chapter fini

Kiss me as if it were the last time

Or, Five Times Tony Found Ziva and One Time He Didn’t

vi. maybe not today

(In other words, the “one time he didn’t.”)

Rating: G
Characters: Tony DiNozzo, Ziva David, absolutely nothing but Tiva (because I am trash)
Warnings: Angst. (I’m sorry. But, Show.)
Tag: Episode 13x24 “Family First”
Disclaimer: Nope, still not mine.
Summary: He realizes that regardless of everything he’s been told, he still presumed he’d find her here. It’s stupid at best, and unhealthy at worst, but he can’t help it. 

He isn’t sure what he expected by coming here.

Empirically, the former investigator knows it’s going to be as barren as any disaster site he’s scoured long after the dust has cleared. Years of professional experience have trained him for this moment, he kids himself. As though there are particulates he can hold onto to make this entire situation real — or maybe less real than it is right now. As though the last few weeks haven’t already ripped him apart over and over any time he stops to breathe for half a second.

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