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Terezi Week Day 5: 4U

oh boi ive been planning to do this since janeweek! :D

Imagine this AU as crime novel trilogy, the Terezi part is legal thriller. She’s involved in tangled web of mysterious case of Gamzee Makara. All evidences points ot that Makara is the perpetrator of recent serial murder that happened in Alternia City; but something doesn’t feel right. The whole case feels like mismatching puzzle pieces that stuck together with a glue. A glue called lies. Can Terezi prove her client’s innocence and unravel the truth? Is the possibility of ‘real culprit’ exists?

and you bet my ass that there will be obligatory romantic tension between Ms. Pyrope and the opposing Detective Crocker.

OnS: the Story of Vampire Michaela Novel Masterpost

by Kagami Takaya [poster, cover+illustrations]

  • Intermission: The Story That Follows Michaela (Part 1 / Part 2)

by Kagami Takaya [poster+cover]

  • Chapter 2: Virtuous People, Scoundrels, and…

I have… a lot of word docs open so who wants to see a little bit from each thing! yeah! Also u guys should tell me what u think….

Darkness Falls chapter 2 (Serial Killer Zen):

It did not take long for Zenyatta to realize why the Iris had called him back. He could hear its call all around him, not speaking to him but to everyone, trying to reach out to Genji but with no avail. It was evident that the cyborg hadn’t connected to the Iris at all.

“Well?” Zenyatta lifted his head, watching Genji carefully. He had, after several minutes pulled out one of his throwing stars again, flipping it between his fingers as he watched Zenyatta. Zenyatta watched him, slightly mesmerised. “You’re one of the brothers here, right? Aren’t you going to try and convince me to give into the Iris, to accept what I’ve become?”

There was bite, bitterness in his voice, and Zenyatta momentarily wondered how many of his fellows Mondatta had sent in to try and ‘help’ Genji.

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There had to be some benefit to going back through my entire livejournal this afternoon.   Here’s the beautiful and heartbreaking Elizabeth and Chase.

A little Kyra kissing Helen Mirren for y'all back before she was Brenda Leigh Johnson- for your dash.

You’re welcome.

This piece was inspired by a DN fanfic named “landscape after cruelty” written by wxmmyshouse It’s still strange that I’m into this kind of concept but I love it anyway. I’ve been waiting for too long to post this. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Please do not repost this piece. Thank you>v<


Kane Richmond and Linda Johnson in “Brick Bradford” (1947)  A 15 chapter serial from Columbia based on the Brick Bradford comic strip.
The Killing Type
By Organization for Transformative Works

By: protagonist_m

Liam breathes hotly through his nose, eyes twitching shut as he squeezes a bit more on Zayn’s neck. “Do you know how dangerous what you’re doing is?”

Zayn draws in his own ragged breath. “Do you?”

Zayn is a doctoral student who goes to great lengths to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Liam is heading the biggest serial murder investigation London has seen in half a century. And before this, he’d never been sent a love note via corpse.

AO3 chaptered 

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Can we still expect a Volume 2 of Ruined even though Rosy Press shut down?

Sarah Vaughn and I both still love what we have planned for Ruined and look forward to continuing it! We’re just in the process of figuring out how that will work. It may take some time, publishing moves like molasses and both our plates are very full, but we’re doing our best. Thanks for asking, and thanks for your patience. :^)

If you’re looking for a historical romance fix from the Ruined team to keep you going in the meantime, I recommend checking out:

Sarah Vaughn’s recently announced Image series, SLEEPLESS, with artist Leila del Duca! It looks amazing, I can’t wait to read it, myself. Announcement here.

And I’m currently working on SPARKS, an erotic Edwardian romance. The first chapter is available to read on Filthy Figments (NSFW, chapter two starts serializing in a week), and Iron Circus Comics (of Smut Peddler fame) is publishing the full story as a graphic novel when it’s finished. More info here!

Vampire Michael Part 2

AN Wow this was a lot longer than I intended oops, but I know you guys are eager to see more vampire michael, so I wrote this up for you! Also, that imagine I reblogged is just a spinoff written by someone else, it was just an alternate ending, so don’t worry about it, I just wanted you guys to see it xx Next up is the next chapter of Serial Killer Cal! Enjoy lovelies xx

Your POV

“I’m a vampire.” We stared at each other, and as I watched his green eyes darken, mine shifted to the floor, my eyelashes fanning my gaze.

“You’re not a vampire,” I told him with a scoff.

“Yes I am, Y/N, any normal human would be dead by that, which explains why my parents died. I didn’t, I was saved.”

“Michael, vampires don’t exist.”

“Do you have proof of that, love?”

“Well, no, but-”

“Then how can you sit there and tell me that,” he interrupted. “You don’t know you can’t say the facts, I’m a vampire, have been since that accident. That’s what those hunters were, they were vampire hunters hunting me.”

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