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TITLE: His secrets
CHAPTER NO/ONE SHOT: Introduction chapter.
NOTES/WARNINGS: This isn’t a proper chapter, it’s an introduction. I want to know what you guys think before I dive in with the 2,000 word chapters haha. Where they are is based on a town I used to visit every year because I wouldn’t be able to describe New York and where I live is just country…

“Oh my God, woman, hurry up!” Bucky said with a fake moan as you took your time getting ready. “We’re only going to the shops.”

“Yes, but it’s a 20 minutes’ walk there and 20 minutes back! What if I bump into someone I know? I want to look good.” You laughed as you laced up your boots.

“You always look good.” Bucky said with a wink which made you laugh. Bucky was your best friend in the entire world and the two of you would always flirt with each other but it was always simply friendly banter. “You got the list?”

“Sort of. I just told everyone to text me what they want. Thought it would be easier that way.” You said as you pulled out the phone and saw multiple texts from each of the compounds residents, including four from Thor alone. “Ready!” You said at last as you pulled on your jacket.

“Only two hours late.” Bucky mocked.

“Shut up it only took me forty-five minutes.” You laughed along with him as the two of you began your stroll towards the shop. It was nearly seven o’clock in the evening and the middle of winter so not only was the night cold, it was also pitch black. You and Bucky could barely see anything besides the small patches of path lit up by the street lamps and your own breath. Fifteen minutes later, you made it to the main street.

This was always your favourite place to go when it was dark; there was street music playing, the place was full of happy faces and there were lights everywhere you looked. The only problem was, Bucky hated it here. He stood closer to you and pulled his sleeve longer down his arms so it covered most of his hands too – especially the metal one – and kept his gaze low. He always felt uneasy around so many people.

“Relax, Buck.” You smiled up at him as you took his arm with yours. You then continued to walk down the path with linked arms as you spoke about anything and everything. But then, it all stopped.

You felt like you couldn’t breathe, like you were suffocating from the sadness and betrayal. Bucky noticed how you suddenly stopped and when he was you were staring at something with wide eyes, you looked there too. That’s when he felt something too but instead of sadness, it was pure, manic anger.

You stood frozen as you watched Pietro walk down the street, hand in hand with another woman. You kept standing and staring for a few minutes, breathing heavily as you didn’t know what to do or even how to react. It wasn’t until you saw him pick up a dress that you lost it; since that was the exact dress that only a week prior you had told Pietro you wanted. But he told you it was too expensive… and yet here he is… Buying it for another woman.

You were about to storm over there and smack your hand across his cheek when you felt Bucky’s calming touch on the small of your back. Bucky moved his hand so he was now holding yours and spoke softly to you.

“He’s not worth it, doll.” Was all he said, but the simple words made your heart slowly return to normal paced beats. You nodded and swallowed your emotions before putting on a brave face, turning on the spot and slowly walking back to the compound. It was late at night so Bucky swiftly followed, not wishing for you to walk back alone, but that didn’t stop him giving Pietro one more quick glare as all the ways he was going to hurt him flashed across his mind.

‘He’s insane’ Bucky thought as he turned to follow you. What kind of mad man would give you up?


“Well?! What do you hear?” Lila Grace demands as she peers down the hall at her cousin Hazel.

“Not much,” the older girl replies in a somber voice. “They’re talking, aaaand… YES! He said he’s letting her go!”

“This was such a bad idea,” Lila frets. “What if he finds out that I lied to him?!”

Hazel shrugs. “You didn’t lie lie. You just… stretched the truth. You told me that Mrs. Kirby told you that your dad would be ‘irate’ if you flunked the reading test at school, and everyone knows that you can’t possibly love someone you’re ‘irate’ at. And besides, it’s not like you failed on purpose, and it was her job to help you get better at reading. She deserves this, Gracie.”

“But I shouldn’t have lied,” Lila shakes her head dejectedly.

“Seriously, don’t worry about it!” Hazel insists, rolling her eyes in frustration. “You’ve been telling Uncle Theo for weeks that you don’t like your nanny. Even my mom tried talking to him about how awful she is, but your dad has his head so far up his own butt that I swear he wouldn’t hear himself fart.”

“What are you two up to?” the clear, melodious voice of Hazel’s mom echoes down the corridor, and with a delighted squeal the young blonde sprints over and leaps into her mother’s waiting arms.

“MOMMY! I missed you!” she screams excitedly.

“Still in your pajamas at this hour?” Arabella laughs as she scoops her daughter in for a hug. “Where is your father, Lila Grace?”

“He just woke up,” she mumbles. “But he and Mrs. Kirby are busy talking right-”

As if on cue, the door to Theodore’s office swings open and Mrs. Kirby storms out. “And you’re going to believe the word of a six-year-old over me?!” she shouts.

Stepping out into the hallway, Theodore sighs. “She is my daughter, Mrs. Kirby. I have no reason to doubt her.”

“Fine! FINE! But I will have you know, Mr. Davenport, that I am good friends with the director of Bridgeport’s premier childcare agency, and I have no doubt that she will believe my word on this matter over that of a spoiled, bratty first grader and her absentee father.” Turning to Arabella, she spits, “So good luck finding another nanny who is willing to work with him!”

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The Witches’ Workbook, Chapter Two: Elements of Witchcraft

Hey, guys! The second chapter of the Witches’ Workbook is in complete first draft mode, and I wanted to share it with you all! It covers what I consider the “basics” of witchcraft, and a taste of the different kinds of crafts involved in the world of witchery!

You can read a PDF version of this chapter here:

The first chapter (Introduction to Witchcraft) can be read here:


You Can Stop Panicking About Ymir’s Curse, Sort Of

Relax. Titanshifters don’t die 13 years after they receive their power. Or, they do, just not in the way you think.

Right, enough crypticness. The reason people think that 13 years is the limit is because Ymir Fritz supposedly died after 13 years herself.

But did Ymir Fritz really die? My answer is: no. I’m pretty confident that our Ymir is the Ymir. I don’t see why Isayama would give such a mysterious character such an important name (and delay our first time hearing her name for 31 chapters after her introduction, at which point we’ve already heard a Titan speak of ‘Ymir-Sama’) unless they are one and the same. Our continuing ignorance of Ymir’s surname also suggests a future reveal that her last name matches that of the pseudo-royal family. The theory that she was named after Ymir is hard to swallow - an Eldian family naming their child ‘Ymir’ wouldn’t go down well with Marley - and even if that was the case, from a narrative perspective it seems an unlikely route to go down unless it’s just a massive red herring. 

If you want more evidence, there’s the fact that Ymir was able to read the extinct language on the can of herring at Castle Utgard, and the fact that Ilse, who looks very similar to Ymir (an astute observation courtesy of my dear tumblrless friend Chloe), was mistaken by the Talking Titan to be ‘Ymir-Sama’.

(Spot the difference?)

So, our Ymir is the Ymir, which means she outlived the 13 Year Limit. If so, then what happened to her?

…Or so she says. But when you’re a mindless Titan, keeping track of time must be next to impossible. Ymir thinks it’s sixty years, but there’s no reason why it couldn’t have been more along the lines of, say…1,807 years.

What if when the 13 year limit is reached, it’s only your human self that “dies”? You lose the ability to shift and remain in Titan form constantly, and you experience the braindeath that forces you to become a mindless titan, like Ymir was for so long? Wherein the only way to save yourself is to chance upon eating a titan shifter and regaining your mind and human form again?

It would certainly fit the theme of “man into monster” throughout SNK. Whether Kruger and the Reiss Family knew that this is what was meant by ‘death’ is somewhat irrelevant, because neither had a convenient nearby shifter to eat anyway so it more or less would be the death of their true self.

So, Eren and Armin aren’t 100% going to die in 8 and 13 years respectively. But they are living on borrowed time. They can keep prolonging it by eating other shifters, which is a gruesome enough concept as it is…but the curse will have its toll in the end. 

(I do not own those pictures above. I just googled 1940′s pictures, and I came up with super accurate pictures for the series!)


About the series: The time era is based in the 1940′s. A 9-years-old boy by the name of James Barnes becomes best friends with his neighbor, 8-years-old, Steve Rogers and his little sister (Y/N) Rogers. The three of them become inseparable as they grow up, dealing with romance and drama. Just when the trio think they have conquered all that life could throw at their bond—a war comes. 

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The Heart Wants what the Heart Wants. Chapter 5

Fandom: The Hobbit

Pairing: Thranduil x Reader

Word Count: 1.940

A/N: I am finalyy done with another part!! Thank you all for loving these series and for supporting me eventho it has been a shitty long time since I updated. I sincerely hope you all enjoy this and that you will continue to love it :). 

Introduction || Chapter 1 || Chapter 2 || Chapter 3 || Chapter 4 || Chapter 5 

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Hired by BigHit: Boy Meets Temptation- Part 1

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Genre: Fluff (with sexual implications in future chapters)

Summary: As BTS’s new choreographer, you feel especially drawn to a certain dancer as soon as you meet him. You just left out one small detail during your introduction.

Parts: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // ?

Hired by BigHit Series: Taehyung // Hoseok // Yoongi // Seokjin // Namjoon // Jungkook // Jimin

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‘He suffered,’ added Athos softly. 'But not like you.’ He brought his mouth closer. 'No one suffers as beautifully as you.’
—  Athos Dane, to Holland (A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab)
The New Order//Monsta X Fic (Chapter Two)

Genre: Angst/Fluff/Romance/Comedy/Fantasy (contains sexually suggestive situations and violence)

Length: 1,757 words

Characters: OC (Yewon) x Wonho x Monsta X

Rating: PG-13

POV: Hoseok & OC (Yewon)

Introduction: This is the second chapter in a series based off of a video edit I made. If you haven’t seen the video or read the summary that accompanies it I HIGHLY recommend that you do or the series may not make much sense to you.

“The falling rain reminds me of you, because it’s falling hard and I am too.” - Unknown

POV: Hoseok

It was her. I hadn’t been able to stop thinking about her since that first day she had arrived in town. She was the daughter of the new law and the last person I should be getting involved with, but I couldn’t help myself. She was so beautiful, and now just like the first time, she was standing in front of me and I couldn’t look away. Her long brown hair held loose curls and light highlights from where the sun had kissed it. And her eyes like a doll’s, large in size, almond in shape, and brown with caramel colored flecks. We had literally just run into each other and she would have fallen down had I not caught her. And now here she was in my arms where she fit so perfectly as if she had always been mine. I wondered if she could feel how fast my heart was beating. I was almost sure it would burst out of my chest any minute now. Once I knew that she was steady on her feet, I let her go and immediately I regretted losing her warmth. The look on her face seemed as though she was thinking the same thing, although I was probably just reading too much into it. After she caught her bearings, she began to ramble off apologies so rapidly not bothering to stop for breaths between sentences. She was so adorable and I couldn’t hide my smirk. I was handing her the apple and bottled water she had dropped when my brother Hyuk came running over to ask if I was alright while eyeing her cautiously. He knew who she was of course, everyone in town did. He also knew that I was fine and this was just his subtle way of reminding me that we had somewhere to be and that the others were waiting on me. I told him that I would be right there and quickly dismissed him turning my attention back to the nervous girl in front of me. Now was my chance. I was finally going to speak to her. But what would I even say? “You should be more careful, not everyone here is as nice as me” I said. “Smooth, Hoseok. Really smooth. What are you even saying?” I asked, mentally kicking myself. Hyuk appeared once again, this time with our younger brother Honey in tow. Honey wasn’t as subtle in telling me to hurry my ass up. I knew he wouldn’t be satisfied with one of my excuses, so it was finally time for me to say goodbye to……… “Oh I’m sorry, Yewon. My name is Yewon” she said. “I’m Hoseok. It was nice to meet you Yewon” I said lingering on her name and reveling in the way it felt on my tongue. I was then quickly ushered away my Honey and Hyuk, the latter of which proceeded to jump on my back and yell “giddy up” as we headed in the opposite direction of the girl who I vowed to see again the first chance I got.

POV: Yewon

As expected, when I returned home, my father was furious about my little escapade around town. Although I think he may have been more angry about the stupid grin I had plastered on my face through his lecture as I couldn’t stop replaying the encounter with Hoseok in my head over and over again. But in the end even the memory couldn’t help me escape my overbearing father as he continued to drone on and on about how irresponsible I had been. When I couldn’t take it anymore I finally interrupted him and explained that I had simply wanted to become familiar with my new surroundings, and that having to be guarded while I did so was a waste of his already limited staff and resources. I also made it abundantly clear that I would continue to find ways to make his job here complicated if he didn’t loosen the reigns on me. Since I despised his job, I fully planned on doing this regardless, but he didn’t need to know that. Realizing that I had no intention of backing down or staying locked up in the house he gave into my demand on the pretense that I wouldn’t cause any trouble that would make him look bad or incompetent. “Oh don’t worry, you do that all too well on your own” I thought.

It had been several days since days since I was granted permission to leave the compound freely and I was taking full advantage of my newly found freedom. I had discovered many more beautiful places and people, but had spent most of my time at the beach and the farmer’s market in hopes that I would see Hoseok again. I found myself doing the same again today, and again there was no sight of him. I was about to call it a day when I heard his voice calling out my name. I turned to see him jogging toward me with a smile on his face, powerful enough to make my knees wobble. When he reached me he was out of breath and slightly sweaty. He ran his hands through his lush hair, and just when I thought I couldn’t be anymore blown away by his beauty, the air was once again sucked from my lungs. “Yewon, I was hoping to see you again. How have you been?” he asked. “Me? He was hoping to see me?” I thought to myself while trying to form a coherent response. He inquired if I had settled into my new home and If I had gotten to see much of the town yet. I told him that the compound was lovely and so was the town and the people I had met thus far. He noticed the sun was setting and it would soon be dark and offered to escort me home. As we walked he gave me the basic layout of the town and which short cuts he liked to use so I could navigate easier. I was grateful for the information and thankful that I was able to spend more than five minutes with him without making a fool of myself. I usually dreaded the uphill trek from the beach to the compound, but today I found myself cursing the fact that it wasn’t longer and I couldn’t spend more time with Hoseok. The wind had picked up and I was taken aback as Hoseok reached up to tuck a stray hair behind my ear. I could feel the heat rising in my cheeks as I began to blush. “I really enjoyed talking with you tonight” he said. I agreed and was about to thank him for walking me home, when he asked if I had plans the next day. He offered to show me around the parts of town I hadn’t seen. I was surprised I had been able to stop myself from shouting “YES” and instead said “I’d love too”. We settled on when and where to meet the next day and with that we said goodnight.

I hadn’t been able to sleep at all the night before, and now here I was standing on the street outside my house waiting for Hoseok, trying to control my fidgeting and grinning like a giddy little school girl. It wasn’t long before I saw him coming up the road looking way better than anyone should be allowed to look this early in the morning. He greeted me with another killer smile and cooly linked my arm with his as we headed toward town. As we walked he retrieved something from his backpack. It was two oranges and two cartons of milk. I was thankful he had thought ahead as I realized that I once again neglected to eat. We walked side by side through town enjoying our breakfast with Hoseok stopping often to point people out to me, telling me their names and what they did. Occasionally he would stop and introduce me to them. He seemed to be friendly with everyone and they all greeted him with warm smiles. With my father’s line of work, I had never lived anywhere long enough to get to know my neighbors and I was almost sure they wouldn’t have been interested even if I had the chance. Even now the townspeople seemed weary of me, and I couldn’t blame them. I was never more grateful that Hoseok was there to fill the awkward silences and curb the slighted glances. I spent most of the day following Hoseok around as he showed me all the hidden majesties of his town. They were all beautiful, but I couldn’t stop my gaze from always returning to him as I thought he was the most beautiful sight of them all. As the day came to an end Hoseok said that there was still a lot he wanted to show me and that we would have to plan another day together, but before he took me home there was just one more place he wanted me to see. We began walking toward the beach. I had spent so much time here already that I wondered what he could want to show me here that I hadn’t already seen. We walked along the water until the shoreline met a small cliff. He pushed back a few limbs to reveal a path that had been worn into the side of the rock. He offered me his hand and we began to climb the path. I silently thanked myself for choosing sensible over cute shoes this morning. Once we reached the top, I half expected him to release my hand, but was quite surprised when he instead reaffirmed his grip and led me onward. We pushed through a small line of trees that made way into a large clearing. Hoseok pointed a few feet ahead of us and that’s when I saw it. Hanging from a large tree branch was a small wooden swing overlooking the water. He motioned for me to take a seat as he began to push the swing. Being there with him, watching the sun set over the ocean, I had never felt so at peace. I couldn’t remember a better day than the one I had today with Hoseok. He must have shared my sentiments as the swing came to a slow stop and he turned my head towards him and gently placed his lips on mine just as we felt drops of rain.


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Dr. Victre - Chapter 4

Introduction | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3

The hardest part was convincing the frightened Ithorian woman to trust her. Dr. Victre’s head throbbed from the intense vocalizations, a debilitating pain that prevented her from coherent thoughts. It didn’t help that the farmhouse was damp and dark with rot, and her main source of illumination was a weapon in the hands of someone she scarcely recognized. 

“She needs a medcenter! I’ve never done anything like this!” ” Victre had tried to declare, but the Grand Inquisitor dismissed those thoughts from her head with a wave of his hand.

“She does not need to go to a medcenter,” he had hummed, his words resonating deep within her.

Dr. Victre repeated the words back, numbly, “She… does not need to go to a medcenter…” 

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Can you handle the truth? Fair warning, reality is stranger than fiction, but if you are brave and wish to see the world in a way you’ve always known was there but was too afraid to consider it might be true… Please take my hand as I guide you on a walk through the heart of twilight zone.

-Disclaimer: I will be providing very little to no evidence to support the claims in this post. Rather I am outlining a conceptual background for you to gain a clearer foundation in your pursuit of the truth. How can you piece together the puzzle if you don’t know what it’s even remotely going to look like? This picture may appear a little crazy, and in some ways terrifying, but I assure you if you do your homework and research these claims you’ll be surprised with what you find.

-Chapter 1 - An introduction to a cosmic view: The universe is freaking teeming with life! Life is everywhere!!! If you know anything about quantum physics you likely know that physical matter only renders itself into existence when it is being observed. In an unfathomably large unknown cosmos with a known 500 trillion galaxies(that’s five hundred, million, million ,million) that’s a lot of matter to be observed and generated if you don’t mind my saying so… If the universe is 14.5 billion years old or infinite the fact of the matter is our civilization is very late to the game of development and evolution. What if I were to tell you that there is massive, thriving interstellar community and they are no strangers to earth or our civilization? Too crazy for you? Then swipe on past this post. If you’re ready to see how deep the rabbit hole goes then this is my gift to you.

-Chapter 2 - The Reality that has been unjustly kept from you: You are a slave Neo. You live on a slave world. This planet is the centerpiece in a chain owned by an interstellar corporate conglomerate. These cosmic dictators are no aliens, rather they are a select few corporate and economic superpowers(rather supervillians) whom over the past century and a half have stolen and hidden major technological advancements that should have been released to the public. But instead they were hoarded away and utilized in militaristic development programs to create the foundation for a secret break away civilization. The society you live in is at minimum 70 years behind in its technological growth. In all likelihood the current advancement in technology humanity has attained is 100’s of years beyond what is commercially available.

The majority of UFO’s reported are actually man made craft. I mean this in the sense we have successfully reverse engineered and learned how to construct our own interstellar vessels. Human beings from modern society have been to not only other bodies in our solar system but in others as well. Star Wars like technology exists, from hyperspace travel to trans-galactic faster than light communication through what is known as “dimensional physics”. But those in the know dare not speak out, because the few that have like Phil Schneider have all been murdered and had their families destroyed.

Why?!… Why.. that is the question… And the answer has quite a few answers and complexities. Those involved in these break-away programs are many, and thus there hold many mixed emotions and opinions on the matter. Not everyone involved in this conspiracy know the full picture either, in fact very few do. For some it is the fear of mass unrest and vindication from the public over the decades of lies and hardships. Some are simply addicted to power and control, these corporate tyrants would lose all of their power and status in society if free energy, antigravity, and trans-dimensional technology were to come out. Certain sects in this breakaway civilization are completely engaged in trade with our interstellar neighbors. As I said before we are slaves.. In the military industrial complex there is such a thing called compartmentalization. Like in the Manhattan project you can gather hundreds, thousands of people and get them to build an atomic bomb for you without their knowledge. We are producing both many of their products and the materials for them. But that is only one side as this trade gets darker. Like we’ve done to our own for so many millennia we’ve actually sold humans as slaves to other worlds for who knows what purpose.

But you must understand there is also a spiritual component to this behavior. It’s time to get over our silly semantics and realize we are all talking about the same god damned thing. Potatoes-potahtoes it’s still that lumpy brown thing that goes good with chives. Christians call it God, philosophers call it consciousness, Buddhists call it that, physicists call it the unified field. It’s all the same thing and you are all part of it. YOU ARE GOD, We are all God, we are all I, and we all know we are I… We are literally the I’s(eyes) of God. Because of this we are all immensely powerful beyond our comprehension. We literally shine the sun, we make the earth go round, if nothing was here to experience it, the matter wouldn’t render into being as stated by the double slit experiment. And there are those who wish to take that power from you and consolidate it into their own. Because you are God they cannot do so without your permission. This is why you’re entire life has been structured in a fashion that causes you to submit, give in, and consent to things you don’t want to do. Like the sleaziest lawyers they always put it in the fine print and the language between the lines. Through half truths and tempting lies they’ve hidden this reality and your own power from you.

The force is real, there really is one all unifying, driving, interwoven force that binds all living things. This force is consciousness, pure awareness. Think of consciousness as a sandbox within which an infinite array of experiences can manifest in any degree of senses, dimensions or degree of detail. Reality is simply a physical metaphor for what is occurring in the mind. You could call them force powers or psychic abilities but things such as visions, telekinesis, and mind reading are just an evolutionary advancement in an Individuals perception and ability to access the information available to their consciousness. There is in one form a light side and in another form a dark side. The two primary emotions upon which all others stem are love and fear. These two vibrations like to spread themselves like wildfire, everyone knows laughter and fear are contagious.

Part of this secret interstellar society sees themselves in what we could describe as sith lords 😂 they literally feed off fear. This sounds hard to believe but if you’re a compassionate soul like me, you know that super awesome feeling you get when make someone’s day, help a homeless person, or bring a smile to someone’s face? Well these guys get the same thing from hurting people and forcing them to live in fear 😰 and to a much higher degree because they haven’t had the higher understandings of consciousness hidden from them allowing them to refine their connection and application of it.

-Chapter 3 - Resolution: I realize the claims seem like an iconic tin foil hat conspiracy theory, but over my years of daily research this is a brief summary hitting on some lesser talked about aspects of the global agenda.

For those of you who actually consider and investigate this hypothesis, when you look at the world I hope you look at it with the same level of amazement and wonderment that I do. Instead of becoming consumed with the daunting image of an enemy like the shadow government, realize its all part of one whole thing. Really consider what society you are living in, how crazy it actually is, and how exciting a time it is to be alive on this earth. A disclosure movement is underway, more and more each day eyewitness testimony is being promoted online, secret documents are being leaked. They won’t share any of it on the news, so it is our job to promote and spread the awareness on anything we’ve discovered and verified to be true.

As I always state in posts like this, be cautious of all the information that comes your way. Consider your sources, research the credibility of any possible documents related to your research in uncovering the truth. There are real sources out there, but to combat them an ocean of crackpot theories and disinformation campaigns have overtaken the Internet.

#Disclosure #Conspiracy #SSP

What Can I Do?

A Seungri/Lee Seunghyun Fanfiction

Summary: He’s known as one of the most eligible bachelors in kpop, with a reputation that’s known all over South Korea. But when he sets his sights on you, determined to make you one of his conquests, you think that maybe its time for this ‘sexy boy’ to learn his lesson…

Chapter Summary: The boy just won’t quit…at least not until he’s taken you to dinner.

Chapter Type: Introductions and Flirting.

Authors Note: ITS HERE!!! :D At long last, the Maknae gets his own story and boy is it going to be a wild ride! :D The fic does follow the character of Seungri originally created in TMBTLT, however, you’ll come to realise that his story is almost entirely separate from that of Jiyong in TMBTLT, apart from a few key moments! But since that’s out the way, let’s get stuck into this fic, that i predict is going to be my fluffiest yet! :D

Recommended Listening: Seafret - Angel of small death and the codeine scene

Chapter 2 (Coming Soon)

Chapter 1

‘Hey! Beautiful Girl!’

You roll your eyes as you shuffle to a stop, turning around on the stairs to look back at the hot- albeit annoying- guy that had been pestering you every chance he got since you’d met him by the dumpster a few days before. Initially you’d thought he was pretty cute, his laugh being the most attractive thing about him- you’d found that out when he’d tried to make you go on a date with him again, after running into you in the hall outside your apartment- making jokes about how you’d have to file a harrasment charge against him. When you told him you would, his expression changed, he’d looked slightly unsure, but when you smirked at him, he’d relaxed again, this beautiful sound like sunny days and children’s parties errupting from his chest as he’d laughed and you’d stood stunned for a moment, before excusing yourself to go to work.

‘Can I give you a lift?’ he asked now, bounding down the steps to you as you turn to continue making your way to the bus stop outside the building. You have to shake yourself slightly as you begin to stare at him, his eyes shining playfully as he grins at you, but you just roll your eyes before continuing to walk.

'I’m good to get the bus thanks.’ you reply, readjusting your bag on your shoulder and going to do the same with the books in your arm, before suddenly they aren’t there anymore.


He grins cheekily as he tucks the books under his elbow, beginning to walk toward the door to the garage and you frown at him, standing your ground as you stop outside the main door to the street outside, crossing your arms and popping your hip out.

'Its going to be a lot quicker if you let me drive you.’ he says, raising an eyebrow.

This wasn’t the first time he’d done this, offered you a ride to work- he’d done it twice before. The first time it had been an accidental meeting in the hall;

'Hey, you’re the girl from the dumpster!’ he’d greeted you and you’d frowned as you turned to look at him, trying to shrug into your coat as he’d swaggered down the stairs.

'Want some help?’ he asked and you’d gone to decline his offer, but he’d quickly taken your books from you and held your jacket in place whilst you slid your arm in.

'Thanks.’ you said slightly bitterly, looking up at him and losing your train of thought- which mostly surrounded the day’s plan- as you saw him smiling down at you, the expression bordering on a smirk as he squinted his eyes to hide his amusement at your dumbfounded expression.

'Do you need a lift? You look like you’re in a rush.’ he says smoothly as he hands you back your books, purposefully brushing his hand over yours and you feel your body respond in kind- joints locking into place as you savour the feel of him touching you, before you shake out of it, blushing as you realise you’re behaving like a schoolgirl who’s crush is showing interest in her.

'I’m okay, thanks.’ you say, smiling at him gratefully- you might as well be nice to him, since he was nice to you- before heading for the door.

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Green & Yellow

A/N: Heyyy so this is the first of my upcoming TMR-Hogwarts fics, I really wanted to make this a one-shot, but since it got too long I’m going to make it a two-shot. This chapter is mostly an introduction, but please keep reading coz he next one will have lotsa readerx newt, and it’ll be out really soon!

Character: Newt x Reader (other characters mentioned)

Warnings: none

Disclaimer: Character’s aren’t mine, neither is the school.

“Where the hell is Minho?” you yelled as you ran into your common room. 

“What’s wrong y/n?” asked Brenda, your roommate. 

“He took my transfiguration homework and he hasn’t returned it yet! The last date to submit it is tomorrow! McGonagall is gonna fail me if I don’t submit it!”

“I think I heard him saying he was going to practice Quidditch, come on, lets head to the pitch, I’m thinking of practising my flying for the next game.” You mumbled some profanities against your Asian childhood friend and left with Brenda to find him. The two of you reached the grounds, and sure enough you spotted him, except he wasn’t alone. “Oh no” you sighed “What’s wrong?” asked Brenda. “ He’s not alone.” you replied. “Yea so?” Brenda looked in the direction of your line of sight and then smirked “Oh right, I forgot you had a thing for canary buddy” “Shut up Brenda!” you blushed. Minho was fooling around with his two best friends, Thomas and Newt. The three of them were quite popular in your batch, and pretty much the whole of Hogwarts, they were called the ivy trio. They were always together when possible.You had been introduced to Newt and Thomas when you were in your first year itself since you were really close to Minho, but you had never really hung out with them, just exchanged the usual pleasantries and small conversations here and there. Although there was this one time in third year where you were partnered up with Newt as part of a care of of magical creatures assignment where each pair had to take care of a magical creature for two weeks straight and then write a report on it. The two of you had really bonded over those two weeks and that’s when you developed your major crush on him. Sadly, after the assignment was over you didn’t talk to him that much, which was partially because you were embarrassed about your crush.

  “I don’t get it though” said Brenda, “What do you see in that canary? he’s just a typical wussy Hufflepuff.” That was the other reason you hadn’t tried to take things forward. He was in Hufflepuff, and you, you were in Slytherin. One of the reasons the ivy trio were famous in school was because Minho was in Slytherin, Newt was in Hufflepuff and Thomas was in Gryffindor. Silly things like house rivalry had never got in the way of their brotherly bonds. The three of them were even on their respective Quidditch teams, Thomas was a seeker,  Newt was a chaser and Minho was a beater. Their rivalry in the games had made it only more fun for them. They even had their own little slang, they were as thick as thieves and the whole school wondered how, the only person who could hang out with them when it was just the three of them was a girl called Teresa from Ravenclaw. In any case, the main problem was you were in Slytherin, and he was in Hufflepff, and as much as you admired them for not worrying about things like house rivalry when it came to friendship, you were. Friends was one thing, relationships were another, you knew your fellow Slytherins would judge you for dating a hufflepuff, even Ravecnlaws were fine, but many of them considered hufflepuffs as a house of cheerful wimps. You were ashamed about being so worried about other people’s opinions but you couldn’t help it. It would be even worse if you got turned down by him and everyone got to know. Then your common room would feel like a real dungeon to you. Despite all that though, you had never really gotten over Newt, your heart still fluttered for him.

“He’s a typical Hufflepuff yes” you said “ but he is not a wuss Brenda. He’s kind, caring, cheerful and a down to earth man” Brenda rolled her eyes “What ever, why don’t you just get with someone from our house?like Minho? I always thought you guys were a thing till you told me about Newt.” I gagged “Minho? no way, I love him, but not that way, he’ll always be the annoying brat who broke my toys, besides you have no right to say that Brenda, I know you have a crush on Thomas” Brenda went red and sputtered about how it wasn’t true, but you knew it was. The only reason she would never admit it was because she was the seeker for Slytherin and she hated Thomas for the few times he had beaten her to the snitch. “Besides, he already has something going on with that bitch Teresa” she mumbled but you didn’t hear her, you had gone ahead to call Minho. The three guys noticed the two of you and flew down to meet you. Thomas was chatting with Brenda, although she just gave snappy replies.

“Sup y/n?” grinned Minho

“My homework Min, I need it, where the hell did you keep it?” You glared at him trying to ignore Newt. Newt who looked so cute standing on his firebolt keeping it afloat just a little above the ground as he stared at you with a grin plastered on his face.

“Oh right! I totally forgot about that! it’s under my pillow, just ask Ben to get it for you from there” replied Minho. “Why would you keep it under your pillow ? What if it gets crumpled?!” “It’s so that no one else takes it!” he grinned “ Childhood friends privilege yea?” I scoffed “ Whatever, this is the last time I’m lending you my homework Min.” “Aww y/n don’t say that! you know love me!” You rolled your eyes and walked away. You tried to find Brenda but she was no where in sight. You figured she was off competing with Thomas. “Guess I’m alone then” you said to yourself as you began to head back. “Y/n wait!” You stopped and turned around, you didn’t have to look to see who it was though, you could recognize that lovely British accent anywhere. “Oh Hey Newt” you smiled, suppressing your blush. “Mind if I walk with you love? I’m done with practice, need to head back and finish my transfiguration assignment, completely forgot about it till you and Minho mentioned it.”Oh sure!” The two you walked together side by side making small talk.”How long is it?” he asked “Not very if you paid attention in class”you replied “Well then, I’m screwed” he sighed placing his hand on his head. You looked at his hair, it seemed so soft, you always wanted to try playing with it at least once, and then for some reason your mouth just did the talking. “I could help you if you’d like, Transfiguration is my strongest subject.. if we head to the library now I’m sure we can finish it in a few hours!” Newt smiled brightly “Really y/n? you’d do that? Thank you so much! I’ll meet yo at the library entrance in 10 minutes then?” His smile dazzled you “Yea sure” He gave you a hug, “ it’s a date then!” and he ran off towards his common room leaving you stunned. “D-date?” you stammered. “Have I really got a study date with Isaac Newton?” you wondered. Mentally you were squealing inside but your tummy was doing flips out of nervousness. “Oh screw those jobless serpents” you mumbled and you ran to the common room to freshen up and get study material.

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Bittersweet - A Jared Padalecki Story

So, finally! The first chapter to my Jared Padalecki Series! Please note that I may have changed the times of some events, such as the Ten Inch Hero movie, to make things work for the story. Just for your info: Jensen is 27, Jared 23, Reader 19. This is more a bit of an introduction chapter, so not much Jared x reader… But trust me, this is going to change very very fast! Now I hope you enjoy this and please leave me some feedback <3 

Pairing: Jared Padalecki x reader
Summary: A complicated, but bittersweet love story between Jensen Ackles younger sister and Jared Padalecki. After a rough start that almost ruined all chances of them ever becoming a couple, they fight for their love. Click here for more information
Words: 2591
Warning: None

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Ephemeral - Chapter 1

The prologue did so much better than I expected it to, ty all for your support :’) This is mostly just an introduction chapter tbh, and I kinda wish I could draw visual aid bc I have such a vivid image of what this place looks like but, alas, I cannot draw to save my life XD Anyways, here is chapter 1! Hope you all enjoy this one


Drug Dealer!Wonwoo
No warnings for this chapter
2.4k Words


Wonwoo’s sly smirk became more of a triumphant smile at your agreement, extending his hand to help you up from the bench and pulling his rather smashed phone out of his jean pocket with his other. You found him holding onto your hand even after you had gotten up, his fingers intertwining with yours and holding you close to his side as he dialled a number and held his phone to his ear, still smiling softly at you.

“C’mon, pick up…” he muttered, starting to walk down the stone pathway as the sky began to lighten. You followed, looking up at him as he gave a sigh of relief and guessing that the person he was calling had answered. “Seungcheol!” He shouted, making you flinch at the sudden raise of his voice. He looked down at you briefly, frowning, before turning back to his conversation. “I know it’s early but are you able to call a group meeting now? I kinda have someone with me that everyone else needs to meet.”

“We’re having a group meeting now.” You heard a deep voice answer on the other end, Wonwoo’s face lighting up.

“That’s great! Well, could you keep everyone up for another 10 minutes?”

“Who are you bringing here? What did you do?” You were beginning to feel a little nervous, huddling closer to Wonwoo and feeling his hand detach itself from yours, his arm winding around your waist instead. His fingers ran lightly over your side over your shirt as if he could sense your apprehension as you left the park, the sunrise colouring the cloudless sky in orange and pink hues and a small breeze starting to rustle the trees. He was leading you down paths you weren’t really accustomed to until you ended up in an unfamiliar part of town, him walking briskly now as to get wherever you were headed as fast as possible.

“I didn’t do anything,” he replied after a few moments of waiting for Seungcheol to stop shouting at someone on the other end. “She’s an old friend.”

“Are you dating her?” He looked you in the eyes, seeming to search them with your own before raising an eyebrow.


“Are they any good at what you do?”

“Maybe with less clothes, I mean-” he stopped talking at your rather incredulous and confused frown, laughing slightly under his breath. “Not that I know of.”

“Fuck it, if you want to have them around, but the rest of the gang will probably have something to say about it.” Before Wonwoo could answer Seungcheol hung up, making Wonwoo roll his eyes as he put his phone back away.

“Who was that? And why do I need to wear less clothing?” You laughed.

“That was the boss, Seungcheol.” he mumbled, stifling a yawn and turning down another street, this one making you feel slightly uneasy. “And you know what my job is. You’ll probably be expected to help me or the others and stuff…” he was rambling, speaking in a low voice as he focused more on leading you down streets that only grew darker despite the world getting brighter. He eventually stopped, tugging slightly on your hand to indicate that you should stop too. You did, blinking a few times in confusion as you looked up from your shoes to see what looked like an old office building. Some of the windows were smashed, others dulled and some had black sheets covering them. The bricks were scratched and graffitied, and the few shops surrounding looked like they had gone out of business long ago, shuttered and vandalised.

“Where are we?” you whispered, looking around rather frantically. He tightened his hold on you, shushing you quietly.

“Well.” he started, not looking at you and instead casting his eyes upon the tall office. “To me, we’re home.” You frowned up at him but shrugged, letting him take you to the entrance. He pushed the front door open and gestured for you to enter, you passing him and relishing in the warmth you suddenly felt when inside. You hadn’t even realised you were cold until now. You looked around as Wonwoo flicked the light on, finding yourself in what must have been a reception area. There was nothing inside except a desk with a computer set atop it and a rather dead houseplant of some sort next to it. You turned back to Wonwoo, who joined you in the centre of the room and wound his arms around your waist, pulling your back against his chest. “This is where we hold most of our meetings and stuff, however it’s a nice morning so they’re probably out back. I’ll introduce you to everyone before I show you our room.” You nodded and walked through the only other door in the reception area, now in a stairwell with one set of stairs leading up and a narrow corridor by it leading to a smaller black door. Wonwoo pointed to it and so you headed that way, him still holding onto you and trying not to trip over your heels. When you reached the door you found it secured with a numbered lock. Wonwoo leaned forward and input a code so quickly you couldn’t get what it was before pushing it open, returning his arm to your waist and following you through the door into what looked like a large storeroom. There were cabinets with glass doors lining the walls at the floor, filled with knives, daggers, pipes, and other weapons you couldn’t name. Smaller wooden cabinets bore different bullets and shelves that stretched to the ceiling showcased guns of all shapes, sizes, and types. You froze upon seeing them all, trying to face Wonwoo but instead being ushered on towards a set of battered double doors on the opposite side of the room. “We’re criminals. Of course we’re gonna have weapons.” he hummed in your ear as you walked, making you nod your head again.

“Oh, of course.” You continued on, opening the double doors and finding yourself in a long corridor with white walls, a black carpet and nothing within it save a few windows displaying a large pit and a yard. In that was a row of three concrete benches arranged one before the other and around 11 boys sprawled over them, a taller one with bleached hair stood in front of them all. Wonwoo saw you looking and smiled, pecking your cheek and pulling himself away from you.

“They’re who you’re going to meet!” he cheered, looking almost proud as he took your hand and led you to a grey emergency exit door at the end of the corridor. At the sound of the door clicking open, the boys sat in the cool morning air looked over and fell silent at the sound of you, half hidden behind Wonwoo in a mix of fear and comfort.

“Wonwoo has a girl!” A rather tall boy yelled, looking somewhat frustrated and running a hand through his chocolate brown hair. You blinked up at Wonwoo in bewilderment and he shook his head slightly, leading you over the trodden yellowing grass to the gang.

“No shit,” a much smaller boy muttered, his brow set into a frown.

“This is who you were talking about?” the blonde, who you presumed to be Seungcheol, asked Wonwoo as you joined them. Wonwoo nodded and gestured to you before holding his hand out, stopping everyone’s confused and excited whispers.

“This is Y/N. She’s here under my terms as my guest so if you have any problems,” his voice fell low and he glared at them all, the playful vibe he gave off before disappearing and his throat letting out a small growl. “You deal with me.” You noticed one of the boys shudder and raised an eyebrow, wondering how much power Wonwoo had despite not being the leader. He turned back to you, pointing to Seungcheol. “So that’s Seungcheol, as you know. He’s the leader, as you know. I think that’s all you need to know.” he chuckled before turning back to the benches, pointing at the tall boy who didn’t seem all too happy with your being there. “That’s my best friend Mingyu. He’s known for being the most handsome, much to Jeonghan’s-” he moved his focus to another boy with longer black hair, styled in a bob which framed his face well. “Dismay.” he finished, smirking and moving his finger again. “Both know a hell of a lot about everything, really. They’re best with knives and help me with my suppliers and shit.” He pointed to the back bench then, where three boys were laughing loudly together. “Back there are Seungkwan, Seokmin, who prefers to go by ‘DK’, and Soonyoung, who goes by ‘Hoshi’.” They all smiled brightly at you and you had to admit, you were taken aback. They looked completely harmless, yet they were in a gang? “Don’t be fooled by their appearance. Yes, they’re funny, but all of them have been trained in using both long and short ranged firearms and Hoshi makes most of the weapons we use.” The ice-blue haired boy shrugged, still smiling an adorable eye smile at you, and you giggled, amazed at how this boy could be anywhere near threatening. “And then over here are Jisoo, or Joshua, and Jihoon, who often goes by ‘Woozi’.” the short boy who had given Mingyu the sarcastic attitude earlier gave a short wave and a small, dimple showing smile before going back to a conversation he had been having with a more foreign looking guy and the peach haired Joshua gave you a warm smile. “Joshua is part American and works with me in drugs and Woozi is fucking fatal when it comes to hand-to-hand.” Wonwoo guided you closer to the benches as he continued, now gesturing to two more guys. “These guys are Minghao, aka The8, and Junhui, Jun for short. They’re the Chinese members. Both are highly trained and highly skilled in many different martial arts and will have you out on the floor before you can say ‘go’.” Wonwoo laughed slightly and the members in question flashed you a thumbs up before you moved on, Wonwoo now pointing to the foreign looking one with rather nice eyebrows and a young looking one. “Here are Hansol, better known as Vernon, and Chan, known as Dino.” They actually got up from their bench to come see you, running down the slight hill they were situated on and extending their hands for you to shake. You did so hesitantly, trying not to feel too overwhelmed. “Hansol is also part American and is really good at hacking anything. Chan is good in hand to hand combat and is our first aid master. He has remedies for anything and once saved Mingyu from almost dying, so. He’s good.” This earned a bright smile from the boy. “He’s also the youngest.”

“Nice to meet you,” Chan grinned. “I know this whole thing is a little fucked up,” he continued, making you cock your head. “But I do hope you like it here with us.”

After everyone had been introduced they were dismissed, allowed to go to bed after being out there for hours going over rules they apparently already knew. You stayed quiet and followed Wonwoo inside, clinging to his arm and yawning as you tried to match the member’s faces to their names in your head and come to terms with everything. Wonwoo noticed you deep in thought as he steered you towards the stairs, looking down at you with small frown present on his face. “Is everything okay?” he asked quietly, brushing a small piece of hair from your face. You nodded, looking up to meet his gaze instead of looking at your shoes as you slowly made your way upstairs.

“Yeah, I’m just coming around. This is a lot to take in, to say a few hours ago I didn’t even know you were in a gang.” He nodded in agreement, letting silence fall again before pulling your arm a little once you were on the landing the stairs led to so he could get your attention back on him.

“So these are our apartments.” he started. You looked at all of the doors, taking note of the way each was marked differently. One had burn and scorch marks over the glossy blood red surface, another had scratches and carvings on a matte white surface and the other was covered in holes of varying sizes on a sky blue surface. Wonwoo pointed to the red door; “that’s Hoshi’s team’s room. See, we’re split into three teams, Hoshi’s, Woozi’s, and Coup’s.” You frowned, but before you could ask he was answering. “Seungcheol goes by the nickname ‘S.Coups, or Coups for short. He leads his own team and all of us as one. He has it hard.” he turned his attention back to the doors, all of which had golden handles and mailboxes like regular doors would. “Hoshi’s team has him, Jun, Minghao, and Chan in it.” Next, he moved on to the white door. “This is Woozi’s team, which consists of Joshua, Jeonghan, Seokmin and Seungkwan besides Jihoon, of course. They’re the most well-rounded team of us all.” he smiled before walking to the sky blue door and opening it, leading you inside without turning on the light seeing as the others were more than likely asleep. “And this is our team. Seungcheol has his own room on a higher floor, so I stay here with Mingyu and Hansol.” he explained in a whisper, and only then did you realise Hansol was fast asleep on the couch in the room. It looked like a regular apartment, with a living room on the left of the entrance, a kitchen on the right and a bathroom and a couple of bedrooms in the back. Wonwoo headed for one of them, revealing his bedroom. He took off his tee, leaving him bare-chested, and you stayed planted at the door, admiring his sculpted figure as he collapsed onto his bed. “Are you coming? You’ve been out looking for me for days, you must be exhausted.” He asked nonchalantly, smirking slightly at the way you stared but not mantioning it. You nodded, deciding you’d look around his room more later. You joined him on the rather large bed and snuggled up to his chest as his arms wrapped around you, and despite it being the time most people would wake up and everything being a little much to take in, you found yourself drifting off into a much needed and much appreciated sleep.

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This Might Be The Last Time

A Kwon Jiyong/G-Dragon Fanfiction

Summary: You’d just wanted to dance away your worries, let the music take you to better places. But when you meet Kwon Jiyong in the new club in town, you never imagined ‘better places’ would be so easy to find, and so difficult to hold onto.

Chapter summary: You drag your friend to the new club in town and it’s not until a very important person asks you your name that you think the night might turn out better than either of you had planned.

Chapter type: Introductions and flirting

Disclaimer: Contains some strong language and references to sexual activity.

In this fanfiction Kwon Jiyong is just as you see him today, brilliant model superstar and leader of worldwide idol group BIGBANG…but are you really aware of who he is?

Authors Note
IT’S HAPPENING!! The new fanfiction is here and i couldn’t be more excited to share it with you all!! I’ve been planning and writing it all week and, boy oh boy, do i have some surprises for you in this story. But for now, lets sit back and enjoy what is going to be one hell of a ride! ;)

P.S. I love you guys! <3 <3 <3

Chapter 2 

Chapter 1

You had been wanting to go to this club for a while, and finally after nagging Abbie for 3 weeks straight, she had agreed to come with you. The two of you had spent hours getting ready and were currently in a taxi on the way to the club, feeling really happy with the help of a few shots that had been taken before you’d left your house.

As the car neared your destination your eyes widened at the sleek black design of the club, the mirrored doors and the loud cacophony that was spilling from them in the form of club music and  screaming, giggly girls who were falling over themselves on the pavement. You frowned at them, but as you heard Abbie paying the driver, you immediately hopped out of the car with a grin on your face. You hurried to the back of the line, feeling thankful that the bouncers were getting through people quickly and before you knew it you and your friend had walked through the doors and were gawping at the interior of the club.

‘HOLY FUCK! This place is AMAZING!’ Abbie said beside you and you grinned, your eyes scanning the room, taking in the black marble surfaces and the gold trimmings. Mirrors covered all four walls making the space appear bigger than it was, and you couldn’t help but stare at the mass of bodies that were dancing as one.

'Hey! I’m going to go and get a drink, are you coming?’ you hear Abbie ask and you turn to look at her, your eyes wide after being blown away by the beauty of the club.

'I want to dance, i’ll catch up with you in a bit!’ you say, grinning at her as she rolls her eyes, smiling back before walking off and you make your way to the dance floor. The minute you slipped yourself into the mass of bodies, you felt yourself let go into the music, your limbs moving on their own as they sway to the music, your eyes closing as you feel yourself getting lost in the music, time blurring as you danced.

'Excuse me, miss?’. 

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