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I’m the best


Nothin’s gonna ever keep me down

I’m the best


Nothin’s gonna ever keep me dooooowwwwwwwwwn


Harry Potter + Book Moments

I brought about the death of Albus Dumbledore!

You thought you did,” said Harry, “but you were wrong.

For the first time, the watching crowd stirred as the hundreds of people around the walls drew breath as one.

My focus half remained on the High Lord whose hands and mouth and body had suddenly made me feel awake – burning. It just made me… alive. Made me feel as if I’d been asleep for a year, slumbering inside a glass coffin, and he had just shattered through it and shaken me to consciousness.

- Chapter 42, A Court of Mist and Fury

Finally finished! A project between commissions :) I even did a speed painting of this, so go check it out :) In the beginning youll see how I set up the scene. Its from a program called Daz Studio and I am absolutely obsessed with it. Expect more dynamic paintings in the future :) (once I finish this list of commissions).

Based off of course, the best Feyre and Rhysand out there, Barbara Palvin and Toni Mahfud.

Prints here!

Speedpaint! - PARTIAL (bullshit) NUDITY. Dont flag me please =-= i wasnt blurring out my painting for a pair of fucking nipples. 

***please dont repost on instagram until I have posted it already. 

Sorry, I was reading.
—  Me, when I’m late to everything

The general nodded in approval. Rhodey was about to follow him to the Humvee when his cell phone rang. […] He answered it with a curt, “Yeah?”

“Well?” That was all Pepper Potts said. “Well?”

“Well… he’s alive. We know that much.”

“Because you didn’t find his body.”

“Yeah,” he admitted.

“Who’s got him, Rhodey? What do they want with him? Ransom? What?”

“We don’t know, Pepper. I wish to God we did, but we don’t. But we have our best people on it. We’ll find him.”

“You’ll find him.” There was distinct bitterness in her voice. “Because we’ve done such a fantastic job finding people hiding in mountains in Afghanistan, haven’t we…”


“You were supposed to protect him, dammit! You with all your weapons and security! You were…”

He had never heard her like this. She had never been anything other than in control, on top of everything. Smiling, efficient, nothing ever threw her. To hear her like this tore him up.

He tried to respond, but before he could, Pepper had brought herself under control. “I’m sorry,” she said.

“You don’t have apolo-”

“No. I do.” Her voice had reacquired its detached, businesslike demeanor. […] You’ll keep me apprised.“

"Absolutely. You’ll be the first one to know.” […]

He pocketed his cell phone and wondered, not for the first time, if Tony Stark was aware of just how completely, totally, and madly in love with him Pepper Potts was. For that matter, he wondered if Pepper herself knew.

-Iron Man Movie Novelization | Gif Series

Some Chapter Titles

Inspired by this amazing post by the even more amazing @prompts-blog

Feel free to use these in whatever way you like and have fun, also remember to drink water kids, ok bye.

  • Grumpy Beginnings 
  • You Won’t Believe This False Hope 
  • Hallelujah, My Ass
  • Don’t Read This
  • Why Couldn’t It Be Mini Golf?
  • I Wish I Was An 19th Century Immigrant Confusing the French With My Excellent Cross Dressing 
  • Two Birds, No Stone. Please Don’t Kill My Birds. 
  • The Endless Darkness and Mystery of the Ocean is Becoming a Bit Tempting to Dive Into Now 
  • He'a Like Art. Terrible Art, But Still, Art
  • The Sun Can Fuck Right Off 
  • So Maybe I’m Not Okay
  • Cupid Screwed Up
  • Error: Fucks Not Found
  • I May Have Killed A Guy
  • Why Do I Do This?!
  • Finally I Can Be the Comedian I’ve Always Dreamed to Be
  • I Cheated Death and He Wants A Divorce
  • No Touchy Please 
  • Feel My Wrath and Extreme Self-Doubt 
  • Les I’m Miserable 
  • I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butt 
  • I’m Trying To Be Serious I Swear 
  • Where’s Colin Firth When I Need Him the Most 
  • Important Information: He’s Not Happy
  • Uh Oh
  • Note to Self: Don’t Do It You Son of A 
  • You Caught Me Singing on Broadway 
  • Firecrackers and Actual Crackers 
  • Umbrella, ella, ella, ellAH! 
  • Coffee Times Ten 
  • Gingers Are Vampires: The Story of How A Group of Bitter Vegetables Stole My Blood 
  • Somebody Once Told Me the World Was Gonna Kill Me 
  • Paint Me Like One of Your French Girls, Cock 
  • ‘Get A Job’; I Say, Unemployed
  • Okay, Time To Be Serious
  • Ed Sheeran Wouldn’t Treat Me Like This
  • Shush Demons
  • I Should’ve Stayed In Bed
  • Leave Me Alone Punks
  • Time For Murder
  • Crapbag
  • I Love My Friends
  • I Met Abraham Lincoln
  • Best + Bitter = Better
  • Cue The Beat Drop

That’s why we’ve always been drawn to each other like magnets, all our lives. All the pieces of us belong together.” He held her tighter. “Your name, Emma, means universe, you know,” he said. “Doesn’t that prove I’m right?”