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Rick and Morty Analysis

people are saying that morty is scared of rick now, but I disagree. In fact, I think it’s entirely missing the point, considering if anything, Morty is MUCH less scared of rick now than season 1. And It’s not a matter of Morty no longer enjoying adventures, either. Morty never enjoyed the adventures- he was in awe of his grandfather, and wanted to impress him (kind of where summer is now). That’s why he agreed to the majority of the adventures. No, what’s different about Morty now is that Morty has realized his own power- specifically, the power he holds over rick. He is slowly realizing that Rick needs him for far more than just a human cloaking device- It’s safe to say that Rick connects Morty with his own self-esteem. Notice how he always goes the farthest off the rails when Morty isn’t kissing his ass.

What’s changed about Rick and Morty’s relationship is the power dynamic. It’s no longer teacher-student. They’re moving to a state of codependency, where Morty has realized the power he has over Rick and, due to his family issues, has begun to see the adventures as a form of escapism- JUST LIKE RICK DOES.

A rick and morty who are virtual equals. the rick-est rick, and the morty-est morty.

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Please please please would you continue your Series 4 Character Analyzings? They're awesome! Also, would you consider doing other characters? (Maybe Upstairs people)?

Oh wow, thanks so much anon, for the kind words! I may consider continuing Carson / Hughes analyses, but I’ve been asked to do other chars before, and I’m not so sure. Mainly because in Season 4, there was almost zero char development, especially for the upstairs people. In fact, I think Fellowes undid all of his good work from Season 1-3, the only exception being maybe Carson and Molesly.

[ Oh noes, I wrote another essay, I’m so sorry ] 

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"Another Mother Gone, With the Other to Blame: Kamille, Reccoa and Char"

The episode where Reccoa defects/dies/follows her dissatisfaction with her place among the AEUG/Argama is one of the Gundam world’s most fraught with charged themes and stark imagery.

Since Reccoa has been one who often finds herself managing dual roles for the Argama crew. It’s a role that seems to vary depending on the person.

These are embedded within the deeply rooted emotions that further drives the consistency of some of major players’ personalities and actions that is set up in the earlier episodes of Zeta Gundam.

One instance in particular is when she decides to go on her ill-fated reconaisance mission to Jaburo. Where both Char and Kamille express their concern about her mission involving a drop to Earth.

Whether it’s Kamille’s need for a mother figure of sorts to her relationship with Char–who is very stoic about revealing any true feelings or connection which Reccoa may have desired from him.

Thus spurring this cadre of unrequited fulfillment of a relationship that’s one of Zeta Gundam’s running themes.

All of this a breaking point when in that moment when Reccoa’s Methus jumps onto the Titan’s Ace Yazan’s Hambrabi and as her AEUG mobile slowly gets destroyed.

The first strike that happens up close from Yazan suits this most primal and abrasive character as the Hambrabi’s uses it’s stingray-like tail to penetrate Reccoa’s mobile suit.

It’s such an obvious visual alluding to a kind of rape, which gives the attack such a stirring emotion of detachment which soon follows as Reccoa sits there talking about death and not minding it. And yet it seems like this reaction simply reveals how she has been abused so much that such an suggestively egregious moment of violation doesn’t matter, because she’s already past her own personal breaking point.

Her identity of ‘Reccoa the AEUG freedom fighter’ has spent all of her emotional cache with the group.

Such symbolism throughout the show addresses this concoction that produces a very peculiar mixture of war’s brutality meeting strange feelings that has the consistency of this rather cosmic–perhaps even Newtype–experience between her and Yazan. Whether or not they know it, maybe they do have a sudden spontaneous connection (as Newtypes seem to have).

Which may explain why Yazan ends up saving her and shows a rather humane side of this ruthless pilot in one of the few times in the series–even leaving him rather perplexed by his own actions.

Nevertheless, it all goes back to effecting the Argama crew. Each in their own personal ways of connecting with her.

Kamille’s reaction is most heart rendering and consistent with the tragedy that formed him in the beginning of the series–with the death of his mother who got killed right before his eyes–and thus blames his father for this.

His confrontation with Char (or Lieutenant Quattro, as he stills calls him) is so emblematic of where these characters have been emotionally lingering deep down throughout the show.

Kamille’s anger towards his father has not gone away and is left unresolved with his own tragic death before Kamille’s eyes. And thus he takes the death of his surrogate mother of sorts, Reccoa Londe, out on his mentor/father-figure who Char becomes.

And of course, Char’s reaction true to him as he simply focuses on 'the cactus that’s bloomed.’ As if that’s been his own way of avoiding his own deeply unsettled feelings: by detaching himself from those around him and focus on 'the big picture of nature.’

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would you mind doing a character analysis of annie? and/or jean?

sure! i’ll do jean because we’ve seen more of him than we have of annie.

out of all the characters in the series, i think jean is one of the characters that has made significant character growth. in the beginning of the series we see him smug and determined that he’s going to end up in the military police where he’s safe. it shows in his actions that he’s determined to be a part of the top ten just so he can join in. he was proficient in using his 3dmg, his battle skill being 9/10. it is obvious that he is a strong soldier, but when it came to working with others, that is what he lacked. when they trained in the forest, when sasha and connie beat him to the practice titan, he became angry, the same with the 2nd ova. his statistics say that his teamwork is a 5/10. but this doesn’t stop him from being an excellent soldier.

when it came to relationships, during his training days, that wasn’t his focus. but it just so happened that he had something in common with eren. the two boys in a way wanted the same thing but in different ways. eren wanted to be strong so he could somehow defeat all the titans whereas jean wanted to be strong so he could be placed in top ten. and it became problematic seeing as they began to argue over it. then you place mikasa into the picture where eren and mikasa relationship made jean envy him more which he stated in the third episode of the anime. and as the show continued, their relationship did improve, especially when he joined the scouting legion, trusting eren to protect mankind with his titan powers. 

marco and jean on the other hand, which i am going to be very practical about which might make me lose some people but hopefully not, didn’t interact very much, but their relationship did bring on a change in jean. marco was very kind to jean, encouraging him that he did have the capability to be a leader, although jean didn’t believe in himself, being angry that he brought on the deaths of many of his comrades, as seen in the battle of trost arc. in my opinion, marco was the biggest reason why jean changed his mind into joining the scouting legion instead of the military police. i feel as if marco’s death made jean want to fight as much as eren did. when they were burning the bodies of the deceased, and jean pressed the scrap of bone into his hand, it made him want to fulfill and prove to himself that yes marco was right, that yes he was capable of leading a group.

which brings us to when they travel outside of the walls their first time as scouting legion soldiers and his relationship with armin. i think in this arc, his determination is more evident, his skills being showed. and with armin, as they were fighting the female titan, this is the arc where i think that the two of them begin their friendship. as the series continues, armin is a big reason as to why jean is possibly still alive. i saw a post where in three situations, armin had saved jean. first, the female titan arc, second, the clash of titans arc and finally in chapter 59 where armin shoots the woman before she can shoot jean. i am particularly fond of these two because with their very different personalities, it is very interesting to watch them interact with each other. 

with all that said, since the beginning of the series and up until now, jean has shown a very big amount of character growth from being a hot headed inner wall boy to a compassionate soldier. i am very excited to see him grow more and interact with more of the characters in the show. he’s one of the characters that i have grown to love and hopefully we won’t lose him anytime soon. i hope this analysis was good, im not very sure how to properly write one, but i hope i got my point across aha. thank you for choosing me to do this i appreciate it!