chapter 622

“ - Good job watching the place, people of Kabuki-chou! You did amazing holding out that whole time! But it’s all okay now. The king of this city has returned. Kabuki-chou’s Jirochou. We’re back, aniki.”

© Chin Pirako, chapter 622 “The candy given to you by your elders is special”

Long post about Gotei 13′s stupidity in chapter 622

It’s a REALLY long post, so just prepare yourself.

I was hoping that mangastream translation would make things better but it actually made all of them worse.

First of all - Shunsui is now a HEAD CAPTAIN. And yes, I said it at least ten times already, but I’m going to repeat it forever. Gotei 13 is a military organisation, after Yama-jii’s death (;A;) Shunsui was promoted to the highest seat. Which means - HE IS IN COMMAND.

But he was nice enough to actually explain why he decided to use Aizen - and yes, he’s using him, but I’ll be there in a second. Thing is - Kyoraku didn’t have to explain why he’s doing what’s he’s doing. Remember Yama-jii? He explained no shit, not to his closest pupils, not to anyone else. Shunsui is different, but it does NOT mean he’s to be treated this way - scolded by his underlings.

All those yelling half-wits are nowhere near position to complain or argue with him (Soi-Fon and Byakuya are, they’re captains, which is directly under Head Captain and Head Captain is sorta “first among firsts” - but I’ll be talking about them in a second) but they all act like, I don’t know, they’re in boy scouts?

Renji was just plainly rude, but let’s say it’s Renji’s way of speaking - still, awful. Hisagi is actually asking one of the most intelligent and ruthless people from Gotei if he’s sure, like he knows better. Ikkaku goes the “I don’t like Aizen” theory and Yumichika not only agrees but he’s doing something that I find the hardest to swallow - he’s actually saying to his superior that THERE’S NO WAY HE CAN ACCEPT THIS.

Honestly? All of you just drop your Zanpakuto’s and go swim in a river while camping under the tent, because you’re acting like brats and not like soldiers you’re supposed to be. Especially considering that WORLD KINDA FALLS APART AROUND YOU.

Now, to Byakuya and Soi-Fon.

(bless Oomaeda xD)

They’re captains. They’re supposed to be leaders - also, THEY’RE SUPPOSED TO BE FUCKING SMART. They’re supposed to show how it’s done. Instead, Soi-Fon thinks about some kind of dignisty and Byakuya pulls Mushu’s logic while speaking to Head Captain using just his name (yes, I find it fucking insulting - I know Byakuya thinks highly of himself, but I would really like to see him call Yama-jii “Yamamoto” and see him turn into a pretty charcoal because he’s IN FUCKING MILITRY ORGANISATION AND IS SHOWING DISRESPECT TO HIS SUPERIOR. He’s fucking lucky that Shunsui is actually way more easy about communication). Again, they’re at war, the whole world is fulling apart - it was literally doing so just seconds ago - many of their comrades and friends are dead/MIA, but they act like children in a sandbox.

You know who thinks not about himself, not of any kind of unnecessary shit?

Yeeeah, look, someone ACTUALLY KNOWS WHAT’S HAPPENING AROUND THEM. Kyoraku is the right person in right place and time - he doesn’t care about “style”, about “dignity” or “disgrace” or whatever those self-centered idiots that are suppose to be Earth’s protectors are taking under consideration.

During the battle with Starrk Kyoraku was ruthless - he doesn’t care if he plays dirty, all he cares about is winning and he does NOT bask in the fame and glory, because he knows it’s shit either way. He knows what’s important. He send Rose and Love to school with his talk and when this arc ends I really hope he’s going to send all of the captains and vice-captains to school again, because most of them act like anything but soldiers.

Thing that pisses me off the most? THEY ARE NOT THINKING.

I mean, who would let Aizen out for funsies?! But heeey, dunno if you noticed, but world is ending, all people are dying, Earth is crumbling down and you’re not powerful enough - but nooo, we can’t use Aizen. Absolutely not, because, awwww, he hurt and decived us and we don’t like him.

Guess what? Kyoraku doesn’t like him either. More - he’s using him. As for now Shunsui is literally pushing him into doing whatever it takes to make him move. He knows when Aizen is bluffing (realese you from your chair? awww, c’mon, you’re powerful enough to do everything you like to while sitting on your ass), won’t budge even a little. And Aizen won’t do anything?

You do as I say or…

…you die, while I’m going to chill out when all those awful things are over my head.

He’s not going to let Aizen manipulate him. Now, I believe Aizen IS going to do this one way or the other - I mean, he’s Aizen, for fuck’s sake. Of course Shunsui knows he’s not doing it from the goodness inside of him. Kyoraku himself is shady as fuck and he knows how Aizen’s mind work to some degree - he was the one who always distrusted him and didn’t believe in Aizen’s “death” even without knowing what Vizard’s knew. So, he takes under consideration that Aizen might be using him.

But the funny part? He’s choosing lesser evil while knowing all of that - evil that they once beat already and he’s taking this risk, sealing key’s to Aizen’s freedom inside of his body (still saying it doesn’t bid well for his life…). So no, he’s not as naive or stupid as to believe Aizen’s on THEIR side.

Aizen is always on his own side, but even he’s realizing that it won’t be as easy, as he thought. And you know why?


Now, it’s not very promising that Aizen knows Kyoraku’s worth while the supposed soldiers are insulting him, don’t you think?

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Remember how orgs are saying that old chapters do not matter anymore and cannot be used to support IR? I'm still laughing at them right now because what they said just bit them in the ass. To top it all off, Kubo just had to choose Rukia retrieval scene as his most desperate moment just below his own mother's death.

LMAO OHMYGOD JFC ITS TRUE, they’ve been saying this shit for months and accusing us of “reveling in the past”


Naruto: Chapter 622

Ready to wave your shipping flags, fangirls? Onto the chapter we go!

We start off where we left off in the last chapter, with Madara remaining pressed:

Aww, look at dat kyoot chibi face before it morphed into a murderous, psychopathic one. Lulzy introductions made, Madara attempts to make the rock skip again, insisting that Hashirama watch, only to wind up falling short yet again. Madara isn’t pleased:

Those lunatic Uchiha, with their abrupt shifts in mood. It’s interesting to note how normal Madara was at that time in his life. Reassuring another kid, even offering a vague apology of sorts–not something you could imagine him doing now, huh. 

Anyway, Hashirama, ever the teaser, points out that Madara didn’t have to explain since he already figured out that Madara has a God complex (a very Uchiha trait). And it only took him, what, 3 minutes to figure it out? Madara then threatens to throw him across the river and Hashirama quickly “apologizes”:

And so the romance is established.

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