chapter 200

Thing’s that were proven (again) in TG:Re chapter 29

Tooru Mutsuki is a sweetheart and must be protected at all cost.

Urie Kuki just needed a good hug.

Saiko Yonebayashi is suger, spice and everything nice.

Hinami Fueguchi will always stand by her onii-chan.

Chapters 198-200 have been released. The whole The Sister is Troubled Because of the Brother Who Is Troubled Because of the Sister’s Troubles, and Friends arc is complete so you don’t have to wait for what happens next. Enjoy the extras too.

And with that, we have reached the 200th chapter! ^_^

Alibaba's thought about Toto...wait Garda? uhm..okay

ali: she is a gladiator too. She is so reckless that her body is covered with scars, but…\
ali: when she smiles she is cute and she is also gentle…\
ali: one time, when I was injured, she stayed up the entire night in order to nurse me.\
ali: and… a lot of other things happened…\
ali: and hum, in other words…\
ali: I came to like her while we were living together!!\\

holy freakn…..does that mean….uhm…>.> <.<

They live together…hmm okay… my mind got fried….xD 

box: everything about that is a lie…\- by alibaba…(LOL)

my mind got fried again… 

box: her!? What the hell am I talking about!? Even if I say so, who the hell am I talking about!? Is there any woman who occurs in my mind!? Is there at least one!? Yes, there is one!!\
toto: are there 3 alibabas~~?\
box: at that time the one who floated in my mind was toto…\
note: she is just drunk.\
box: well, it wasn’t toto, but garda.\
box: that’s right, garda, that maureniahihi former gladiator beast that I released thanks to the money I earned in reim.\
box: she is a female. I didn’t lie about that*.\
TLN: what the fuck am I reading!!???\

okay please stop…my brain is already crisp to burnt….xD T____T LOLOLOL…(Alibaba’s being a crazy fool)

NEW OTP…GARDA AND ALIBABA…bahahahaha *wipes tears* 

tln: one week of break for magi in order to heal alibaba’s broken heart.\

see… Ohtaka’s just trolling around…xD