char dog

We really need to make a month for all the Hannigram AU ships that are not spacedogs…bc as much as i love Nigel and Adam those two are exploited a loooot, and we have tons of awesome Hugh/Mads character lying around and not being shipped (or having too little about their ship) I’m talking about:

  • Draco(clash of titans, not exploring those tights and braid is a sin) 
  • Prince Char(Ella Enchanted..he never married Ella shhh) 
  • FUCKING LE CHIFFRE (that guy doesn’t get fics?!?!)
  • Luke Brandon(confession of a shopaholic)
  • One-eye (Valhalla Rising aka alien god)
  • Buddy (Evening…sad bisexual character)
  • Lenny (Bleeder, cutest Mads character)
  • Sam Green(Savage Grace y’know the gayguy b/w the oscar sandwich)
  • Hell even Tristan and Galahad have their own week but they still don’t get enough love!! (and that’s the original madancy/hannigram!!)
  • and so on…bc you know they have tons of characters

There is only one fic with Char/One-Eye (ok 2 but it’s a sequel) Le Chiffre is always used in threesomes with Hannibal and Will, Draco was shipped with Will once, I’m just saying let’s explore more pleeeeease