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#35: if you were given the opportunity, which actors or actresses would you want to meet while cosplaying as their characters?

I’d love to meet Daisy Ridley as Rey, because I feel like I could ask her about the costume and she’d totaly be chill with explaining it to me. And we could both complain about the scratchy chafing those boots give you on the back of the calves. 

And I think Domnhall looks like the type to have a blast fooling around with Sylar as Hux. I think he might be suprised someone would even WANT to cosplay hux. 


A BIG commission for The Gaming Pilgrimage! A fully painted background, a redesigned logo, and five full body cel-shaded characters later, I’m finally finished

Characters from left to right, top to bottom:

  • Darren (as himself), cosplaying as Char Aznable from Mobile Suit Gundam wearing a duel disc
  • Brock (as himself), cosplaying as JC Denton from Deus Ex
  • Alex (as himself), in a Josuke Joestar pose
  • Alex’s Stand, “Land of Confusion”, in a Jonathan Joestar pose
  • Rachnera Arachnera, from Monster Musume

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1/5 of a sequence commish feat. Naomi the cosplayer, an OC the commissioner dreamed up that I am now hopelessly in love with. Here she is putting together a Magneto costume. Is it hers or is it for some other cosplayer? Maybe we’ll never know.

Next pictures will follow once I get back from my errands and/or if my wifi holds up and doesn’t bork itself.

happy happy birthday to the wonderful chartini~! you’re an inspiration to me and have been since before i joined tumblr… not to mention you’re the esteemed captain of the nedro ship ahaha

i hope you have a wonderful birthday miss char!! ;v; /

Sorry if this is a text post but the picture format kind of screwed up when I tried earlier…

Improvised cosplay of Lucas Wahl from Forever on abc for the Nadeshicon anime convention in Quebec city. 

#Renew forever #Lucas Wahl is a precious baby


The mask is done and I’m happy with it and how the helmet fits over it! I screwed up the primer on the front part and had to strip it all off and redo after it became apparent that sand paper wasn’t enough. I think it came out pretty well for having a huge-ass thumb print on the center of it at one point! I’m also pretty impressed with how well the Plaplate works over the EVA Foam to give it an armored look on the back. I actually used a lot of what I’ve learned from Gunpla on this mask to get it looking this spiffy! Can’t wait for the rest of the uniform to show up!


My pictures of gundam cosplay at Anime Central 2015, featuring myself as Haman Karn!!! Very happy with how my wig and dress turned out, and the cape is lined with real red velvet! 

I might have missed a few but I was very lucky to run into all the cosplayers that I did. :) Supposedly there was also a Quattro cosplayer, and a Heero with a dead puppy plush. Feel free to tag yourselves!

(also shoutout to that Kamille for the awesome show-accurate jab at me at the Gundam photoshoot!)
Char goes to DCC2015 full album
Click the link for 150 photos. I've included Gundam highlighs below in the post!
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I found a Lego Sazabi!!

Look at all that detail!!!!!

The talented guy that built Lego Sazabi!

18ft Gundam Costume!!(Photo via: Nuriko455) I missed seeing this guy since they apparently made them move into a side room to stop blocking foot traffic with a huge crowd. Sailor Planet Hulk of the Sailor Avengers flagged me down later that day and asked if I’d seen it then gave me “Drunken Bob Productions” as their info. Definately need to see them the next time they plan on setting it up!

I ran into another Newtype on vacation!! Much Zeons were Sieged!

My “Zaku Dangerous”(+”Magella Top Booster”) and “Char’s Oggo”(A.K.A. “Psycho Ogoo”) came in 2nd place at the model kit competition!! There really wasn’t much competition in all honesty - 2 shoe-box diaoramas of Riker and a Ferangi playing Monopoly on the Holodeck and an AT-ST at the Battle of Endor that came in 1st place and a Dinosaur that came in 3rd. Hooray free T-Shirt and not coming in last place!


It was good times. Met a lot of kickass Cosplayers and Gundam fans!!

Char vs. Predator


Full album here:

Thank you for a wonderful time, Denver!! See you at NDK!


What’s more personal to us than Fusion?!

Took me a while and struggles with Tumblr, but finally uploading the photos of my Ruby cosplay at Abunai 2015 in the Netherlands! Even though my Sapphire and I only wore it for a short moment, we had a blast, and hopefully will wear it again sometime!!

That said, I had a great time cosplaying Ruby with such a lovely Sapphire at my side <3

Ruby: me
Sapphire: heirofspeed