chapter: 55

Mercury is changeable, exchanging one nature for another, embracing that of the other planets, that is to say good with the good and bad with the bad.

Picatrix Book III, ch. 7



Picatrix, Book III, Chapter 7,

translated by Nigel Jackson

Mercury, noble lord, you who are truthful, sensible, intelligent, you who, like the scribes, know and spread arithmetic, calculation, the science of the heavens and the earth! You are a noble lord, a master who supports and understands subtly the measured joy, riches, trade, profits, the profound significations. To whom is due all prophecies of prophets and their meanings, reasoning, theory, the apprehension of diverse sciences, of subtlety, intellect, philosophy, geometry, of the sciences of heaven and earth, divination, geomancy, poesy, of writing, eloquence, intellectual agility, of the depth in all the teachings and in all the actions, of aptitude, of the changing of one affair to another, of deception, to render oneself pure and sincere, of perseverance, of aiding men, and of comporting oneself well toward them, of forgiveness, of intelligence, of tranquillity, of averting wickedness, of good religion in the regard of God and of the law in regard to men, it is you who organize all these and of them are the significator. You who are masked, by your subtlety, so that your nature is not able to be known nor your effects determined for certain. You are favourable with the favourable planets and unfavourable with the unfavourable planets, masculine with males and feminine with females, with the diurnal stars diurnal and nocturnal with the nocturnal, in accord with them in all their natures. You model yourself on them in all their forms, and you transform yourself into all their qualities. I pray and invoke you by all your names: Hotarit in Arabian, Mercury in Latin, Haruz in Roman, Tyr in Phoenician, Meda in Indian. I conjure you in the first place, by the Lord, the God of Greatness, who is the master of the firmament and of the great and high realm. I conjure you by Him to favourably receive my request, to realise for me that which I ask of you, to pour on me the powers of your spirit, so that I am made strong, that I be made effective to realise my wish, so that I am capable and prepared to apprehend the sciences and the wisdoms. C ause me to be liked and to be well received by kings and men of exalted office, make it so that I am highly placed and honoured of all men, in the secret confidence of the kings so that they value me, agreeing fully with my words, having need of me and asking of my knowledge and wisdom as regards revenues, arithmetic, astrology and divination. Act in my regard and dispose me so that I am able to benefit from these who precede, so that I can receive wealth, honours, and excellence before kings, those in high places and all men. It is why I conjure you by Arquyl, the Angel that God has placed with you to carry out your actions and operations, to carry out my request, to grant my prayer, to pay attention to my supplications and to carry them out. I ask you to help me of your spirit, to strengthen me, to bind me in amity with kings by the grace of your spirit and your power and that I attain, by your virtue, to science and wisdom; so that you assist me by your aid to grasp that which I do not know, to comprehend that which I do not comprehend and to see that which I do not see. Keep away from me of necessity, that which diminishes intelligence and gives rise to forgetfulness, keep from me feebleness, so that I can attain the standard of the superior sages of yore, who naturally by their spirit and their heart, acquired knowledge and intellect. Send to my spirit your power and your spirit, so that it exalts me, makes me attain the aforesaid state and directs me in knowledge, wisdoms and in all my actions, so that I have the grace and the capacity to serve kings and men of high station, and that I acquire in this manner riches and treasures; accomplish this request swiftly for me. For my part, I conjure you by the Lord God, master of the high firmament and puissant kingdom, to gather my demand and to carry out effectively all the requests I address to you.

Why would they go as far as to shot them? Why wouldn’t they just let them fly off outside the walls so they’d die eaten by titans? Or if they were lucky enough - just get killed after landing back inside the walls?

Does it mean that there’s something outside that the king doesn’t want anyone to see besides roaming titans? Does it mean that far away, further Scouting Legion would ever get, is …let’s say… another colony of people inside different walls?