(Akagami no Shirayuki-hime) 【Chapter Translation】 Akizuki Sorata - Anime DVD Vol. 1 Omake

A little pause in the midst of their journey…

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Here’s a surprise omake translation, which was brought to me by blue-medley. (Thanks again! :D) This short occurs after their first ordeal with Raji, with the party on their journey back to Wistal. A lovely trip down memory lane, if you ask me. x3

Japanese Raws are HERE.

A single slash ‘/’ sign means that the dialogue is from another bubble that is joint with the previous one. Double slashes ‘//’ refer to dialogues that are from bubbles completely detached from the previous one. The brackets ‘()’ are for the small text that floats around the bubbles or the characters, or their thoughts. The asterisk ‘*’ refers to an action done by the character. ‘[]’ basically refers to my comments.

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