5 Things to Do After You Send in Your College Applications

1. Keep up your grades in school. We have all been there before. That senioritis is hitting right about now. But, even though you already turned those applications in it is important to keep your grades up. So keep studying but have some fun with it! 

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2. Make a ‘summer before college’ bucket list. Write a bucket list of things that you want to accomplish before going to college. Want to take a road trip somewhere? Do it. Never watched Bob’s Burgers? Go ahead and binge watch it on Netflix! Find things that you’ve always wanted to do and go out there and do it.

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3. Make an awesome playlist. Or find something else that helps you pass the time. We know that waiting on hearing back from us is a struggle. But, reading over every application is very time consuming. Stressing out over it won’t make the process move any faster so sit back and relax!

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4. Prepare your answers for relatives. Where did you apply for school? What is your major going to be? You’re leaving the state, why?! All those questions, if not more are coming your way. You think you can escape them but you can’t. Prepare these answers and get ready to fake a smile as you answer it for the 100th time. 

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 5. Check your email. Make sure to consistently check your email. The admissions office will be sending you reminders if you are missing anything from your application and about dates when they will be sending out their decisions.

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In case none of you have seen this yet…

hey! so I used to work in academic advising at Chapman University and just graduated with a degree in Integrated Educational Studies. I worked in Orientation, was a part of a sorority, started a club, worked at disneyland, studied abroad in London, worked on campus, changed majors a few times…Lets just say I know a lot about the school. so feel free to ask me questions or whatever. If I think the answer benefits a lot of people, I’ll publish it, but if it’s really specific, I’ll just PM you.

so yeah. I’m here if you need it.