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u know that feeling where you’re just preparing for the worst and shit keeps happening and things keep trying you and it’s like… rlly hard to think there’s ever gonna be a positive side at the end of it bc fucking god yh man mood


“Trouble! I get bitten by a parrot, then I spray my ankle, then Castafiore descends on me…And they talk about trouble! Ha ha ha…”

Endless list of favorite characters -> Captain Haddock (The Adventures of Tintin)

“—so figure it out. I don’t care how, just get it done. I’m in a mood — if I hear one more word come out of your mouth that isn’t everything’s settled, I might just cut off your boyfriend’s head and beat you with it.

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I was looking at dog pictures and wondered what kind of dogs LWA chars would be. Methinks: Diana-Saluki; Hannah & Barbara-Chihuahua; Akko-Golden retriever ; Sucy-Afghan hound; Lotte-Shih tzu ; Amanda-Jack Russel terrier ; Constanze-Pug; Jasna-Samoyed . What do u think?


ALSO unreleased pic of green team: Amanda is a Irish Setter, Jasminka is a ChowChow, and Constanze is a Miniature Pinscher  

Egotober: Day 2 - Experiment

(Missed day two but whatever, here it is. Day three coming later today.)

These past few days in the Septic Cabin have been strange. Schneep somehow made a bunker under the cabin, unless it was there already, and turned it into his own personal laboratory. It was fine for a while, until small booms shook the house from below and Schneep would always come up charred black and looking for a cup of coffee to match his new complexion.

Today, Schneep came out of his lab slumped over and dragging his own feet. How he was walking nobody knew, they just knew that he was coming for his fifth cup of coffee that day, and it was only noon. Schneep, seeing that the coffee pot was empty, began making more coffee and leaning against the counter with his head bent back.

Marvin approached him with a raised finger. “Hey, uh, Shneep?”

“Mhm?” replied the doctor, not moving his head to look at the magician.

“We’re growing worried about you. All these explosions are really taking a toll on your health and we really don’t want to lose you.”

Chase popped in. “Yeah, you keep coming up looking like a charred hot dog.”

Marvin shushed him and shooed him away.

The coffee finished brewing and Schneep poured himself a full mug that almost overfilled. “I’m fine.” he said simply, pushing past Marvin and back to his lab.

Marvin sighed. “Alright, I didn’t want to have to do this. Anti!”

The glitch popped in with his arms crossed. “What do you want?”

“Are you irritated by the explosions at all?”

“Why the fuck wouldn’t I be?”

“If you get Schneep to stop doing whatever he’s doing down there, the explosions will stop.”

“You gotta give me more than that.”

“I’ll buy you pizza.”

Anti raised an eyebrow and Marvin rolled his eyes.

“I’ll get Chase to make cookies.”

“Deal. I’ll be right back.”

Anti glitched down to the basement and was surprised to find it wasn’t blackened into charcoal like Schneep was. The scientist was over in the corner with his back turned to the glitch. Peeking over Schneep’s shoulder, Anti saw him squirting a clear liquid into a test tube with a little bit of flesh thrown to the bottom. The flesh sizzled and died away receiving a sigh of frustration from the doctor. Once he had put all his tools down, Anti finally spoke.

“What’s up doc?”

Schneep nearly leaped to the ceiling and clung there like a cat. “Anti! Vhat are you doing here!?”

The doc began to shoo Anti away, but the glitch just hopped around, avoiding the hands swatting at him.

“Marvin bribed me to come down here with some cookies and the promise that you’ll stop SHAKING THE FUCKING HOUSE. I’D LIKE TO SLEEP EVERY ONCE IN AWHILE DOC.”

Rubbing his eyes, Schneep replied. “If I move zese experiments to somevhere else, vill zat make you happy?”

With a smile and a slight wave, Anti nodded and glitched away and back to where Marvin was waiting. “Done!”

“Well, what was he doing down there?”

Anti held up a hand. “Uh uh. That wasn’t the deal magic mike. If I got him to stop doing what he was doing down there, then the explosions will stop, down there. He’s moving to a new location. I’ll be waiting on that pizza and cookies!”

With Marvin facepalming as a result of his failed plan, Anti glitched away.