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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Star Wars - All Media Types, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: none right now but maybe later on
Characters: Bodhi Rook, Cassian Andor, Jyn Erso, Conan Antonio Motti, Baze Malbus, Chirrut Îmwe
Additional Tags: Punk Band Au, basically there’s a lot of swearing

Cassian Andor is the hot-headed lead singer of the indie rock band, Rogue One. When he fires the band’s drummer, Bodhi Rook suggests they bring in crazy amazing girl drummer Jyn Erso, also known as Stardust. Other stuff happens too I just don’t have a good summary right now.

Everyone needs to go read the last section of Chapter 10
  • Steris to Aunt Gin: Here, I've prepared for you a list of possible scenarios that might transpire during our residence here.
  • Wax: Steris...
  • Steris: What? I will not have the staff unprepared. Their safety is our concern.
  • Aunt Gin: Fire? Shoot-outs. Robbery. Hostage situations. EXPLOSIONS?
  • Wax: That one is completely unfair. You've been listening to Wayne.
  • Wayne: Things DO explode around you, mate.
  • Steris: He's right, unfortunately. I've accounted for seventeen explosions involving you. That's a huge anomaly, even considering your profession.
  • Wax: You're kidding. Seventeen?
  • Steris: Afraid so.
trans character masterpost

for anon  ♥ ♥ ♥

workin’ on my tan - yoogni  (taekook, fluff, light angst, friends to lovers, slow build, oneshot)

jeongguk is annoyed. it’s the hottest day of summer so far and he’d love to go outside to enjoy it, but he can’t. because of his neighbour.

You’re someone who only exists in novels - acepink  (namjin, bakery au, completed chaptered 6/6)

From the first time Namjoon met Yoongi’s boss he was already half in love with him

You’re Just Fine shinkiies (yoonseok, loving boyfriend hoseok, anxiety, panic attacks, ongoing chaptered ¼)

Just as Hoseok turns his attention back to his phone, Yoongi’s raspy voice cuts through the silence:

“I’m a boy.”

Transboy Yoongi fic

guess i’ll go sit with drum boy, at least he’ll know how to hit - jflawless   (yoonseok, band au, slurs, oneshot)

hoseok is the drummer in a shitty band and yoongi likes him anyways

By Any Other Name - forheart  (yoonjin, family au ,oneshot)

Jungkook’s family is different, but it’s his family, and he will punch any kid who says otherwise. Which happens. Yoongi is called to the school to discuss his son’s behavioral problem. 

late night walks - taetastic  (taekook, angst, fluff, homophobic/transphobic slurs, oneshot) 

It’s that horrible time of the month again.

a picture is worth 1000 words - jflawless  (jihope, drabble)

a drabble about transgirl aesthetic blogger jimin and her boyfriend hoseok

Feel pretty - vminhope  (yoonseok, fluff, lil bit of angst, oneshot)

Hoseok is sometimes a boy. And others, Hoseok is a girl. Sometimes, it really doesn’t matter. And for the rest of Bangtan, Hoseok is just Hoseok.

he, him, his - perfectyoongi  (yoonmin, jimin-centric, angst, angst with a happy ending, homophobic slurs, oneshot)

jimin learns that he doesn’t need to fit under the categories of ‘girl’ or ‘boy’ to be happy.

a story about dfab genderfluid jimin finding himself.

these lines of lightning mean we’re never alone - lilacflowers  (taekook, high school au, fluff, oneshot)

taehyung starts a bird watching club at his school.

misconceptions - hobijam  (jihope, closeted character, fluff, oneshot)

Hoseok meets Jimin because of a broken gender-neutral bathroom, and for the first time, he’s glad that the world hates to accommodate trans people, because Jimin is a ray of sunshine.

the trans!girl! Jimin and trans!boy! J-Hope fic that you know you want.

Take 1 - Lady Luck (zistysfosgerald)  (nammin, fluff, high school au, transphobia, twoshot)

Jimin is a confident young girl in high school, who has a huge crush on the most popular guy in school, Namjoon.

Shopping - pocketmonster (yoonmin, drabble)

Jimin takes Yoongi shopping for clothes after he drops the news, hands shaking near his sides and his cheeks warm. He pulls Yoongi through the store, pass the dresses and the skirts he grew up in, with their tight collars and itchy fabric, and he leads him to the boys section. Jimin makes his sit on the cool leather chairs in the store and he whisks away to find clothes for Yoongi. 

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Who fears death more; those who believe in the afterlife, or those who do not?”
BoB AU about Judaism within the company | Update | Series 

Actually, if you want to be strictly traditional—going back to the Imperial Pair—it was the lady in the relationship who did the murdering.
—  Wax to Steris, Bands of Mourning, Chapter 5
chapter 8

Heya! It’s me at last. I’m not really proud of this chapter but I hope you all like it anyway! Remember, you can click on the links to listen to the songs and watch the videos!


It’s Monday, half past one PM. I’m sitting in a bench of the Terminal 6, in the LAX airport. Finn’s plane is due to land in five minutes, and I have a book on my hands which I’ve been reading for half an hour. It’s called The Goldfinch, and it was a gift from Clara, who’s been visiting me almost every day; the days she didn’t come to my house, it was me who went to hers. And just like an older sister, I’ve been taking care of her. Not in a motherly way, but in a “I’m your sis, let’s be cool together” kind of way. And things are okay-er right now: she can try and forget everything for almost half an hour now… which is great progress, actually.

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