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A BIG commission for The Gaming Pilgrimage! A fully painted background, a redesigned logo, and five full body cel-shaded characters later, I’m finally finished

Characters from left to right, top to bottom:

  • Darren (as himself), cosplaying as Char Aznable from Mobile Suit Gundam wearing a duel disc
  • Brock (as himself), cosplaying as JC Denton from Deus Ex
  • Alex (as himself), in a Josuke Joestar pose
  • Alex’s Stand, “Land of Confusion”, in a Jonathan Joestar pose
  • Rachnera Arachnera, from Monster Musume

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char-siu-bao  asked:

#35: if you were given the opportunity, which actors or actresses would you want to meet while cosplaying as their characters?

I’d love to meet Daisy Ridley as Rey, because I feel like I could ask her about the costume and she’d totaly be chill with explaining it to me. And we could both complain about the scratchy chafing those boots give you on the back of the calves. 

And I think Domnhall looks like the type to have a blast fooling around with Sylar as Hux. I think he might be suprised someone would even WANT to cosplay hux. 

1/5 of a sequence commish feat. Naomi the cosplayer, an OC the commissioner dreamed up that I am now hopelessly in love with. Here she is putting together a Magneto costume. Is it hers or is it for some other cosplayer? Maybe we’ll never know.

Next pictures will follow once I get back from my errands and/or if my wifi holds up and doesn’t bork itself.


Finally got the wig done. I’m not very good or experienced with wigs so it always takes a long time for me to style one and I end up using insane amounts of hairspray. This is not as bad as I feared, actually I’m quite happy with it in the end. I could always do some more tweaking but I’m afraid I might fuck it up. |’D

No beard or piercings yet and I was too lazy to try out the contact lenses but I did try colouring my eyebrows (I’m not sure if the face paint crayon was the brightest idea though).

happy happy birthday to the wonderful chartini~! you’re an inspiration to me and have been since before i joined tumblr… not to mention you’re the esteemed captain of the nedro ship ahaha

i hope you have a wonderful birthday miss char!! ;v; /


Last weekend I went to Festival do Japão (Saturday) as Kashuu Kiyomitsu with my friends ~ everyone was so beautiful and amazing ♡ AAAAAA best toudan group!
Then on Sunday I went to Anime Friends, cosplaying as Hoshizora Rin ~nyan~ that day was insane bcs I wanted to see Reika so much and couldn’t (at all) :’D at least I got her photobook lol //creys//
And to be very honest I wasn’t 100% happy with Rin cosplay (my low self-esteem drops 60% cosplaying female char. lol idk why I still try 😂) even tho I did a mini photoshoot with CAA ♡ since they do an amazing job (and they are incredible and lovely people!) I believe it will be okay me as Rin :’D

anonymous asked:

I hope it's not a weird request but can you translate this tweet? (royz_705_kuina/status/880074366301622272) Is he saying that he wants to livestream this mobile game while doing a "Gretel" cosplay (the char in the pic I assume)? Or am I totally misreading that? xD

it seems like he really wants to do that…… xDD