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overhaul dresses like his grandpa (aka my dad) pass it on

“Poor little queen…”

Since I love my wife, I had to draw her in my interpretation of what she’d wear in the Fateswap AU. I have a whole boatload of ideas for how it’d go, but that’s for later.

Some extra reference pics ✨


I don’t know if it has been done before but when I first saw that chapter, it was all I could think of😅
Art made by me.

NB! All credit goes to the original authors of the idea, manga page doesn’t belong to me either.

Hidden messages on Touka T-shirts vol 2

In the last chapters Touka seems to always be wearing the same white T-shirt, however, depending on the time and situation, Ishida decides to emphasize the forms that are include on the top:

In chapter 122 Touka wants to have time alone to talk with Kaneki, therefore the shirt that she wears consists of shapes similar to those of an hourglass

Hourglasses are often used to symbolize “ time”, even at windows computers one can set the mouse so that the waiting icon takes that form.

In chapter 125 Touka wears the same t-shirt but with Y forms at the top, this could be linked to the chapter title “X:”

In genetic, the masculine gender consists of XY chromosomes, this could be indicating two things to us: first that probably the son was conceived that night (good job Kaneki), and second that probably the child will be a boy.

In chapter 135 Touka wears the same T-shirt with four-leaf clover shapes at the top

As i explained in an earlier post, the four leaf clovers are representative of good fortune and hope, indicating a possible positive result to the conflict that is happening right now.

Although one might think that the forms on that T-shirt are due to the artistic style of Ishida, in my opinion and based on the approach that he puts while drawing them, makes me think that not only aren’t for chance, but that they intend to launch a concrete message depending on the situation and the moment.

MacCready, Hancock, Cait. Also known as the Reject Squad, here for all your shootin’, stabbin’, and fightin’ needs. Now will you please turn the fuckin’ lights down?

so I commissioned the amazing @mauvaise-reputation​ to do me an art of the terrible trio who took what was supposed to be a romantic comedy for Paladin Danse and made it All About Them. [insert cheeky fic link here]

in one of the later chapters, a certain sunglasses-wearing provocateur suggested that they should get a poster made.

here it is.

I don’t know about you, but I’d hire them. 😎

classy guises 

The Masks We Wear (8/?)

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7


Thanks, as always to @coffeewithcaptainswan​ for beta’ing - and in record time. She’s the real superhero here, folks!

Sorry for making you all wait forever for this. Real life is hard.

Also, in case you couldn’t guess from the last chapter there’s some whump and anxiety attacks ahead - so proceed with caution if that upsets you.

Previously on The Masks We Wear…

Emma Swan AKA The Saviour and Killian Jones AKA Hook AKA The Survivor are in love. They just don’t know it yet. Killian has rejected Emma as both her superhero ally and her best friend leaving her lost and confused. But she won’t have long to dwell on that. Regina has been unknowingly under The Dark One’s control and she has just led The Survivor into a trap …

“Emma wondered if somehow she had actually pricked him with her magic, so extreme was his reaction. But then it sunk in: he just didn’t want her.”

“First he had to defeat The Dark One, then he could find a way to fix his broken heart.”

“You and I are going to have so much fun. Well, I will at least.”

Killian was startled from sleep by soft lips against his own. After Gods knows how long of being experimented on by Gold, he was constantly on edge. Even this sweet gesture felt like a wicked game. His eyes flew open and he looked up into the eyes of The Saviour.

He gasped in shock, overcome by the emotion of the moment. She waved a hand to release the bonds pinning him to the table and pulled him into a tight hug. “You saved me.” He managed to choke out.

She pulled back to look straight at him. “Aye, that’s why they call me The Saviour.” She grinned.

“And you’re bloody marvellous.” He leaned forward and kissed her gently, overjoyed that she accepted his lips happily after the last time he tried to kiss her. “Might I - might I take off your mask, love? You’re getting to see my devilishly handsome face properly for the first time, shouldn’t I get to do the same with you?”

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Story Trivia

The following are tidbits and facts about the Caretaker AU, listed by chapters. Many of these have already been addressed in asks, but with so many posts, it can be hard to search through. This trivia compilation is here to help those looking for answers. Please read this before sending asks! Be sure to read the Characters page as well!


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We had an incredible time at Otakon debuting our post-series Orochimaru & Kabuto cosplay! More photos to come.

Orochimaru - @houkakyou
Kabuto - @laurefindeon
Photo by @richandstrangephotography