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Kagerou Daze Manga - Chapter 48: RED I


Comic GENE 3月 issue (read right to left)
Manga by: Satou Mahiro
Original by: Jin (Shizen no Teki-P)
Character Designs by: Shidu, Wannyanpuu

Disclaimer: Only the scanning of the pages belong to me.

Momo: Hibiya-kun!

Ene: Didn’t you leave with the Fox Eyes-san!?

Hibiya: That…After that something horrible happened…
Please help me, Onee-chan.

Momo: …’kay!

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Seriously thought there was nothing news worthy on this month’s chapter while I was overseas since I heard nothing. Came back and realise Jin still have no chill.

So back in the present after Ayano’s reason on why she and the siblings don’t live together anymore! But after their talk, they realise Momo had snuck out to continue her search for her friend, Hiyori. Soon the remaining Children will realise there was a lie in what they thought they knew and they were tricked. 

Going to try some translation again. Shout out to @fuyuyuu for talking to me with this and explained some parts on what happened. Oh! And I try to scan it in a new way, thinking this way the quality of the scan is better

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Ride With Me (Part 8)

PAIRING: readerxbuckybarnes au


WARNINGS: light swearing. 

*(Y/N)’s working double time to cover Wanda’s shift she is confronted with a handsome stranger who is as dangerous as his silver tongue   

 I did it, I bloody did it. A whole day spending time with my Aunt and Uncle and I was still able to write this chapter. I may suffer for it in the morning but who cares, I can sleep when I’m dead ahaha 

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“It’s been over a month (Y/N) and you didn’t call of course I was going to worry” You rolled your eyes as you shimmied into your jeans.

“I’m sorry Jess, I really am. Thing’s just got a little crazy” you trailed off trapping your phone between your shoulder and ear as you fiddled with the button of your jeans.

“This is my point, you left to get away from crazy. Now you’re six feet deep in Sheild and Red Skull shit,” You sighed knowing she was right.

“How are things on your end? How’s Trish” You asked tentatively.

“She’s ok, coping as best as anyone can. She still didn’t think you had to move away”

“It was the best thing for everyone if I left Jess, you know that” you pulled on a shirt as you did your best to sort out the bird’s ness that was your hair.

“I know, I know. It still sucks” Jess huffed, you could imagine her now. Stood on the sidewalk smoking glaring at any passerby.

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Tsukuyomi theory foreshadowing

So, we just got this page on Chapter 73 which was released this month

and OH was it so heartwarming.

To think that Yukine really DOES see Yato as his father, and he’d consider a NIGHTMARE as a COMFORTABLE DREAM just because he thinks Yato was there. I just can’t help but break a tear of joy (and pain) for these cinnamon rolls. please give them a break.

But anywayssss, what I really wanted to point out was why does Yukine think that Yato was in that dream? A lot of readers think that Yukine meant to say that he sees this guy from his dreams as Yato.

Mainly because of the symbolism on this panel from Chapter 72

Okay, I believe that it was already confirmed that the shadow guy on the dream was Yukine’s Otou-san, and it is undeniable that he sees Yato as his father figure.

But what if what Yukine really meant when he said “But if I looked harder, you were there” was this other object present on the dream

I mean, it’s even on this panel

The Tsukuyomi theory was kinda “debunked” on the recent chapters, but seeing this gives me a lot of hope that it’ll be confirmed soon. It took me 2 weeks and rereading thrice just to notice this foreshadowing. It may either be a foreshadowing or I just have a wild imagination, but I just really want to share this info. Rejoice, my fellow Tsukuyomi theory believers!

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I really love your Wrong Number au!! its so good, are you still working on it?

Aahh thank you!! And yes I am. Okay but bad news guys. I’m still working on BokuAka"s part and will upload it next month(March) good news is you’ll all get two chapters next month cause I’ll be uploading Kuroken’s part too 🤗

I was told to post the first chapter of Innocence Tainted (Saeran/Reader/Yoosung fic) here as well…Sooo.. I’m sorry for take up space on everyone’s dashboard but I know on mobile the “read more” bit doesn’t show up >o<

Chapter 1

               I tapped my pen on the desk. It was been month since my run in with my accursed twin brother and Yoosung. I smiled as I looked at the screen of the laptop in front of me. I wasn’t expecting Yoosung to sacrifice himself to protect her and the members of the RFA. The Savior and other disciples had left me, for dead most likely. I basically was non-existent.

               Sighing I moved my finger on the small touch pad in the middle of the laptop, looking at the camera that showed my blonde-haired toy. It had been months, just him and myself. Torturing him had its own amusements but I was getting boring fast. It wouldn’t be long before that fucking lying brother of mine would find where we were. I refused to be trapped into a corner. To face him with no resources allowing him to die by my hands.

               I clenched my fist around the pen and slammed it into the desk, embedding it. I took my hand away and watched as it gradually fell to its side and rolled away from me. “How fucking boring.” There had to be some way for me to entertain myself. I yawned as I started to press my fingers against the keys. “He’s slacking.” I said to the screen as I hacked into the camera feed. I watched the woman that Yoosung sacrificed himself for. She wasn’t bad looking now that I got a good look at her. In fact she could be fun. This could be fun.

               Pulling the laptop closer to myself as I deftly tapped my fingers on the keys. I laughed when I easily signed into the chatrooms using Yoosung’s login information. “What a fucking idiot!” I laughed before checking to see if she was online. Seeing a green dot next to her name I smiled to myself. “Perfect.”

Yoosung has entered the chatroom

Yoosung: _____! Are you there?!

_______: Yoosung?! Where are you? Are you all right?!

Yoosung: I only have a quick moment. Please just meet me at the park. There’s no time to explain.

Yoosung: Just come! I should be able to make it there soon! I love you…

Yoosung has left the chatroom

               My lip curled up in disgust as I worked to erase traces of the chat so no one would follow her. Closing the laptop I stood up and walked over to look inside the room I kept Yoosung in. I took my untraceable phone out of my pocket, checking the time. I had given him some sleeping pills so I could have some peace and quiet. He talked about her in his sleep constantly. I just had to make the sleep deeper, and I wasn’t going to give up my only entertainment. So, killing him was out of the question. For now anyways. I smiled at his sleeping form excited for the torture I had planned for him. I put my phone in my pocket as I walked towards the entrance of the underground bunker, the sound of my steps echoing against the cemented walls.

               I sat on a bench in the park, scratching my head as the blonde wig I wore itched. “She better fucking show up.” I growled as I glanced around the park. It was dark and no one really liked walking through the park this time of night. The quarter-moon as all the light that was here, giving the trails of gravel an eerie feel.

               I pulled at the collar of the shirt I wore. These clothes were annoyingly soft against my skin, but I had to look the part. They weren’t what he was last seen wearing but they would suffice. I heard a rush of footsteps coming towards me and saw a pair of woman’s boots step into my line of vision as I kept my eyes downcast.

               “Y-Yoosung…” She panted, clearly out of breath. “Oh, thank God you’re all right.” Pfft. God? What a foolish woman. She put her hand on my shoulder, leaning forward slightly. “Talk to me Yoosung. What happened?” Reaching out I grabbed her other wrist and pulled her towards me wrapping my arms around her so that she couldn’t see my face. I hugged her tightly. Huh… She was more endowed than I thought she was. I felt my cock twitch in anticipation when I thought of what was to come.

               Wrapping my arms tighter around her I brought one my hands up to my mouth, putting a pill between my teeth. “Yoosung talk to me!” I moved to hold her head between my hands and angled my head so the wig covered most of my face. Keeping my eyes closed I pressed my lips to hers pushing the pill between her lips with my tongue. When I was sure she swallowed it I opened my eyes and looked into hers. Gasping, she jumped away from me, holding a hand to her throat. “W-who are you?!”

               I smiled at her as I pulled the blonde wig off my head. “It’s not every day you get a text from a stranger.” Her eyes widened as she looked at me. The partial moonlight made the fear in her eyes made this all the more exciting. She held a hand to her head as she swayed on her feet. I took a step towards her and she took a step back. Shaking her head quickly she spun on her heels and took off running in the opposite direction. Tilting my chin up slightly, I smiled as I leisurely followed after her.

               I could hear her footfalls slowing. I casually followed the curve of the trail, coming around the corner I saw her lean against a tree before sliding down to the ground. Her breathing was heavy and sweat dotted her forehead as she looked up at me with partially open eyes. I crouched down beside her. Grabbing her chin in my hand I made her face me. “Let the games begin.” I said with a smile as her lids closed fully.

               I walked into the room I kept Yoosung in. He was staring at the wall talking to himself. Talking about that woman. My smile faded when I glanced at the tray of food and noticed that he still hasn’t eaten. “It’s been days. You won’t be well if you continue.” His body flinched as I stepped closer to him.

               “….I can’t eat.” I slowed walked a circle around him as he stood up straight and kept his gaze forward. I hooked a finger underneath the leather strap that connected to the collar at his neck. I stood beside him, looking at his profile as he flinched when I put my fingers against his head.

               “See…that’s a problem. You haven’t forgotten your promise already have you?” His eyes twitched slightly as he tried not to show any emotion. “Doesn’t sound like something a very loyal person would let happen. It wouldn’t take much for me to find her and bring her here.” I closed my eyes and held back a small growl when I recalled the image of her how she is at this very moment.

               “Not that….please.” He said his voice wavering slightly.

               “This is very fun for me.” And it’s about to get better. “Though it seems it’s not that much fun for you, is it?” I asked him applying pressure to his head with my fingertips. Silently warning him that if he didn’t answer me he would be scolded.

               “It’s not…not fun…”

               “Ahh but it’s a fun day.” I turned and started pull him towards the door. “Look, on fun days… we have to do fun things. No? It’s boring playing by myself.” The leather strap tightened as he kept his footing.

               “I don’t feel well. Let’s play some other time.” He said quietly.

               I wrapped the strap around my hand and pulled it roughly forcing him to follow. “I don’t care how you feel. It will be fun. I’ve found a new way to torture you.” I smiled as his eyes widened slightly before he ducked his head in defeat and followed me.

               I led him into a separate room and sat him in a chair, binding his wrists against the arms if it. In the darkness I heard her shuffle her feet. I held back a laugh as I kept my eyes on Yoosung while I flipped on the light switch. His eyes widened in horror at what he saw. “Wh-what is this?!”

               I let out the laugh I held back and it echoed against the walls of the room as I walked over to her. The dim lights made her pale skin glow as she stood there in her bra and panties. Her wrists were bound together and held above her head with rope that wrapped around the piping that ran along the ceiling. She was blind folded and her mouth was gagged. I ran a finger along her waist as I walked around her, enjoying how she squirmed uncomfortably. “Oh, that’s right. You wouldn’t recognize _____, would you?” His breath hitched as he dug his nails into the arms of the chair. I stood behind her and wrapped an arm around her as I grabbed her chin, tilted her head to the side.

               “D-don’t! Please stop! I’ll…I’ll do anything I swear!” He screamed out as I ran my tongue up the side of her neck, her sweet voice releasing a frightened whimper against the cloth gag.

               I looked at him and smiled. “Now where’s the fun in that? I told you I didn’t care how you felt. Today is going to be a fun day.”

I’m kissing a boy.
I’m kissing Baz.
He’s so cold, and the world is so hot.

I am going to die kissing Simon Snow.
Aleister Crowley, I’m living a charmed life.

Concept: Bitty as a top selling writer who churns out highly popular stories in a well known magazine. Bitty is also the bane of the editing department, because he has to turn in a chapter a month.

“Hes so nice….but his work ethic is so terrible…but HES SO NICE HOW DO YOU MAKE HIM WRITE WITHOUT FEELING LIKE AN ASS?!”

His editor stuck with him through the ages until she became pregnant and decided that she cant take care of two infants at once so she passed the mantle of being Eric Bittle’s editor to the rookie (bc hes the only one she could con into taking the job) and left him notes

1) Call to remind him about the deadline one week in advance, and always tell him that its due three more days earlier than it is

2) Dont be fooled by his sweet tones and promises to “get right to it!” Check his twitter account omgcheckplease to make sure hes not tweeting

3) If he offers you pie take it. You wont regret it, BUT DONT LET THE PIE BRIBE YOU INTO GIVING HIM AN EXTRA DAY

4) You will probably have to show up at his apartment three days before to check in and make sure he has his draft almost finished.

5) Call his husband, Jack, at this number xxx-xxx-xxxx when all else fails and Bitty is ignoring you in favor of making more pie

6) Compliment his husband in front of him to get him in a good mood so he can start writing

7) But be careful not to get sucked into small talk that lasts hours. His southern charm WILL get to you so be aware.

Its inevitable, high school is gonna end, we are gonna move to different towns. We aren’t going to see these people everyday anymore, we have six months left together. Six more months of lunches 5 days a week at the same table in the same room in the same school. About 150, give or take a few, days until we graduate and leave this school forever. 4 years of our lives is done. And some people might think that this is a dark depressing thought, that in six months we will leave our best friends behind and move on to another part of our life story. But I think there is a difference between me and someone who thinks this is dark and depressing. You, who thinks this is a dark thought who doesn’t want to hear it, you are probably scared, terrified for the inevitable future that awaits you. And thats perfectly fine, be scared to leave your best friends, that fear is going to drive you to make the most out of these last six months together. Its going to make you want to go out and go to games, dress crazily for spirit weeks, not give a crap about what other people in the school think because you are enjoying yourself for the last time with these people. The difference is I am okay with me and my friends splitting up. I have seven best friends and we hang out all the time. I know that these people are going to be the ones I can count on, these people are going to be with me for the rest of my life, most likely the ones I want to have in my wedding. There is going to be distance put in between us and it will be hard to talk. Seven different people, seven different schedules, seven different towns, finding the time for everyone to talk will be so hard but I’m not worried. These are the people that I know I can count on, that will call me out when I’m lying and will help me through a bad day. I know that we might be able to talk everyday, and I think I’m okay with that because I know that these are the types of people that I don’t need to talk to everyday because  I know that they will always be there for me. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to try to talk to them, believe me I am, but it means that I will be okay if there comes a point where everyone is too busy to talk everyday. Now with all this being said, and how I am not scared, that doesn’t mean I won’t take advantage of these six months, I will. I will enjoy every moment that we spend together, every lunch, every dinner at my house, every song played on my guitar in my room, every old movie watched together, every car ride blasting music. I’m going to love every minute of it, but I know that I will be okay when it comes to the point where all of that is just a memory. I will be okay when we all  leave, yes I will be heartbroken but I know that we will always find our ways back to each other.
I think more seniors need to understand this. People think when high school is over they end a book, they think of there life as a book series, but its not, its one long novel. High school is just a chapter in it, and just because the chapter is over doesn’t mean the main characters cease to exist. Yes new characters come into the story, but the main ones will always be there, maybe not like they were before, and maybe not in the next chapter, but they will come back into the story. It might be years down the line, but the people who are supposed to be in your life, have a way of coming back. These are your best friends, the people you meet in high school and if your lucky they will be there for the rest of your life.
—  Something I said during my religion class today

4 Years, 4 Months ago, I met Jeff. Since the first day of school, he and I have been friends and turned into family. I love this lil fool and I’m so proud of him for graduating. There aren’t many people I know that work as hard or care as much as Jeff. Although he may be a tad unorthodox….okay a lot, all who meet him come to love him as well. So proud of you lil bruh, gonna miss you around campus, but I’m right behind you. Love you man and I thank the Lord that I met you! (And you know I don’t say things like this often.)  

The Young Graduate: @thatbuffcarrot