Till We Meet Again (Drake x MC)

Book: The Royal Romance

Pairing: Drake x MC (Mika Kelemen)

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 1872

Summary: Amidst all the training and preparing for the engagement tour, Mika gets a surprise visitor.

Note: Sorry for the fic spamming today, but I missed that burnt marshmallow Drake in the first chapter of Book 2. So I fixed it wrote this. :)

Learning the quickstep is not nearly as fun as she might have hoped, but it’s at least a step up from learning about types of forks and describing wine.

“If I just drink all the wine, no one else can have any, and I can make up whatever description of it I want,” Mika mutters under her breath as Bertrand pours her an infinitesimal amount of Merlot and she takes a sip.

Bertrand raises an expectant eyebrow at her and Mika sighs as she rattles off the description of the Merlot he’s expecting.

“Very good, Mika,” he praises her.

They move into the dining room, and Mika groans as she notices the forks that Maxwell is laying out. Maxwell runs her through yet another review of the dreaded cutlery, failing to hide his laughter as she inserts comments of “this one is best for stabbing snooty blonde women” and “this fork is designed for gouging out one’s eye”.

She half expects Bertrand to throw the forks at her by the time they’re through, but he simply sighs and says, “Your unnecessary sarcastic comments aside, you did very well.”

“Thanks, Bertrand.” She feels a little guilty knowing all of this training is to benefit her, and necessary for her to flow seamlessly into the engagement tour, but she’d rather be doing just about anything else.

Maxwell leads her into the ballroom, and they practice the damn quickstep yet again. She doesn’t know why she can’t get it down, and is about ready to scream in frustration, when Bertrand huffs and decides to call it a night.

“We’ll resume this tomorrow,” he says. “There are only a few days left before we travel to Fydelia, and you must have this down by then.”

Maxwell looks relieved when they stop, probably because Mika keeps stepping on his feet. “Sorry, Maxwell,” she apologizes.

“No worries, Mika. I’ve had plenty of bad dance partners,” he says cheerfully.

She gives him a look, raising her eyebrows.

“Not that you’re bad,” Maxwell says hastily. “You’re just…well…”

“I’m bad,” she admits, laughing as she drops into a chair.

“You’re really good at the Cordonian waltz,” he reassures her.

Mika snorts out a laugh. “So, as long as I can just dirty dance my way through this tour, I’ll be fine.”

Maxwell grins. “You’re pretty good at describing wine too. Speaking of…” He inclines his head towards her.

“There are several partial bottles of wine in the kitchen. Be a shame to let them go to waste.”

Mika smirks. “Isn’t that what corks are for?”

“Yes. But it’s more fun to drink it, wouldn’t you say?”

“No arguments here. Let’s do it.”

They snag the wine and sink down on the wood floor in the ballroom, trading bottles back and forth.

“This one actually tastes like the world’s cheapest booze, all mixed into one. It’s like jungle juice,” Mika says, grimacing and looking at the label.

“Hey! That’s expensive!” Maxwell protests, grabbing it from her hand and taking a swig. “But you’re not wrong. What’s jungle juice?”

Mika explains jungle juice to Maxwell as she finishes a bottle of Chardonnay.

“This one tastes like the tears of a duchess, discovering that her $4000 designer dress is actually a fake,” Mika declares.

“You’re funny when you drink,” Maxwell laughs, grabbing another bottle of wine.

“I-” she says, pointing her empty bottle at him, “-am always funny.”

“I won’t argue with that.”

When their last bottle is gone, Mika frowns. “Sad.”

Maxwell is completely sprawled out on the floor, one arm over his eyes. Mika pokes him with her foot and he grumbles.

“You can’t possibly be drunk,” she announces, rising to her feet and staring down at him. She’s not drunk, but she’s pleasantly buzzed and wants to crawl into bed.

“I’m not. Just tired. And my feet hurt,” he says, grinning at her as he moves his arm.

“Ha. Come on, Sleeping Beauty. Bed time.”

She tugs at his hand until he stands and they head upstairs, giggling. They stop at her door and Maxwell makes a show of bowing and kissing the back of her hand.

“My lady,” he says.

Mika laughs, curtsying. “M'lord.”

He heads down the hall, and Mika steps into her room, shutting the door. She looks towards her window and notices a silhouette, and lets out a scream.

“Anyone ever tell you you have a really good set of lungs, Kelemen?” the silhouette says.

“Drake?” She flicks the bedside lamp on. “I cannot possibly have drank that much,” she mutters, rubbing her forehead.

When she looks up again, Drake is indeed still there. She’s so stunned and relieved and confused by the sight of him standing in her room at House Beaumont that she forgets for a minute that she’s mad at him for not even attempting to contact her after the Coronation. When she does remember, she scowls, and hurls one of her shoes in his direction.

Drake steps to the side quickly. “Did you just…throw a shoe at me?”

“Yes,” she says, lifting her chin at him stubbornly.

He rushes up to her and snatches the other shoe out of her hand before it follows the first one. They stand there for a minute before Drake says, “Are you drunk?”

“Absolutely not. Buzzed? Yes. Drunk? No.”

“How did you get in?” she finally asks.

“Back door was unlocked,” he answers.

“That’s not creepy at all,” Mika mumbles, then plops into one of the chairs in her room.

“I wasn’t really in the mood for dealing with Maxwell and Bertrand,” Drake explains, pulling the other chair over and sitting facing her.

“Hmph,” she huffs.

“I’m mad at you, you know,” she says, annoyed when tears spring to her eyes.

“I know,” Drake answers in a low voice. He reaches out, taking one of her hands in his.

“You didn’t even try to get ahold of me,” Mika says, staring down at their joined hands.

“I couldn’t. There are people watching for anyone trying to get in contact with you.”

“You still could have tried,” she whispers, her tears dripping on to the back of his hand.

Drake sighs quietly, tilting her chin up.

“I wanted to,” he murmurs. “I thought about it.”

“You just…you left. You kissed me and they dragged me out and then…”

“I’m sorry, Mika. More than you can know,” he says, squeezing her hand.

As mad at him as she is, she’s missed him. She bites her lip and then stands, looking down at him for a second.

“I missed you,” she confesses.  

“I missed you too,” he murmurs, sucking in a breath when she straddles him in the chair and wraps her arms around his neck.

He hesitates for just a second before he brings his arms around her back, pressing a kiss to the side of her head.

“You okay?” he asks, his chest rumbling underneath her.

“That’s a loaded question,” she answers, leaning back and resting her hands against the solid warmth of his shoulders. “I think I’m okay. It’s been a weird week,” she laughs.

“Tell me about it,” Drake mumbles, running his hands up and down her back.

“Where have you been?” Mika asks.

Drake sighs. “Helping Liam. There’s a lot more to this than someone just taking those pictures of you.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” she asks, frowning.

“It’s…complicated. You’d be better off asking Liam.”

“Ha!” Mika snorts. “I’m sure Madeleine will be more than happy to let me have alone time with her fiancé.”

“If I know Liam, he’ll find a way to make it happen,” Drake says, moving his hands down to rest on her hips.

“Hmm.” She winces, her knees protesting the cramped position they’ve been in, so she scoots back and stands.

“Are you…leaving again?” she asks.

“I need to be gone before Maxwell and Bertrand wake up. But I can leave now…if you want me to,” Drake answers slowly, standing.

“No!” she bursts out, reaching out for his hand instinctively.

Drake smiles at her reaction, wrapping his arms around her tightly. She stands on her toes so she can press her lips to his neck.

“Kelemen…” he says warningly.

“Sorry,” she murmurs. “I just…” she trails off, swallowing hard, then yawns involuntarily.

Drake laughs lightly, squeezing his arms around her. “You should get some sleep.”

“Stay with me?”

“I shouldn’t…” he says, but he’s clearly torn.

“Please?” she pleads. “I just want to fall asleep with you next to me.”

Drake groans. “Dammit. You’re not making this easy.”

Mika shrugs. “When have I ever made things easy?”

Drake chuckles. “Never.” He sighs in resignation. “Okay.”

She tugs her shirt over her head and kicks her pants off, and she has to admit she takes pleasure in the way Drake groans and stares at her. “That’s not very nice,” he grumbles.

“Sorry,” she says again, clearly not. She fidgets with a button on his familiar blue button down.

“Can I wear this?”

“Jesus, Mika,” he mutters.

“I’m really not trying to make this more difficult,” Mika murmurs. “It just…it smells like you.”

“I smell like me, and I’ll be sleeping right next to you,” he points out, but he’s already started pulling the shirt off.

“Yeah, but you have to leave in the morning.” She means it to sound light and teasing, but her throat catches as Drake slides her arms into his shirt.

“I’m sorry,” he whispers, pressing a kiss to her forehead. “I’d stay if I could.”

He buttons his shirt up for her, the action making her tear up as his fingers brush over the soft material. She unhooks and squirms out of her bra, then presses the fabric of his shirt up to her nose, inhaling the familiar warm scent of him.

Drake strips down to his boxer-briefs, and she can’t help but stare, her eyes wandering across the muscles of his chest, the dark hair trailing down from his stomach and into his waistband, the lines of his hips.

“You’re staring,” she hears him say, and looks up to find his cheeks flushed.

“Guilty,” she murmurs, flicking the bedside lamp off.

Drake takes her hand and leads her to the bed, laying on his back and wrapping an arm around her waist, his other hand tangling in her hair. Mika props herself up on his chest, tracing her fingers over the bridge of his nose and across the soft fullness of his lips, then leans down and presses her mouth to his, sighing as he tangles his tongue with hers and groans.

He pulls her back reluctantly, cupping her cheek in his hand. She smiles at him, then scoots down and nuzzles into his chest, running her fingers through the fine dark hair.

Drake is gone when she wakes up, a hastily scrawled note on her nightstand. She rolls over and grabs it, pushing herself up to rest against the headboard.

Didn’t want to wake you. I’m sorry I couldn’t stay. Keep the shirt. I’ll get it when I see you next.

          - Drake

Mika smiles as she gets dressed, bounding down the stairs to find Bertrand and Maxwell in the dining room.

“Okay,” she says, clapping her hands together. “Who’s ready for the quickstep?”

So The Freshman: Book One had seventeen chapters, Book Two had fifteen, and Book Three had seventeen.

I’m not going to count the filler book.

Anyway, The Sophomore is about to release chapter twelve next week and I still have no idea what the plot/main conflict is?

Every chapter just revolves around MC encouraging her friends (usually with diamonds) in whatever it is they’re complaining about that week.

Anyway, huh?

atem-no-koibito  asked:

Hi~ I just want to know if Wolfram had prior relationships before Yuuri. I remember someone mentioning that he did have relationships before, in the novels, and that they were all females, while Yuuri was the first guy partner. It's starting to feel as if I made this info up myself, because I just don't remember reading any info like that in the novels. So, is it true? If so, please tell me in what book and chapter. This has been bugging me for a LONG time. :D Thank you!

No, it’s confirmed in the novel canon that Wolf is as inexperienced as Yuuri in matters of love. Them being equals is an important thing that’s mentioned many times. 

I had my doubts some time ago but I think that clarified it. I’m not sure where it was included in the latest novels, but we can also read something about him not being popular with women because his personality during Caloria (when he’s visiting the temple and meet Gisela there).

The Royal Romance, Book 2, Chapter One: My Thoughts

I’ve decided to rename my prince his default name, Liam, since the rest of the fandom recognizes him that way. Still think he looks like a Bradley though. :P


(lmao I’ll be pursuing Drake in this write-up btw)

((also i’m going to try really hard to not lose track of this playthrough as I have with so many others))

We get our ‘Previously On’ as always, and now I get to screen this moment I didn’t get to before. <3

Ugh, I felt all the intense rage come back to me when Liam chose Madeleine.

We’re picking up where we left off, and are sitting at an airport with two royal guards. MC is obviously upset, and then our flight is called out to board. Maxwell suddenly runs in, Bertrand with him. They run for MC and for once, Bertrand’s title is used for more than my annoyance.

Bertrand scares the guards off and Maxwell calls our name out again. Did you come here to help me?

While they don’t have anything that can get us out of hot water, they are here for support.

Now PB is just teasing.

Bertrand asks if the rumor is true, and I appreciate that he not only asked, but wanted to hear MC say it herself. I’m NOT with Tariq. But I might be in love with someone else.

Bertrand is shocked by that, and so is Maxwell. But the fact remains the same. We are part of House Beaumont and we need to become queen. Maxwell tries to get us to stay with those damn puppy dog eyes and guilt, but Bertrand plays it smart and says that MC will get to see the other someone she’s in love with if she stays behind.

Both Maxwell and Bertrand declare that the entire situation is going to be met with a war, because no one smears the House Beaumont name.

MC is still distraught because Liam, who is now King, chose Madeleine, but Bertrand simply says nothing is set in stone at the moment. There’s a clause that would allow Liam to change his mind, for the good of the nation, if he needed to.

I mean, what’s a better cause than getting a snake out of the royal family?

He’s a good brother.


For once, Bertrand is being optimistic, even if things are going to be really difficult. There’s apparently an engagement tour, so we’ll be going all around again and basically doing what we did before, only for different reasons.

It’d be funny as shit if you chose the third option and it was like ‘game over’ or if the plane crashed and we got the ‘you have died’ thing.

Bertrand, take my bag! Let’s go!

Because nobody is going to make a fool out of me but me, dammit.

Bertrand agrees, only this once, to take our bag and we head out. You know, despite how much I’d love to have Maxwell as an LI, he’s really not bad in the role he’s already been playing. He’s a good brother-type, and so is Bertrand.

Once back at the house, Bertrand has a talk with MC. He says he’ll figure out how to spin the media, but MC has got to be on her very best behavior and not fuck up at all because the press is having fun tearing her to shreds.

Bertrand promises that this time around, we’ll be prepared and not in the dark all the time. He and Maxwell spend the next few weeks teaching the MC everything she needs to know for the engagement tour.

He’s precious.

He’s even more precious.


I feel like the second choice is odd. Who else would Liam choose, if not Madeleine?

I really want to know who set me up.

I feel like if it really is Madeleine, it’ll give all of us salty bitches some satisfaction, but at the same time it’s way too predictable and will be someone else.

He’s super precious.

MC is concerned that she’s heard from no one outside of House Beaumont for weeks, I thought I’d at least have talked with Drake.

Maxwell says it’s not unusual for him to go months without hearing from Drake at a time, as the man is a super loner, and then Bertrand comes in and says we shouldn’t be in contact with anyone at court anyway. He wants us to limit our electronic communications, and while he thinks talking to our friends will actually benefit us, we should try to just do it in person.

The next day we head to Madeleine’s estate, and she’s even given us rooms in the main house to stay in. Maxwell is surprised at how nice the room is and that she hasn’t shoved MC into a broom closet. For all we know, this is what passes for a broom closet around here.

And here’s our premium option. I think I’ll buy this one, if it’s cute. We need to make a splash.

Honestly, I think the pink dress is MUCH cuter!


This one is cheap and we need it.

Midnight Star!

See, I’m not cheap all the time.

Maxwell asks if we’re ready, after complimenting us, and we are. Believe me, I’m more than ready to clear my name.

We take Maxwell’s arm and head to the grand hall, and once we arrive, people start talking. Mostly positive things, it seems, and then who I am assuming is Madeleine’s mother approaches and welcomes us.

That must make you Madeleine’s mother.

Indeed she is, and yes, it really was the resemblance, not her age, that gave her away.

When a stranger believes you more than your ‘friends’ do.


She banters with Maxwell a bit about not ever being invited to a Beaumont party and asks to be invited to the next, and then we get the best scene ever without having to spend any diamonds!

Adelaide urges us to pay our respects to her daughter, so that’s what we go do. She seems somewhat happy to see us, even if it is rather condescending.

Lady Madeleine, I just wanted to say congratulations on your engagement.

She makes sure to rub Liam in our face and we finally see the king, who is surprised to see us.

I’ve missed you.

He misses us. :’( Damn you, PB. I want him, Drake, and Maxwell! I only have two devices to play on, you know!

Madeleine whisks Liam away, and Maxwell takes us over to Bertrand, only we’re intercepted by Penelope and Kiara. Penelope is still as great as ever, she even hugs us, but Kiara is being bitchy and declares that they’re on Madeleine’s ‘side’ now.

I thought we were friends!

Ah, so Madeleine has put our friends in her pockets for dirt. Welp, sorry girls, can’t talk to ya anymore.

Well, then I guess, thank you for letting me know.

We finally make it over to Bertrand and inform him of what we just found out.

Hey, what happened to the bright side?!

‘Sides, Olivia will have our backs, right?

So apparently Tariq hasn’t been around to comment on the whole situation. He’s literally useless. What has his purpose in the story been other than this plot device?

Ana de Luca apparently has said that the best at to do it is to make our statement with Tariq, explaining the misunderstanding. He then asks where we stand on Tariq. I think Tariq got set up just like I did. He was just used, after all. I’m sure of it. He seemed really surprised.

Maxwell even agrees with that, saying he’s known Tariq for a long time and doesn’t think he’s ever made the first move. He thinks he was genuinely confused.

Tariq has been absent ever since the night of the misunderstanding. If they wanna get real funky with this, he could be dead! But he’s probably just out somewhere hiding, whether for blackmail purposes or his own.

Point is, he needs to be found.

After dinner, Maxwell knocks on our bedroom door with a bouquet of two dozen red roses! Roses are my favorite flower!

They’re from Liam, clearly.

Skip it. I already spent all I’m spending on this chapter.

In the morning, Liam is at the door instead of Maxwell. He says he couldn’t linger in the hall, and it was already hard to get to our room without being seen, so that’s why he was knocking so incessantly.

I should hug him. Even if I’m not pursuing him in this playthrough, I still love the fuck outta him and want to be close.

MC pulls away, since he’s engaged. But he says he and Madeleine have an understanding. He’s not in love with her, and she knows it. She also doesn’t care. It’s more about the position than the man, I’m sure. He can’t stay long, but he just wanted to tell us that he missed us, even if we already went through this the previous night.

I missed you too.

He’s a real treasure.

Y’all he really loves her.

I understand.

Liam leaves, and then there’s a knock at the door. It’s someone that left but is now back!

Either Olivia or Hana. Kind of hope it’s Olivia, tbh.


I have always been writing stories. When I was 3 years old I told my mother I wanted to read so that I could understand my activity books, and learn how to write so that I could fill the pages. She taught me some three and four letter words. That’s when I started writing stories, and soon discovered a passion for books.


I read my first chapter​ book when I was four or five, but my first favourite novel, I decided in first grade, was The Eyes Of The Dragon by Stephen King. My dad gave it to me, and I still love it.


I write because I have always been writing.

I write because it’s a hobby with endless possibilities.

I write because it’s my coping mechanism.

I write to decipher these things in my head.

I write because I’m a rambler. I constantly talk and when nobody’s around, I talk to the pages.

I write to keep myself sane.

I write because no matter where I was in life, I always had paper and pen.

I write because I am a logophile.

I write because I can’t help but to create

Scenarios, stories, and worlds.

When I don’t write I don’t do much.

Their Lives Are Important, Even Through the Midst of Chaos (Hero Verse)

Author’s note: Okay, my first Choices prompt, and it’s supposed to be for Choices Creates, round 28, Crossover. For those who play Endless Summer, I’m sure most of you have already gone through the recent chapter of book 2, and it inspires me at the last second to write this. And I’m sure some of you may have one of the idol scenes where it has the Hero reference. I tried combining these two stories together, but it ended up being too long, so I have to put it into two separate parts. Also, this verse will be kinda AU-ish because we haven’t gone that far in Hero, yet (plus, I’m starting to miss it since it’s on hiatus). Let’s see if I can do this justice. Thank you @ladyashtonofcordonia and @holly-park for hosting this round. And stay tuned for Endless Summer Verse!

Pairings: slight MCxKenji, slight MCxGrayson, and a third pairing that is involved in another Choices book. See if you can find them. ;)

Rated: T

Summary: AU. After surviving an unfaithful event in a chaotic future and harsh battle with Silas Prescott, Alex/Nightfall and Kenji/Talos managed to reactivate the Prism Gate and head back to their time in the present, only to find out that not everything had not turned out to be expected. This ultimately broke Alex’s spirit until she comes across somethign that helps her regain it.

“Uh…Alex? Are you sure we’re back in-“

“Northbridge? Yeah. I think so. But…why is everything like this?”

“There you two are! I was so worried that I thought you guys are trapped in that Prism Gate for eternity! You’ve been gone for almost a year!”

Saying that Alexandra Hoang Nguyen was in a state of confusion in a midst of chaos was a complete understatement. No, it was more of that she failed…she failed her friends, her family, and all the other people in Northbridge. As Nightfall, her superhero persona, she and Kenji Katsaros, aka Talos the Man of Bronze, were both trapped inside the Prism Gate, where they both experienced the future devastation of their homes.

Silas Prescott, who was also trapped inside the gate and has similar supernatural powers as Alex (only more deadlier), created this Prism Gate in order to ‘renew’ the world by ending hardships, but turned out that his actions are less than ideal and only has been doing it for his own selfish reasons. Despite the rough setbacks, both Nightfall and Talos were able to defeat him and returned home by reactivating the Prism Gate using part of their powers they got from the effects of the Prism Crystal.

However, everything turned out to be less than expected. When they returned, they found out that Northbridge was in the state of ruins just like the way the two heroes saw it in the future, much to their despair. And it’s not just Northbridge. The entire states…the entire country are in the apocalypse state. Hell, there was even rumor that there was a volcano in the middle of Hartfeld University. Neither of them were able to find any survivors until they managed to find their friend, Dax Darcisse, who appeared to be fine for the most part, except he was in the state of distress as much as everyone else. Not only that, Dax told them that since the disaster struck he couldn’t find Poppy Patel or Grayson Prescott anywhere, which definitely devastated Alex.

The dark hair woman thought she did everything she can to help out the people in the city, only to find out that things did not work out the way she expected. Of course, she knew that being a hero was never easy, and she learned that the hard way when Kenji almost died protecting her from the fire guy. Now, her home was destroyed and she already lose her two closest friends and possibly her mother. She wasn’t sure what to do anymore.

Just then, Alex felt a strong arm gently wrapped around her shoulder which made her turned her head to find a familiar dark-hair man next to her. He just demorphed from his bronze form and has a worried look on his face.

“Hey, we’ll find them,” Kenji reassured her, even though his voice is laced with uncertainty. He understood how vulnerable Alex is feeling right now, and he felt the same way since he still doesn’t know where his mom is or the matter of the fact if she’s alive.

“I hope so,” Alex replied, resting her head on his shoulder. She took off her black mask and could feel tears running from her face, “They’re really important to me, Kenji. I’m…I’m afraid that once I found out what really happened to them, I…I don’t think I can forgive myself.”

“Alex, don’t beat yourself like that. This isn’t your fault. You did everything you could. Neither of us expected all of this to happened,” Kenji told her, “Besides if anything, that bastard Prescott was the one who started all this mess! Man, I really hate to see Grayson’s face right now. It must’ve been a shock for him to find out what his dad really did.”

Alex nodded in agreement. She knew Grayson and Silas have a rocky father & son relationship because of their different views on business society, but finding out about Silas’s true motive for the project took it to a whole another level. The dark hair woman knew Grayson is a kind person who doesn’t take secrets like that very well. Just wonder how would he react if he finds out that Alex is actually Nightfall.

Suddenly, Alex felt something cracked underneath her foot and looked down, only to find an antique, silver picture frame. The glass on the front had already cracked, thanks to her stepping on it. She knelt down, picked up the broken frame, and dust off the ashes and the remaining shards on the front, revealing a man and woman in formal outfits holding onto each other, smiling. The man happened to be dark-skinned with a goatee wearing a dark blue tuxedo while the woman has a slightly lighter skin tone with dark hair with light brown highlights wearing a glittering light blue and silver dress. They appear to be very happy, loving couple, especially the way they gazed at each other.

On the photograph, Alex could tell that the couple seems to be around college ages, mainly because she could make out the scenery that was usually held for a spring formal dance at the Hartfeld University, the university that she, Grayson, and Poppy used to attend to. A small smile formed on the dark hair woman’s face, remembering the time on her senior year when Poppy convinced Alex to go to the dance with Grayson, saying that she should have fun once in a while. The fashionista even offered Alex to wear one of her best dress so that, as she put it, “all eyes will be on her”.

Now, it made Alex wondered if the couple in the picture or anyone else like them are victims of chaos. Or that they managed to survived but are scared for their lives. They probably don’t know what to do, or where to go.

People like them don’t deserved this, she thought. Determination spread across her face.

“Kenji, I think it’s best that as Nightfall and Talos, we should lay low for now.”

Kenji stared at her in shocked, “Wait, are you saying-“

“I’m not saying we should give up,” Alex countered, “I’m saying that we should focus on what we can do now. And that is finding and helping out any other survivors. There’ll be time when we’ll need our masks, or in your case, armor again, but now’s not the time. I’m just hoping that you’re with me.”

Kenji gave out his usual smirk his partner and held out his fist, “Are you kidding? I trust you, Alex. And whatever you do, I’m with you. All the way.”

The woman grinned and fist-bumped him.

“All the way.”

Because whether they’re friends, families, or strangers…Their lives are important even through midst of chaos.

85 tips for language learners
  1. You like a language, learn it. Don’t give up on learning it only because it’s not popular, “useful” or your friends don’t like it.
  2. Sticky notes, sticky notes everywhere. If you can’t remember a grammar rule or a word/structure, use sticky notes.
  3. Study daily, even if it’s for 5 min or less.
  4. Learn the first 100-300 most common words, they are like everywhere.
  5. Duolingo, Memrise and Forvo are the holy trinity for every language learner; everyone uses them at some point.
  6. HiNative will save your ass when you have questions.
  7. “Hakuna matata mais quelle phrase magnifique” Disney is your friend, sing disney songs to improve your pronuniation.
  8. Also, watch disney movies. You know the story already so you can focus on the language.
  9. Watch movies with subs in your target language.
  10. Write daily a short text about whatever you want, even about your socks. In 1 month you’d have learned a lot of new vocab.
  11. Talk, talk, talk. If you aren’t a soial person, talk to yourself, to your pet, to a wall; it doesn’t matter. Just force yourself to think in your target language.
  12. If you are busy, Semper is a good app for learning vocab while doing your daily activities.
  13. Use your target language for basic stuff like counting, groceries, complaining etc.
  14. Change your settings on social media. Many people learned English through twitter, facebook, tumblr etc. This can work for other languages too.
  15. Change the settings of your phone too. You use it 24/24, you know what every thing does there so you could learn the name of those setting in your target language.
  16. If you lost motivation, take a break and remember why you started.
  17. If you hit a plateau, that’s most probably because you don’t know enough vocab.
  18. Understand that your progress will be slow after a while. Accept it and keep going.
  19. Lang-8 is a great place if you want natives to correct your texts.
  20. Langblr community is amazing, if you need any advice/explanation, ask a langblr.
  21. Try out many resources but choose a handful that you’ll use daily.
  22. If you don’t know a word in your native language, you don’t need it in your target language.
  23. Accept the fact that you can’t translate every word one by one. There are special structures, word order, particles etc. your target language might not be as your native one.
  24. If you’re bored, look around and name in your target language what you see.
  25. Try to find a language/motivation partner. You will support and help eah other.
  26. You’ll make mistakes, love that! That means you’re learning and you’ll have funny stories to tell in a couple of years.
  27. If you don’t remember a word, make a mnemonic or write it with your other hand; you’ll focus more then.
  28. Learn words in context; you’ll remember them easily after. Clozemaster and WordBrewery are 2 great sites for this.
  29. When you want to read if you are a beginner, choose a book you know. If you are an advanced learner, choose a new book.
  30. Find online a native to talk to. Tumblr is full of natives and langblrs will love to help. Another choice is to find a chat group.
  31. For slang words check out the youtube comment section. Twitter is a good alternative though.
  32. Don’t waste money on fancy programs. Some can be found for free and some aren’t so good as they claim they are.
  33. When you learn a new word, try to make a couple of examples in your head.
  34. Read articles. They use simple structures and actual expressions; also, they aren’t boring.
  35. Youtube is your friend, don’t be afraid to use it. Watch movies in your target language so you can get used to how real people talk; most programs/apps speak slowly and they try to make themselves clear but that’s not real life.
  36. You’ll have an accent; don’t worry, it will go away after a while.
  37. Age doesn’t matter, everyone can learn a language; you can be 5 or 50, the only difference is how you learn.
  38. Don’t just learn, revise as well.
  39. As a beginner you will translate everything from your native language and that’s okay. People will correct you and you will learn.
  40. If you like to read fanfiction, read it in your target language and use the ReadLang extension when you don’t know a word; it’s faster than google translate.
  41. Beware of those vocab lists you see on tumblr. Not everything might be right.
  42. Flewent is an extension that translates a certain % of what you read in your target language. It’s a fast way to learn new words while doing your homework or whatever.
  43. Prepositions are a nightmare to everyone. To have a more pleasant life, try to find a list with verbs and what prepositions they require.
  44. Children songs are catchy, use them to learn vocab faster.
  45. Pay attention to false friends. They might look the same with a familiar word but they have another meaning.
  46. Try not to learn 2 languages at the same time, especially if they are from the same family. (e.g. French and Spanish)
  47. If you decide to study 2 languages at the same time, try to study in different places and use different colors for your notes.
  48. You learn faster if you use your target language than if you learn Nth vocab lists.
  49. Try to avoid making the same mistake until it becomes a habit.
  50. Idioms can impress anyone but don’t start learning them too early or too late.
  51. If you have to learn irregular verbs, try to find patterns and part them in groups.
  52. Hard work beats talent but when it comes to learning a language, there’s no one who has talent. There are people who have a good memory or can figure out patterns but that can be improved so no need to worry if you progress slowly.
  53. Don’t compare yourself to someone who studied a language for years. Everyone progresses in their own way.
  54. Everyone has another method, if it doesn’t work for you, it’s not the end of the world. Just experiment and figure out what works for you. 
  55. Classes are a waste of time, don’t think to pay for one.
  56. Try to learn vocab that interests you. You’re a Harry Potter fan? Learn magic terms. You like cooking? Learn cooking terms. etc.
  57. Flashcards are a nice way to learn vocab. Make some and study them before going to bed.
  58. Learn chunks of vocab, not single words. (e.g. Buy a bottle of milk; Brush your teeth; Wash the red car.)
  59. Learn cognates.
  60. Use the diglot weave technique. Basically you  insert foreign words into a sentence of a language you already know
  61. Taking breaks is fine but try not to take a break of Nth months.
  62. Decide what skill you want to improve first. You can never improve everything equally so try to focus on what you need/want the most.
  63. Set a big goal (e.g be advanced in French) but remember to have small goals too. (e.g. read Harry Potter by the end of this season)
  64. Watch people talking. Join a chat and “spy” others if you don’t feel like talking yet.
  65. Associate word - image - sound. Don’t just learn plain words, if you learn the word for tree, think of a tree or search an image with one.
  66. Learning a language takes time, don’t expect to know it perfectly after only 1 week.
  67. Immersion is hella frustrating but it pays off in the end.
  68. Don’t study when you are too tired. You have many chances to learn nothing then.
  69. Find someone you admire so they can motivate you.
  70. Use a bilingual dictionary not only for finding specific words but just for the sake of reading.
  71. After you’ve read 1 page/chapter from a book, try to make a summary in your target language.
  72. When you read books, try to see if you can find the audiobook as well. (Youtube might have it) In this way you know the correct way of saying certain words.
  73. Try to make it fun. If it’s fun to have a schedule do that, if you enjoy more watching movies, do that. Don’t make your learning journey a burden.
  74. Break study time into smaller chunks
  75. Know your learning style.
  76. Try to have a notebook/diary/agenda where you write down what you did daily to improve.
  77. When you feel like giving up, think how many new stuff you have learned.
  78. Your attitude plays an import role. Try to avoid thinking how “difficult” a language is, instead think how good you will feel after you learn it.
  79. ReadLang and Linguarana have videos with subs in many languages, if you like learning with videos, give them a try.
  80. Anki is an amazing app with flashcards for several languages so you don’t waste time making them and they have a daily limit of cards so you don’t burnout.
  81. Physically writing down a word can help seal it in your memory. 
  82. Say new words out loud and pay attention to your pronunciation.
  83.  If your target language has another alphabet or a writing system, don’t be afraid to learn it. Take a couple of days and master it.
  84. Always have an app or a dictionary/notebook with you. While you wait for a taxi you can study a bit.
  85. If you don’t understand a grammar rule, search some articles about it, take 2-3 days to understand that concept.

lifeof314universe  asked:

Hi Holly! So after reading the first chapter of TRR Book 2, how high do you think the chances are of Maxwell becoming a LI? Thanks!

I think he’ll be a surprise LI, the way became a surprise LI in The Freshman 😊

Les Mis jokes that will never not be funny to me
  • anything about the Parisian Sewer System Chapters™
  • Calling the book “The Brick”
  • “Valjean is 24601% done”
  • Any speculation on Les Amis’s first names
  • especially “tHEY WERE ALL NAMED JEAN”
  • Threatening to fight Victor Hugo’s ghost (usu. over Les Amis’s first names)
  • LES AMIS AS *insert something bizarre like garden gnomes*
  • Calling Victor Hugo “Vicky H”, “kink-shame deserving Vicky,” etc
  • That Les Miserables/Bee Movie crossover fanfic called Les Beeserables starring Barry B. Jolras 
  • bread memes
  • “Grantaire is canonically ugly” haha sure yeah right
  • “We never learn Javert’s first name”  “Yeah we do it’s Inspector”
  • EnjolrasXPatria fanfic 
  • Any post along the lines of “You idiots have forgotten Les Amis aren’t the main characters of Les Mis. The REAL main character is the Parisian Sewer System”

    Feel free to add more
A Killer First Chapter

Anonymous asked:

Do you have any advise on how to open a story? I have all my characters and my plot and my conflict and everything but I don’t know how to start. How to keep a reader hooked and interested enough to keep going.

This is a little ironic, because I’m about to rewrite my opening three chapters for The Warlord’s Contact from scratch for about the tenth time. But practice does make perfect, and boy have I learned a lot through this process.

Sometimes you look at a story and you just know how it needs to open. It’s the most obvious choice in the world, and it’s clear why no other option would work.

Unfortunately, that’s not often the case. Usually, the beginning to your book will take preplanning and rewriting and replanning and bit more rewriting, and all the while you’ll never quite be sure you chose the best spot to open to, or the right characters to introduce, or the proper setting. 

Here are a few specific methods of thought for tackling your first chapter…

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Shitty Horoscopes is the brainchild of Toronto-based Amrit Brar, also known as ‘Musterni.’ Unfolding on Tumblr since 2015 and culminating in the recent release of a Kickstarter-funded 13-chapter book, the project turns the shortcomings and darker sides of each zodiac sign into brief but poignant poems, accompanied by delightfully creepy drawings of decorated skeletal remains. Brutally honest, yet instantly relatable, Brar’s astrological messages read like a wine-induced 3AM conversation with your best friend, which is probably why her Tumblr fans just keep demanding more and more.

Nothing More [ IV ] [ Final ]

Genre [Rating] : Angst

Length: 3k

Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader

Summary: Watching the man you love love someone else was the most painful feeling in the world.

Part One: x Part Two: x  Part Three: Alternate Ending: x

Originally posted by angel-in-slow-motion

It was terrifying how much could change in a year. To think that just a few short weeks could change everything about you was daunting, but true. When you had left life felt like torture, like everywhere you looked there was something waiting to mock you. You were broken, your heart all but ashes when you boarded the first flight away, but you knew it was what you needed to do. You needed time away from it all to figure out what you wanted, to figure out who you were without all of the things you’d grown so used to. It was hard, leaving it all behind, like you just gave away a piece of yourself with no plans of ever getting it back.

Loving Byun Baekhyun was hard, but letting that love go, was harder.

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Needing heavy rewrites during the editing stage doesn’t make you a bad writer.

It makes you a writer who is learning new skills and growing in your craft.
It makes you a writer who cares about your story.
It makes you a writer with enough faith in your work to put effort into it.

It makes you a better writer then the writer you were yesterday.

So don’t give up on your work just because it needs multiple rewrites. Every time your scene, chapter, or book gets better, so do your writing skills.  

So, it’s that time of the year again, back to school. And right now, some of you are probably panicking a little because, let’s face it, school starts soon and you have not glanced at your to-do list since June. But don’t be afraid, lots of us are in the same boat. I myself ambitiously drafted out a long list of things to do this summer, including studying C++, studying Chinese, preparing for new course work, studying quiz bowl, and exercising. However, I was abroad for five weeks, spent lots of weekends at the beach, slept in, and generally slacked off. Now, it’s not too late to pick up the pace and get into the study grind to get a good start this school year. Below are some useful tips!

Academic Tips:

  • Print off your new school schedule immediately and build your personal schedule around that. (Figure out which time blocks are for studying, exercise, sleep, mealtime, extracurriculars, and chill time.)
  • Buy a planner and start using it. It doesn’t have to be personalized or fancy, just make sure it suits your taste and is usable. Even though you may not have classwork right now, start using it to complete tasks and get in the habit of writing in it.
  • Search up your teachers/professors on RateMyProfessor to (kinda) know what you’re in for. Obviously, those reviews are a little skewed so read them with a grain of salt, but know which professors are lecture heavy and which classes rely on the textbook. This really helped me last year.
  • Get in the habit of reading and writing a bit everyday. That way, your first assignment won’t be nearly as painful. Just write a little in a journal or read some NYT articles to critically engage your brain. 
  • Look over the first chapter of your textbooks. The first chapter and introduction in books really explain what the course is about, so if you’re afraid of feeling stranded in class, read them.
  • If you have questions or concerns about your courses, email your professors or teachers. They want to help their students.
  • Map out where you have to go for each class. Whether it’s changing floor in the same building or booking it across campus, make sure you know where you’re going the first week of class. Highlight your routes on a map of the school if you need.

Lifestyle Tips:

  • It’s nice to sleep in over summer break, but start waking yourself up earlier. Figure out what time you need to wake up, factor in the 7-8 hours of sleep you need, and determine the ideal bedtime. Set an alarm and start slowly winding back your wake up time. For example, if I need to get up at 7:00 AM for school, I’ll sleep until 8:30 for one week. Then I’ll wake up at 8:00 the next week, and 7:30 the week after that so my body can slowly adjust to the earlier mornings.
  • On a similar note, start going to bed at the appropriate time. It may be frustrating to do so when it’s still bright out at night, but this really helps your body adjust. The lights from devices keep you up, so get accustomed to ditching the electronics before you get in bed.
  • Make sure your outfits are school ready. I know my math lecture is in a really chilly old building, so I’m pulling out a few sweaters to bring with me to class. If your school has a dress code (which can be annoying) or uniform, make sure your outfits comply.
  • Get your bag and supplies ready. This is fun for me, because I usually end up shopping and getting some new cute accessories and stationery.
  • Start a new healthy habit with the school year. This is a good time to try to stick in something new. Get a reusable water bottle and try to drink 8 cups a day, or add meditation to your night routine. You won’t regret it!

Now, most of these tips are applicable to both high school and college, but if you want high school or college specific tips, let me know in my messages or ask box and I’ll make another post. Have an amazing school year!

– studyboba (Janet)