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“Poor little queen…”

Since I love my wife, I had to draw her in my interpretation of what she’d wear in the Fateswap AU. I have a whole boatload of ideas for how it’d go, but that’s for later.

Some extra reference pics ✨

The Masks We Wear (7/?)

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Previously on The Masks We Wear

Emma Swan AKA The Saviour and Killian Jones AKA Hook AKA The Survivor are in love. They just don’t know it yet. A series of unfortunate events led to The Saviour rejecting The Survivor’s advances, leaving them both in turmoil. But right now they’ve got bigger fish to fry. The Evil Queen has revealed that The Dark One intends to control the world using The Dagger and they need to stop him before it’s too late …

“Well, I’m sorry, Hook, but I don’t want you.”

“When Killian came over the following night for Netflix she was going to call him out on his innuendo and ask him for that side order of “chill” he’d always promised.”

“He had blurted out he was in love with Emma then tried to convince The Saviour to give him a chance. This surely went beyond bad form.”

“The Dark One wants the entire world at his mercy. Superheroes included.”

I don’t want Emma Swan… I don’t want Emma Swan… I don’t want Emma Swan…

The words echoed through Emma’s head. She had to concentrate hard on not feeling anything, on keeping her magic under control and at bay. The effort was overwhelming her and the rest of the meeting with Regina was passing her by in a haze.

“We’re agreed,” Regina said, “the day after tomorrow, Hook and I will infiltrate Gold’s labs to -”

“Wait, what?” Emma’s head shot up. The lights blinked around her, Regina looked unimpressed at her reaction.

“Decided to participate now, have we Saviour?” Regina’s lips were pursed and her eyebrows raised in irritation.

Emma had seen that look on her face a million times, it was almost always followed by a terse Miss Swan , Emma hated when Regina called her that - but at least Regina didn’t know who she was to do that this time.

“If you’d paid any attention to what was going on you’d know that only two of us can go into Gold’s. We’ve only got two cuffs to protect us from Gold’s security system that includes special modules that interfere with our powers. I have to be one because I’m your ticket in, we agreed that Hook would be the other.”

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Congrats on finishing the chapter! Can't wait to read it

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As promised, the fic update is here! And I swear I uploaded it before 12 so I still kept my promise! It’s over 15k of words, and i hope you guys like it! <3 

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If you want a summary, just know this is Keith’s heart for most of the chapter.

so i’m gonna need like 9000 more pictures of this buff nerd in a floral pink waist/tailcoat combo kthxbai

MacCready, Hancock, Cait. Also known as the Reject Squad, here for all your shootin’, stabbin’, and fightin’ needs. Now will you please turn the fuckin’ lights down?

so I commissioned the amazing @mauvaise-reputation​ to do me an art of the terrible trio who took what was supposed to be a romantic comedy for Paladin Danse and made it All About Them. [insert cheeky fic link here]

in one of the later chapters, a certain sunglasses-wearing provocateur suggested that they should get a poster made.

here it is.

I don’t know about you, but I’d hire them. 😎