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I was looking at dog pictures and wondered what kind of dogs LWA chars would be. Methinks: Diana-Saluki; Hannah & Barbara-Chihuahua; Akko-Golden retriever ; Sucy-Afghan hound; Lotte-Shih tzu ; Amanda-Jack Russel terrier ; Constanze-Pug; Jasna-Samoyed . What do u think?


ALSO unreleased pic of green team: Amanda is a Irish Setter, Jasminka is a ChowChow, and Constanze is a Miniature Pinscher  

She was positively lost in thought, poking at her phone’s dimly lit screen with her back pressed against a car’s side. It wasn’t until she felt the strange sensation near her foot that she’d been pulled from her musings and looked down to notice a small dog there. She was in the process off… satisfying her bladder, so to say and onto no less than the leather cover of Leila’s ankle boot.

“What the f- fffunfetti.“ She hissed with a rather angered expression composed by her otherwise delicate features. She reached down to grab the dog and gently lifted her up before she could run off thus making the blonde stumble and scramble for her. Her grip was stern but painless on the pet, she called out with high volume. “Hey, pay more attention to her, would you? She just peed on one pair of two hundred bucks.“

We really need to make a month for all the Hannigram AU ships that are not spacedogs…bc as much as i love Nigel and Adam those two are exploited a loooot, and we have tons of awesome Hugh/Mads character lying around and not being shipped (or having too little about their ship) I’m talking about:

  • Draco(clash of titans, not exploring those tights and braid is a sin) 
  • Prince Char(Ella Enchanted..he never married Ella shhh) 
  • FUCKING LE CHIFFRE (that guy doesn’t get fics?!?!)
  • Luke Brandon(confession of a shopaholic)
  • One-eye (Valhalla Rising aka alien god)
  • Buddy (Evening…sad bisexual character)
  • Lenny (Bleeder, cutest Mads character)
  • Sam Green(Savage Grace y’know the gayguy b/w the oscar sandwich)
  • Hell even Tristan and Galahad have their own week but they still don’t get enough love!! (and that’s the original madancy/hannigram!!)
  • and so on…bc you know they have tons of characters

There is only one fic with Char/One-Eye (ok 2 but it’s a sequel) Le Chiffre is always used in threesomes with Hannibal and Will, Draco was shipped with Will once, I’m just saying let’s explore more pleeeeease