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I have two questions. What is your favorite comic series of the silver age? And of the first 113 issues of the the 1960s JLA do you have any favorite issues? If so, what are they? If you've read any of course, for both questions lol

 not in the first 113, but One of my absolute favorite comics on the planet Earth Is Justice league of America 200. it’s massive and it’s one of the best  multi-artist Jam books of all time. every single chapter is drawn by one of the greatest artists of all time.

 the best Brian Bolland artwork ever is in this book. 

 every time I have an anniversary issue I do a Jam issue, including my last issue of guardians, because I’m trying to capture the feeling of this book

So I had a revelation this morning as I was lying in bed sort of waking up and I just haven’t had a chance to post it until now.

There’s a popular post that goes around every so often (actually a couple of them, on multiple websites) that says something like “Have you ever noticed how whenever people talk about their favorite Harry Potter character, it’s never Harry?” And there’s all sorts of speculation about why that might be, but it literally didn’t hit me until today.

The books are third person limited. There are maybe four or five chapters over the course of seven books that aren’t from Harry’s point of view. That means that everything we see, everything we hear, everything we feel, is being filtered through Harry’s eyes and ears and mind.

And Harry isn’t his favorite character.

Think about it. In the first book, we’re seeing a preteen boy who’s grown up in an abusive household. By the seventh book, we’re seeing a teenager who’s grown into a reluctant hero. But Harry has never really seen himself as all that. He sees himself as an awkward, shy kid, Dudley’s hated cousin, the Dursleys’ unwanted nephew, the nerd, the bully’s victim. He doesn’t understand why everyone is fawning over him. He doesn’t want it. He doesn’t think he’s all that special. More than once, he says that he’s pretty sure the only thing he’s good at is Quidditch. He acts like a little shit throughout the entirety of OotP, and even though he’s got a good reason, he hates himself for it afterwards, and I don’t think he ever quite forgives himself for Sirius’s death. He obviously has a hard time seeing anything about himself that he likes. So, since he’s seeing himself as unlikable, we see him as unlikable.

Now think about the other characters, the ones we do claim as our favorites. Hagrid is the first person to ever look after him. Ron is the first person to ever be his friend. Fred and George tease him and look after him at the same time, just like they do Ron and Ginny. Percy answers his questions and keeps an eye out for him in his own way. Mrs. Weasley sends him a Christmas parcel so that he has something to open on Christmas morning even if nobody else gives him anything (and I’d like to point out that, for all he’s so popular and well-known and fawned on, the only people who gave him presents were Hagrid, Hermione, and the Weasleys). Mr. Weasley accepts him in stride. Ginny, well, Ginny’s in love with him, but she’s also not afraid to tell him when he’s being an arse. Remus never shames him for not being able to handle the Dementors and gives him extra help even though he’s obviously tired and ill. Sirius is willing to put himself in danger time and time again to protect Harry, and often the only one willing to give him information that everyone else is trying to withhold to protect him.

They love him. They take care of him. They want him in their lives because he’s Harry, not because he’s the Boy Who Lived.

They’re Harry’s favorite characters, not himself.

And that’s why nobody ever says Harry is their favorite character.

Friendzoned M.C - chapter 6

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A/N: fyi this is what i picture Nyla looking like but y’all can imagine whoever you want to be Nyla. Also I had like a billion chapters pre written for this because it was originally a wattpad book but i’ve actually started editing it and changing the story line. if you haven’t read the one on wattpad you can ignore this but like if you have just know that this version is different :) besides, change is good :)

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 I don’t know how much longer I can deal with this. I woke up this morning to Michael and Crystal fucking kissing on the couch, it hasn’t even been a day and I can’t keep my shit together. How am I supposed to deal with 3 weeks of them together!?

I just want him back. I want that dumb best friend who would tease me about my crush at school and who’d sneak me out of the house for ice cream at 2 am just so he could drive because he was so excited to get his driver’s licence. I think that kiss changed everything and I wish it hadn’t.

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