!"
  • yuta and sicheng: collectively handing meat skewers and sausages to johnny, can't do anything without each other, flustered when one is asked to separate
  • taeyong: comes an hour late, leaves an hour early with food to take home between two paper plates smashed together, forgets to say goodbye
  • doyoung: designated driver at the end of the night, complains that no one respects him, is the first one to get food and the last one to finish
  • ten: mission is to get wasted the moment he steps in, finds everything funny, snapchats and zooms in on members' asses when they aren't looking
  • jaehyun: eats all the deviled eggs, "hey are u going to finish that?", accidentally laughs at an inappropriate joke and covers his mouth
  • mark: the dj, gets red in the face when a curse word comes on and mutes the speaker until it is over, introduces himself after each song with "y'all know who it is"
  • donghyuck: "ok but who is he?", roasting everyone all night and taking receipts, is the spongebob caveman meme when someone comes at him
  • kun: silent bystander but is observing and catching every moment u slip up, is holding back that one joke that will ruin ur entire life
  • jaemin: pours wine for himself and claims he thought it was juice when he is caught
  • jeno: is the one who caught jaemin, turns his plate face down into the trash can to hide the fact that he didn't finish
  • jisung: catching lizards in the corner of the yard and names them, two minutes into the bbq and has spilled food and juice on himself 3 times, asks doyoung if he has any games on his phone
Grilled Corn with Parmesan and Parsley Yogurt Sauce

This freshly Grilled Corn with Parmesan and Parsley Yogurt Sauce makes a great side to  hot and crispy Buttermilk Fried Chicken.

Ingredients (serves 4):

  • 1 ½ quart water
  • 1 teaspoon coarse sea salt
  • 4 ears fresh corn, shucked
  • 1 cup nonfat Greek yogurt
  • 3 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley
  • ¼ cup freshly grated Parmesan
  • ½ teaspoon garlic powder

Bring water to a boil in a large pot with coarse sea salt. Once the water is boiling, plunge the corn ears in it, 10 minutes. Remove from water, and allow to dry.

In a small bowl, combine Greek yogurt, parsley, Parmesan and garlic powder; stir until well-blended, and keep in the refrigerator.

Grill corn over hot coals or on a grill pan over high heat, lightly oiled with olive oil, about 2 minutes on each side or until beautifully and evenly charred.

Serve Grilled Corn with Parmesan and Parsley Yogurt Sauce immediately.

Arboreal Dreams - Part 15

Title: Arboreal Dreams - [Part 15]

Summary: In a curious case of benevolent dryads, as thanks for sparing their lives, Sam, Dean and Castiel are gifted with a small but precious parcel: you.

Sam starts thinking about things - about you - and feels both guilty and greedy in wanting you.

Pairing: Eventual polyamorous Castiel x Reader, Sam Winchester x Reader, Dean Winchester x Reader

Word count: 1300+

Warnings/tropes: Un-betaed, mentions of smut, polyamorous relationship

A/N: And we’re now segueing into Sam’s part! Cas and Dean will still feature, definitely, but Sam will just feature a little more and a lot of the next few parts will be from his POV. Thank you so much to everyone who enjoyed and liked and reblogged the previous part! I’m super happy y’all enjoyed the smut! XD Thank you all for sticking with me through the story so far and hello to all my newer readers! :)

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Sam peppered his bacon and eggs as he watched you and Castiel. It was crucially domestic, the way you stepped on his shoes and made out with him, holding him down by the lapels of his shirt. The curve of your bum was visible with your t-shirt rising up like that and the skin between your thighs was greener than usual, evidence of your activities. He mouthed something and you laughed, kissing him again, and Sam tried his fucking hardest not to notice the wet sounds of your lips and your tongue, or the soft little sighs the angel managed to coerce from your sweet throat that was littered with love marks.

Finally Cas pulled away, murmuring something that sounded like an apology, but you shook your head, ever patient and ever kind.

“I love you,” you said.

“I love you,” he returned, looking at you with such love that Sam had to look away for feeling like an intruder.

The telltale sound of wings told Sam Cas had gone, and he looked up to see you with a silly smile on your face and your fingers touching your swollen lips. It was an endearing look, really, and he couldn’t help but smile at how smitten and thoroughly fucked you looked. Apparently losing your virginity to an angel was nothing to scoff at.

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Cheat Night! 

There have been many questions around my “favorite” cheat night.  Well here is one of them.  About once every 2-3 months we allow ourselves to indulge in some wings and a burger.  At our favorite place they offer “grilled” wings, which is awesome, less fat and personally I like that char grilled flavor.  Served is a spicy honey sauce, mmmmm.