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All the outfits of Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way

Somehow I survived doing this.I present to you a low quality fanart of the ultimate Mary Sue queen. If you haven’t read My Immortal Fanfic you can bleach your eyes here:

Notes: If is a different day, I opted to only draw what Tara described of the outfit, if she didn’t mention her make-up or shoes I believe Ebony didn’t wear any.

Unless the fic says explicitly that it’s a different day I tried to keep some of the aspects of the last outfit that Tara didn’t change or didn’t mention. (Like her make-up or shoes).

The little icons that appear in like three of the outfits are the earrings she was wearing that chapter.

Doing this was beyond confusing but fun.

Imagine that Suga is the worst troublemaker in karasuno. Who was the one who originally convinced Daichi to buy everyone food after practice? Suga. Who was the one who first pointed out that the vice principal wore a wig on the first day? Suga. Who plans the best pranks during training camp? Suga.

Half Truths (and Similar Fractions)

Hello! This is an AU fanfiction - nothing is real. I’d recommend reading at least chapter one, so you can understand the premise of this AU; all previous chapters can be found on my fanfic page.

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Chapter Twenty Two

It takes a while for Hannah to rise to consciousness.

It’s because she’s warm, and cosy, and feels indescribably content, somehow. The comforter is soft against her skin, and even though the smell isn’t familiar, it is nice, and reminds her of something familiar, and Hannah turns in her sleep, happy.

This side is equally warm, and when her hand encounters another one, Hannah lets her fingers wrap through long fingers.

There’s a mumble next to her, and it is that which really drags her to awareness.

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MacCready, Hancock, Cait. Also known as the Reject Squad, here for all your shootin’, stabbin’, and fightin’ needs. Now will you please turn the fuckin’ lights down?

so I commissioned the amazing @mauvaise-reputation​ to do me an art of the terrible trio who took what was supposed to be a romantic comedy for Paladin Danse and made it All About Them. [insert cheeky fic link here]

in one of the later chapters, a certain sunglasses-wearing provocateur suggested that they should get a poster made.

here it is.

I don’t know about you, but I’d hire them. 😎

Blue: Listen, Ronan, I always used to see you as a creepy jerk. Like the human version of rat poison.

Ronan: Uh, go on.

Blue: But when I saw you with Adam today, I realized, Ronan’s not a bad guy. He’s just a heartbroken soul who needs love and gloves with fingers.

Ronan: Hey, fingerless gloves look awesome!

Blue: No, they don’t.


Orphan Black meme: [4/9] outfits

If possible, I respect Elizabeth Midford even more after this chapter.

I mean, we all thought that she’d cry, throw a tantrum, blame Sieglinde, something like that. She’s a teenage girl and she just found her fiancé in a rather compromising position with another girl. 

No, she didn’t say anything at all. Just went and kicked Ciel in the face. She’s a lady and went for her man instead.

She. Tried. To. Beat. Her. Ciel. To. A. Pulp. 

She didn’t go for Sieglinde. In her mind she wasn’t to blame. A lot of girls wouldn’t think that of the girl they found their cheating boyfriends with.