Here,I belong

Because that last picture of the latest chapter 19 days bugged the hell outta me.The need to write something is too strong..(;ω;)..


In the beginning, he didn’t know why he keep seeking this boy out. The boy who currently panting under him is like a spiteful feisty kitten. A kitten that would claw and bite you even when you offer it food.

A vulgar kitten.

His little Mo.

Somehow, during the tumbling, unconsciously he had put a little distance between their bodies.The distance doesn’t matter anyway. Because each inhale of oxygen into his lungs, his nose nestles even further against the black fabric cotton.

Pulling him closer to the scent that belongs to the boy underneath him.
An intoxicating scent that had lulled him into a state of fogginess.

Dragging his mind down into a strange place.

A strange but comforting place.

In this state, he could finally admit what he always had known all along. This boy smells like



Clean breeze.



Extremely addicting.

Like expensive cigarette’s smell but thousand times more heady.

A new revelation in this warm night.

Though, nothing beats the discovery of Mo’s taste.Because Mo’s mouth?

Fucking sweet that day. Like a nectar.

And now, lying on top of him, trapping Mo’s body with his own might possibly be his personal version of heaven. Or maybe its hell.

It’s hell because he fucking knows that Mo would not allow them to go further than this.Then, there is a fact that Mo would avoid him after this.But then again, he is He tian.

What He tian wants,He tian gets.

Persistent and hard work goes a long way he learned.

It also makes sense now, the reason why he keeps invading Mo’s personal space. His feisty redhead evokes strange feelings in him. These feelings of his felt too mature for his age.

A consuming infatuation.

But honestly, who would have thought that this insolent creature has all the best scent and taste wrapped in one package?

After few seconds which might as well be an hour, the fog in his head finally fades.Immediately, his ears pick up the remaining words that were sputtered and his body feels the effort by Mo to push him off.

A very futile effort.

Another trait to be admired about Mo Guan Shan.

“-ck off!!!’’

‘Right. Time to get up’,He tian thinks.

He tian really wants to get up. He really really does. He already broke the guy’s boundary several times.

But there’s a force in his mind that chants ‘stay,stay,stay…’

Since He tian is an impulsive bastard.So, he lies and said,

“My foot is cramping…honest”

There is a part of him that wants to get up.Show no weakness.

However, there is also something in their position that made him wants to be a little bit different. A human with flaws.

So, giving in to his rare vulnerable side, he gently continues,

“Don’t move, wait for a moment…’’

Again,he pleads.

“Just a moment…would be fine.“

He expects for Mo to turn down his request.Surprisingly, Mo didn’t said anything.He just stiffened his body for a second and turned little pliant at another.

After that,something deeper inside himself had tightens.He did not know what that is . Maybe he didn’t need to.

All he needs at that moment are the noise of Mo’s faint rapid heartbeat and the slight touch of his fingers against He tian’s skin. For as long as Mo willing to give him.