chapter seven: distinction

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*walks into dark alley* Got any... TMFU fic recs?

I wouldn’t be a very good tmfu blog if I didn’t, now would I?

These are all available on AO3, are all based on the movie (I won’t read show fanfic until I’ve finished watching it), and are either Napollya or Galleon (OT3)

Alternate Affairs by Chantefable is a collection of twenty AU one-shots, varying from zombie apocalypse to mermaids to soulmates to fairytales! There are twenty chapters, each a different story, it includes Gallya, Galleon, Napollya, and each of the ones I’ve read so far (up to chapter seven) has a distinct, off-putting feelings. It’s a good read if you’re looking for something weird, and it’s mostly written more or less in the passive voice.

Greater Than My Gold by SongofSamael is like a new take on the Little Mermaid, where Napoleon is a merman obsessed with the human world, especially things he considered beautiful, like gold and diamonds. He rescues Illya, who is a human, from drowning, but for selfish reasons. It has a very dark feeling to it, and a bit of a surprising end. Galleon.

Uncle Illya by Jenna_of_the_Red_Robes ( @lil-chop-shop-girl ) is a Marvel crossover, where Illya is Natasha Romanoff’s uncle! It’s very cute and lighthearted, with implied Gallya and Napollya. It’s very fluffy and short.

Having trouble sleeping? by Vaenarys ( @vaenarys ) is a really cute Napollya fic about pre-relationship cuddling. Full fluff. I absolutely adore it.

God Only Knows by stormfirej is a more angsty Napollya fic, where Napoleon gets molested and Illya doesn’t take it very well. If you’re triggered by that sort of thing, I’d steer away, from it, but if you like hurt/comfort it’s a pretty good read.

Confessions by Potrix ( @potrix-the-queerschlaeger) is my personal favorite as of right now. Along the same vein as God Only Knows, Napoleon sleeps with someone for the sake of the mission, and Illya assumes it was against his will. You find out some tragic stuff about Illya’s past, you get to see him cry, it’s a very emotional experience. There’s talk of rape, and the effects of it, but the only nsfw are a few brief dubiously consensual scenes. It’s really cute, though, angst and comfort and humor mix together nicely.