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Krasivaya-Chapter 12

Summary: You and Bucky Barnes have been friends for years. You are deeply, completely, in love with the super soldier, but he sees you as nothing more than a little sister. What happens when Bucky starts to date in earnest?

Powers: Think Jean with immortality and accelerated healing

Trigger Warning: There is mention of suicide. if this is a trigger for you please dont read. it’s only one line, but still give it a skip

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Bucky x OFC

Warnings: Smut, Angst, Self-Esteem issues, Depression, Anxiety. Violence.

Thank you to @tilltheendwilliwrite because i hit the worst wall, only had a shell of a chapter and she got me out of it. 

Song:Placebo running up that hill  I recommend listening to this while reading. it gave me chills. 

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Because I’m a Tododeku maniac who can’t stop gushing about this beautiful, wonderful pairing aside from otayuri, it is my civic duty (and because someone out there *coughs*wintermoon*coughs* needs to sleep; aka me lol jk but seriously) to share and spread the love of Tododeku fanfics. At least some since there’s 99 fics in my bookmarks hahahaha

1. Someday, I’m sure, our hands will reach the far-off sun series by MadamRed (WIP)
Beautiful short pieces!! Even lyrical and fluid passages, it’s nice to tuck in to bed and snuggle into the covers with some warm, fluffy (and possible angsty) fics such as these. (Note: That haircut needs to be canon. Period.)

2.  I Want Some Coffee with a Kiss, Please series by AvaRose (WIP)
ANOTHER FLUFF EXPLOSION. Coffee AU, need I say more? Yes! Fluff fluff more fluff and wonderful writing style that delivers pining and fluff to the maximum!!

3. Amaryllis by Greenerscreams
Hanaki AU. Hanaki AU as in vomiting flowers over unrequited love. unrequited feelings as in angst, angst, angst. This has a happy ending, though, so you’ll probably cry in happiness at the end.

4. count your blessings, not your flaws by PitViperOfDoom
| MISCOMMUNICATION EVERYWHERE. It’s written so well, so much, that I cry whenever I read this. It’s gradually, achingly, heartbreaking, but at the end of it all… just read it, it’s really good!! In a way it’s because it’s relatable, and because the way they wrote Izuku-kun and Shouto-kun’s perspectives of the matter are meticulous and every single word used counts. Really builds up the image of the story.

5. centered on you by celestialfics 
| If you like humorous and vivid images of Izuku blushing and bumbling in a dancing class, here you go! Enjoy yourselves as this beautiful Deku tries to waltz.

6. a drop of ink may make a million think by pellucidpilgrim
| Pining! More pining hahaha with sleep deprived Izuku writing a poem (btw, the poem is written by the author themselves!! It’s really good, I swear) and Shouto-kun tucking his roommate and singing him to sleep. It’s beautiful and precious GO READ THIS.

7.  Send Endeavor to the Shadow Realm series by PitViperOfDoom
Featuring Deku roasting Endeavor behind his back and being good friends (and boyfriend) with Shouto-kun. I feel like this is recommended by a lot so dive in and read!!!!

8. Standing Locust, Forward Fold by mousapelli
Cute adorkable idiots who still pine from the distance are being set up by the wonderful friends! It’s cute and fluffy and funny all in one!

9. Subscapula by mousapelli 
Three years into Biology, and words like subscapula are written in my cardiac muscles. Here’s a Masseuse!Deku and an injured Shouto-kun falling for Deku’s smooth smooth words and soothing hands. mhmm.

10. He was dumb enough to die on him by mmok
Reincarnation AU. Deku dies and Shouto cries. Deku reborns and there’s more angst, more tears, and more angst. Not exactly for sleepy time, but it can be (just that there’s a lot more to gush about this but I’m a bit sleep deprived hahaha). The author did a great job in manipulating this concept into a wonderful work of art (and a great job for bringing me to tears for every single chapter). Character development is well done and is scenes for each chapter are well detailed and well paced. I’d love to read it again (and cry about it for the nth time hahaha).

11. Inconsequential by FlowerPrints (WIP)
 See that bold font? yea, it’s my ultimate favorite AU. Meet cute with Quirkless!Deku and a Curious!Todoroki at a train station. I’ve bookmarked this the minute I finished the first chapter because it’s beautiful and awesome and AH! The pacing’s well done too. There’s nothing quick about this. There’s this step by step process coming along with the developing friendship between Deku and Todoroki and I’m excited for more chapters~!

12. Wait Time by InsomniacArrest (WIP)
Interesting AU. There are still people who do have quirks but are not handled through a hero/villain universe, but are handled through suppressors. Mostly the setting is situated in a hospital and Deku, who is quirkless, works as an intern under Yagi Toshinori (All Might), a VIP in the hospital. He meets a grumpy kid who sits by the corner named Shouto, who apparently flirts in the most awkward way possible. His backstory hasn’t been fully covered yet and it’s still at its sixth, but it’s good. It’s reaaal good.

There’s probably more to tackle but I’ll place the others on a second part.

Here are my fics though.

13.  Boku no Hero Academia x Yuri!!! On Ice crossover 
where in Deku meets Yuri Plisetsky for the first time and mumbles a lot.

14. Cast those sunbeams unto my uncertainty
where Deku overthinks and Shouto arrives with a flowercrown on his head.

aaaaand that’s it

so read, cry, cry some more, and share.

gonna tag @els-main, @eclair, @madamredwrites, @blameotayuri and @pllsetskyonice since ya’ll know bnha (and if you do love tododeku, read and cry and share)

and @wintermoo-n, go read and cry and sleep bwahahahahaha

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i heard s2 is 12eps long and adapts only one arc and im so dissapointed! because there arent many ereri moments on that part right? after all this wait and we wont see them together this season :(

There really is a lack of Eren and Levi moments during the Clash arc (⋟﹏⋞). There’s a lack of Levi in general, since he’s still injured and can’t join the fight.

There is only one significant moment between them on this arc, and we will probably see it animated very soon (maybe even next saturday?), since it happens on Chapter 37.

Warning: Manga spoilers from here on, remember that they’re always tagged as “snk spoilers” in case you want to blacklist them.

Eren and Levi share a cart, along with Mikasa, Armin, Hange, and Pastor Nick. During the ride, a few important conversations take place. 

Hange explains to them that Pastor Nick and his cult knew about the titans inside the walls. They also share the theory that Eren might be able to seal the hole in the wall by using crystalizing abilities with his titan like the female titan did. Armin comes up with the idea of doing a night operation, in which a small group of people could quickly run to wall Maria while the titans are inactive, and so Eren would seal the wall this way.

But of course all depends on Eren actually being able to crystalize, and seal the hole. Armin says this and Hange asks Eren if he is going to be capable to do it.

We can see Eren’s face and how he is basically put on the spot and not knowing what to say. Because he really doesn’t know if he’s capable of doing that, he has never done it before, and he has already enough pressure on his shoulders as it is. And now suddenly, there’s this new possibility, a mission that could solve one of their biggest problems once and for all, and by the way they have explained it, it could be done so easily… but it all depends on him, he’s again the key for the mission to be successful, and if he isn’t capable of doing it, then it obviously would be a disaster. His hesitation is understandable.

There’s an uncomfortable silence, and everyone is waiting for Eren to say something, but he can’t. And then Levi speaks:

Levi has noticed how uncomfortable and unsure Eren was and so he speaks to him and says just the right words. There is no other acceptable outcome than succeeding. And to do that Eren must seal the hole. Eren is the only one who can do this, their only chance. He motivates and encourages him, and it’s obvious that his words have a great effect on him.

Eren might still not be fully sure of being able to seal the hole, but his change of attitude is clear: there is no hesitation, he’s ready to try anything and do whatever it takes to succeed on their mission.

But that’s not the only important scene during the cart ride. Before they separate, Levi has a few words for Mikasa regarding Eren.

Protecting Eren is Levi’s responsibility, but he can’t be there this time. So he tells Mikasa it’s up to her now to keep Eren safe, no matter what. It makes sense that Levi entrusts Mikasa with this task since she’s the second strongest after him. But he thinks her attachment to Eren can actually put him at risk if she lets herself be carried away by her emotions.

When he tells her to not mess up again, he is refering to the incident in the forest. Levi told her to not try to fight the female titan, rescuing Eren was their priority. But she did not listen to him, and this was the cause of Levi’s injury. By Eren’s reaction, he doesn’t seem to know what they’re talking about.

After this, they separate and go different ways, and I believe they don’t share any more scenes for the rest of the arc. We actually almost don’t see Levi at all anymore…

He briefly appears on Chapter 45 along with Jean, Erwin and Pixis. And the next time we see him is on Chapter 51 already, which can be considered Uprising arc. We don’t know exactly how many chapters they will adapt, so some parts of Chapter 51 might be covered during this season. But the next time Eren and Levi are together is on Chapter 52, which is definitely part of the Uprising arc, and very unlikely to be adapted right now.

So, well, resuming… we will have a small but significant scene soon, but after that there’s really nothing else. However, don’t get discouraged by this! The possibility of them adapting the next arc soon is still there. It might be announced later, it might be a split cour, or they might be doing only 12 episodes to be able to do the next season sooner, maybe next year. And there will be additional scenes that are original to the anime, and not shown in the manga. Although unlikely, some of them might be about Eren and Levi.

I understand your dissapointment though, I too wish we would have more scenes of them animated… but what can we do! We have to be patient and wait for the rest to come. Until then, we can focus on fan content. Our ship is still the most popular and the one with more fanworks, so at least we are very lucky on that aspect and I’m sure that will make the wait easier (*^∀゚)ъ.

Liar Liar

Summary:  Alexander Hamilton is an Omega, but no one else knows this. No one else can know this. Even in this day and age, Omegas are still treated as little more than slaves. No rights, no protections, nothing. Alex has to hide his rank from the world for this reason. John Laurens is an Alpha, but like Alexander, he is hiding his rank, ashamed of the Alpha he was born as. Lies stack upon lies upon more lies. How long before they all come crashing down?

Chapter 12

“I don’t understand what his fucking problem is Laf. Like what the fucking fuck. I tell him I’m rooming with an Alpha now so I don’t have to lose my goddamn apartment and what the hell does he do? He hangs up on me!” Alex ranted over the phone as he was pulling his hair into a ponytail. He was still pissed. Being upset had passed two days ago and he was just pissed

“What fucking right does he have? And get this? He sounded jealous. Fucking. Jealous. He isn’t my goddamn Alpha. He isnt my goddamn anything he has no fucking right to sound jealous. If his bitch ass wasn’t acting like  piece of shit I might not be as pissed as I am right now, but- Ugh fuck” Alex groaned and put the phone on speaker to at least try and brush the tangles from his hair. He wouldn’t normally give a rats ass about his hair, but he needed to keep his hands occupied and the violent brushing of his hair probably wasn’t healthy…, it was keeping him occupied.

“I’m not sure why he’s acting this way. If you would like, I to him” Laf’s voice questioned over the phone and Alex sighed.

“I don’t even fucking care anymore dude. I don’t even fucking care.” Alex shook his head, frowning.

“On another topic. This Alpha? Is he..?” Laf asked and Alex paused.

“An asshole? I don’t know. He seemed cocky when I first met him at this bar but then later on when he ended up coming over to look at the apartment he seemed..nicer? I don’t know. Maybe he’s nice? I’m still on the fence about it for obvious reasons..” Alex shrugged, though he knew Laf couldn’t see.

“He’s like..your doppelganger Laf. Its kinda freaky how much he looks like you. His hair is just a bit shorter and the eye color is just slightly off” Alex said and pulled his ponytail tight enough that it stung a bit.

“Really? You’ll have to send me a picture I wanna see.” Laf chuckled and Alex moved to the living room to watch tv and talk to Laf, taking the phone off speaker.

“I’ll sneak one when he comes over to move in. I gave him the other key so he could just come by whenever and move in. It gives me a higher chance of not being here” Alex hummed, laying out on the couch in just a tank top and sweats, content to spend his weekend brooding and binge watching Law and Order. Laf used to tease him about wanting to be a lawyer being influenced by the show. While it was false, the theory was very plausible. Alex loved that fucking show and he would fight anyone who tried to say anything against his non obsession(it wasn’t an obsession, Laf will never be able to convince him otherwise either). He could watch reruns for hours and be happy.

“Good. You have me curious now.” Laf laughed and Alex smiled some.

“Well- Uh, someones at the door, I’ll call you back later” Alex said, getting up and moving to the door, not thinking anything about his current outfit as he moved to open it, getting off the phone with Laf. Opening the door, he again had to look up before meeting eyes with a certain Alpha.

“Thomas? What- Ah. Moving. Gotcha. You coulda used the key” Alex said with a raised eyebrow, opening the door more and looking at the boxes the other man had sat down. He was good at putting up a face when he was nervous, but even he had his slip ups. This was when he slipped.

“I know. Felt weird about it though” Thomas hummed as he walked past, Alex flinching when their arms slightly brushed against each other. If Thomas noticed he thankfully didn’t mention it, carrying the box inside while Alex grabbed one as well to take it to the room. Not much was said between them as they carried the boxes to the room. Only one really conversation was held and that had been within 5 minutes of Thomas showing up.

“I didn’t know you had an Alpha” Thomas had said casually and Alex had again flinched, tensing up.

“I don’t” He said tensely and moved to grab another box from outside the door, Thomas saying the rest were down in his car.

“Oh uh..I just assumed because..” he trailed off and Alex glanced at him, seeing Thomas glancing at his neck. Shit. Alex’s hand shot to his neck and he remembered he wasn’t wearing anything to cover his mark.

“Fuck..” He muttered and rushed to his room, throwing on his scarf and returning. He ignored the look Thomas was giving him and he stopped him before the Alpha could speak.

“Don’t. Look, I don’t like talking about it so I’ll say this one time and one time only. I don’t have an Alpha. I will never have an Alpha. I didn’t take this mark willingly, I was forced. Don’t ask about it again” Alex huffed, trying to hide the anxiety bubbling in his stomach that made him want to puke. They didn’t say anything else after that, just heading down to Thomas’ car.

The moment in the apartment had been forgotten when they got to the car. Alex knew Thomas had a pet, he had said so after all…but honestly the bird cage secured in the backseat with a large cockatoo in it was the last thing he was expecting. Even more surprising was the cat carrier.

“Didn’t pick you as a bird person” Alex hummed as he took the cat carrier when it was handed to him. The cat inside seemed content to lay in it.

“Can’t judge someone by looking at them” Thomas said simply, though there was a hint of sarcasm behind it. Alex rolled his eyes and was about to ask if he needed help when Thomas moved to get the large cage out of the back. He shut his mouth immediately as he watched the taller man lift it from the car with ease.

‘Jesus he’s strong’ Alex thought to himself, shutting the car doors for him and walking back inside with him. The bird didn’t seem loud like Alex thought it might be, the white bird just whistling a bit and speaking a bit while they were walking.. Mostly something like ‘Where you going’ over and over. It was, admittedly, cute. Alex wasn’t going to say that, though

Everything I Learned In Life, I Learned From CLAMP

1. If you’re not angsty, you should be
2. There is no such thing as coincidence.
3. Evil takes the form of four Japanese mangaka.
4. Everything’s better in alternate universes.
5. If you’re precious to your brother, you’re probably doomed.
6. Actually, if you’re precious to anyone, you’re doomed.
7. In fact, you’re probably just doomed anyways.
8. Treasure your eyes. You never know when they’ll be taken away.
9. Subtext really does equal buttsex.
10. Everything has a price.
11. The most powerful people are alcoholics.
12. Never trust the bunny/pork bun.
13. True love always prevails. Usually.
14. Love comes in all forms.
15. At least you’re not Subaru.
16. Nothing says love like agreeing to be somebody’s primary food source.
17. If someone comments on your eyes being pretty, you will probably lose them several chapters later.
18. Even if you and your beloved are a canon couple, by the end, you still won’t have kissed.
19. Even in other series, you still will not kiss.
20. If your grandparents are constantly on vacation, they most likely don’t exist.
21. Never carry your most treasured item around with you.
22. Everybody has an evil twin.
23. Tokyo Tower is, more than likely, the source of all evil.
24. If you’re good-looking, you’re doomed or angsty. Probably both.
25. Don’t expect to live a happy life. You’ll only be disappointed.
26. The more they smile, the harder they fall.
27. Your fan base is directly proportional to how angsty you are.
28. Everyone is pretty, even when bleeding or in agony.
29. Torture and mind games are just another way of showing you care.
30. Your boss is bad for you. 31. The world is split into three genders: male, female and androgynous. 32. Blood is aesthetic.
33. It’s not real magic unless you can conjure a two-meter-wide magic circle.
34. Flat strips of paper can reach the same speed as an F1 race car.
35. Fire doesn’t burn unless the plot requires it to.
36. No matter how ripped your shirt gets, it’s not coming off.
37. Men with black hair and glasses (including sunglasses) cannot be trusted.
38. Anyone who says having magic powers is cool could not have been more wrong.
39. It’s possible to store two swords and enough clothing for four people inside the mouth of a bunny/pork bun.
40. Who wears short shorts? Little boy detectives wear short shorts!
41. Four leaf clovers aren’t as lucky as they’re made out to be.
42. If you’re a fan favourite you’re doomed.
43. Hell, you’re in a CLAMP anime. You’re doomed.
44. Remember your dreams- they’re the key to the plot.
45. If you can’t whistle, “hyuu” instead.
46. If you feel someone’s watching you, they probably are.
47. If he’s tall, dark and handsome, he’s taken- by the outrageously cute boy standing next to him.
48. Feathers have the ultimate power. Buy a chicken.
49. If your series is happy sugar-coated fairies and gay, you will most likely all die a horrible death at the hand of a psychotic clone.
50. Everything will be alright.
51. Just because you return from a journey, doesn’t mean you’ll return in one piece.
52. Everything happens in Tokyo.
53. Cute stuffed animals make the best magical servants.
54. Swords longer than your height are easy to manage.
55. Attack names/chants are more important than actual skill or experience.
56. Cherry blossoms are a sign of good luck.
57. Cherry blossoms are a sign of bad luck.
58. Cherry blossoms are- sod that, if you see cherry blossoms, run.
59. Even after your heart is pierced by someone’s hand, you will still have plenty of time to divulge deep dark secrets/words of wisdom/angst/last words before you actually die.
60. Show your true love not by exchanging rings, but eyes.
61. No one is really happy. They’re just hiding some dark secret.
62. Dressing someone up in cute but outlandish outfits is a sign of great love and affection.
63. The easiest way to solve a love triangle is to kill somebody.
64. Inanimate objects have feelings.
65. Eyes, especially magic ones, are in high demand.
66. Cosplay is completely normal in Tokyo.
67. Love your parents while you can.
68. The general public is oblivious to strange/supernatural/inexplicable/mysterious events/people/objects.
69. Don’t give your name to strangers.
70. Wherever you are, there is a Miyuki somewhere in the background.
71. Apparently, magic allows you to eat other people’s eyes like candy.
72. Walking between a fence and a lamp-post will send you to another time/dimension.
73. Never trust shop owners. 74. If you have a twin/clone/someone who looks like you, most likely one of you will die before the series is over.
75. It’s all fun and games till someone loses an eye- then it’s a pairing.

Credit: If you know who wrote these all up I’d love to know! I’ve just seen it around 

Just wow, I’ve said it before I hate her current ensemble and the pose she is in on the cover of Volume 3 is weird. I think its pretty much obvious at this point Sarada is going to be a sex symbol, which I would’ve brushed off if she was 16+. Sadly she is placed in this position at 12, much earlier than most of the Sarada fandom would’ve thought.

To those who say we should have seen this coming & why complain when this is seen all the time. I know this type of sexualization is not a rare occurrence but I think I & many other Sarada fans had high hopes, expectations & standards in regards to the presentation of her, we thought she’d be the exception.

Although this is the unfortunate truth all is not lost with this character! Her personality isn’t destroyed, she still has dreams & aspirations (becoming Hokage). She still has so much potential in her abilities as a Ninja and She’s no damsel in distress. So far it’s been shown that she can hold her own and she can be strategic in battle.

My point is the mangaka may have ruin her outer appearance but DON’T let that over shadow her character/abilities. At least we still have that & honestly how she develops as a character & Kunoichi matters 10x more to me. So I’m still ridding with Sarada till the wheels fall off.

Re-posted because of the new cover/ artwork of Sarada & Chocho from chapter 12. When I say mangaka i’m referring to Ikemoto, Just to be clear the current writing of Sarada is great so far so nothing against the writer. I swear tho the only reason why some of us are able to sweep this BS under the rug is because Sarada hasn’t been ruin character wise. So the moment she is placed in the shadow of the guys & is damsel in distress 24/7, I’ll flip out. Also if the artist thinks of her as nothing more than an eye candy ploy to make sales that’s on him, I hope most of us know Sarada is so much more than her current design.

Ricochet Part 17


Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10

Part 11  Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16

A/N: Only five chapters left… We learn a bit more about what these three have been doing and what that means for Alice. 

Warnings: Alice goes a bit dark at the end, nothing graphic but it is harsh (kind of? Not really? He deserves it?)

Word Count: 2541

Alice woke up after the 12 hours feeling stronger. But still not strong. It probably didn’t help that, whilst she did sleep, she was plagued by dreams and nightmares of varying intensity.
A soft knock on the door had Alice sitting bolt upright, hastily wiping the tears from her face, “Alice? Are you awake? Will you come out?” Gail’s concerned voice rang out through the wood.
Getting up, Alice made her way over to the door and swung it open, “Hi.”
“Hello…are you oka-”
“Yeah, wonderful. So, here’s the thing. I trust you and I trust Kerry instinctively so please don’t take my attitude personally.”
“I wouldn’t-”
“However, I do not trust Simon. I appreciate that there may be more to the story and he clearly has helped you two and redeemed himself somewhat there but…I’m staying in here until my strength returns. When it comes back? Then I’ll go and talk to him.”
Gail rolled her eyes, “Suit yourself. May Kerry and I come to talk to you?”
Alice nodded, “Of course.”

After Gail had left, Alice walked around the room a few times. Since it was tiny it didn’t take very long before that got boring. A small bookcase caught her attention, looking through, Alice found one that seemed appropriate, “Alice Through The Looking Glass.”
Huh, Alice smiled to herself, well Ben, this ones for you.


Alice, true to her word, stayed in there for the next 18 hours. Food was brought to her by Kerry or Gail.
“So which Warlock brought you here? And how are you guys planning on getting back?”
Alice spoke to Kerry as she lounged on her bed, Alice stood by the window.
“It was that same one that sent you, would have to be really, he knew the spell that got you here after all. And really, d’ya honestly think that we would want to go back?” Kerry ended scathingly.
Alice looked questioningly at her.
“Jesus Alice, you’re not the only one who had a shite time with their Watcher alright? In fact, I would say that your experience was better.”
“We want to stay here because it’s safe for us, there’s people actually stronger than us already doing the save the world bit. We can rest. Only problem is that that fucking Council figured that out too.”
“Huh.” Running her hands through her hair, Alice pulled a face, “So, how long after you got here did you realise that the Council were here too?”
“Ah, y’see, Simon…I’m fairly certain he already knew. He just didn’t tell us until it was too late and we were here.”
Alice snorted.

Pulling a face at the interruption, Kerry continued, “Yeah, well exactly. Anyway, we got here and immediately started looking for you but we were too late, you had already gone to Romania.”
Still looking out of the window, Alice talked to Kerry’s reflection in the glass, “Gail saw me on that plane, was she supposed to just leave me there? What happened?”
Kerry chuckled, “Gail was livid at Simon lying to us about why we were here so, when she realised where you were going, went to meet you. After she put sleeping pills in Simons drink.”
Spinning to face her, Alice gasped, “She did what?! No way!”
“I know!” Kerry was laughing , “Stupid man deserved it though. Sure, he was mad as you like when he woke up and there was just me and Gail away on a plane but sure, what could he do?”
“So she confirmed it was me?”
“Yep. Gail wanted you to get the chance to get your man back. She’s a romantic at heart.” Kerry rolled her eyes at the absurdity.
“But you…you did catch up, you helped me get to Bucky, with the car…what happened there?”
Kerry looked thoughtful, “Well see, Gail had let you go. We didn’t know where you were just that you were in the city. When we caught up with you, it was only because we heard about your man getting done for blowing up that building. Simon was the one that thought you might go after him. We had that crappy car so I went off with it to give it to you.”
“Why? I mean, really, I am grateful but, why help me with Bucky? At this point you must’ve had The Council on your tail, why not leave me to it?”

“Well, see, The Council didn’t know about us. They still don’t know now that that that bitch is dead. We were going to catch up with you guys when you had Bucky back but we noticed a tail and sure enough, that was them. The Council.”
A piece clicked into place, “That’s when they were throwing those compulsions in my head again right?”
Kerry clapped, “Bingo! They don’t need to be in the immediate vicinity, about half a mile is fine, we caught up with then and smashed everything and knocked those bastards out but, unfortunately, didn’t realise that, that van was being watched.”
“Would that have been by Joanna by any chance?”
“Yes! She saw us and then disappeared. We lost you again and Simon went mental. Now they knew two more escaped Slayers were onto them. But they’re all dead now so..”
Alice shook her head and turned back to the window. “Thanks. For getting them to stop with the compulsions.”
“You’re welcome.” Kerry replied, bright and slightly sarcastic.

There was a pause, Alice’s mind churning over everything that she had just learned.
“So… your Watcher was Simons mammy then?” Kerry asked quietly.
Looking over, Alice nodded slowly, “Yeah, she was. What’s he said about her?”
Kerry shrugged, “Ah not much. I think he feels real guilty like, but ah, well what can he say? He was lied to and his mam paid the price.”
“Yep. She did.” Alice whispered.
“Simon never meant for you to go through all that y’know? Honestly, he thought that he was doing ya both a favour like.”
That got Alice’s attention, “And, how, exactly was that?”
Kerry went wide eyed at the anger in her voice, “Well, sure, you would need to talk to him abou’ that.”
Alice ground her teeth, she didn’t want to talk to him yet. Still…
“You know what? Fuck it. Let’s go.” Alice marched to the door.
Scrambling after her, Kerry yelled, “Wha’? Now? I thought you wanted to wait? He’s outside! Hold on a fecking minute!”
Alice stormed through the house passing Gail on the way, “What is she doing?”
“Jaysus, I don’t know do I?! Suddenly she’s got it into her head she wants to have it out with Simon!”
Alice could hear the heated whispers behind her but paid them no mind. This had to happen now.
Throwing open the back door, Alice marched up to where Simon stood, “What the fuck Alice? Get back in the house- OW!”
Alice had punched him square in the mouth.

Simon went stumbling a few steps and Alice clutched her fist in pain.
“Oh! Typical bloody Slayer! Can’t talk like an adult, has to hit me to feel better!”
Gail and Kerry stood around them but, wisely, decided to leave them at it. Clearly they thought that Alice wasn’t capable of doing too much damage and if Simon kicked off, well, he could be handled easily.
“Me fucking typical?! Don’t make me laugh! How about, a poor little mummy’s boy having to send me away just so he can get some attention! Boo hoo Simon!”
They were circling each other, eyes locked, ready to swing at a moments notice.
“I wasn’t a mummy’s boy you stuck up little bitch! The poor cow had been doing that job, seeing her Slayers die in the worst possible ways, for forty bloody years! I just wanted her to rest alright?!”
Alice let out a peal of totally fake laughter, “Oh I see! Yeah, no, you’re right! Your mum was getting on a bit that’s true, why not just petition to take over then? Force her to retire? Why set me up like that?!”
Simon stopped dead and put his hands on his hips before looking to the night sky, “My mum? Retire peacefully? You know better than that Al. I heard about a way to get you into a program, you passed the test, you went in and mum gets a break at long last.”
“And if I had died?”
Simon snorted, “Listen, Al, I never exactly liked you. But I never wanted you dead. You were…you are, a bloody good Slayer. The plan was, you passed the test, mum retired. You go to this programme for two years and then…”
Alice crossed her arms over her chest, it felt tight like there was something pressing over her lungs, “And what?”

“They told me you would retire. They would do something that took the power from you and send it to someone new. I was only ever trying to help my mum. I was only ever trying to help you.” Alice took a shaky breath, “I did try Simon. So hard, I never meant to let her die. You believe me right?”
Simon faced her, his plain blue eyes filled with such turbulent fury, such wild anger, Alice almost stepped back.
“Mum was never supposed to end up there. She found out at the last minute and decided that she had to go. You were her Slayer and if you were facing that many, she would be with you. Mum never expected you to lose.”
“Simon I-”
“It’s done Al, alright? You lived. Mum died. And I set it all up.”

Alice opened her mouth to answer but, all at once, Gail, Kerry and Alice’s heads snapped to the front of the house.
“Someone is here.” Gail whispered.
Simon took charge, “Right, you two, go and find out what’s happening. Hopefully it’s just that bleedin’ Captain and his mate come to rescue the princess” Simon threw a scathing look at Alice as he said this. “If it is? Knock him about a bit as a warning. Then bring him back here.”
“And if it’s not the Captain?” Kerry sounded almost eager.
“Then do not bloody engage alright? Get yourselves straight back here and we’ll take the back road out.”
Gail looked at Alice, “You will be alright?”
“Oh yes. If it’s Bucky, don’t hurt him.” Alice then allowed Simon to lead her further into the woods as Gail and Kerry ran off.
As they made it to the tree line, Simon turned a questioning look at Alice, “That was easy. I expected you to try and run to him. If he’s here.”
Alice turned to him slightly, “Well, I just wanted them out of the way.”
Alice hit Simon as hard as she could and he went flying back and landed against a tree.
“So…my strength came back about an hour ago. Good news for us I suppose. The Councils estimations are off.”

Simon got to his feet slowly, “Alice, what’re you playing at?”
Grabbing his right arm, Alice wrenched it behind his back and put her other hand over his mouth.
“You set me up Simon. I don’t care what you say, what good intentions you had. I went through two years of hell because of you. Do you want to know something? They used to repeatedly dislocate joints, just to see how many times they could do it before I would pass out. They would start at the shoulder, then move to the elbow, then wrist, then fingers. After that it was hip, knee, ankle. You get the idea.”
Alice felt disconnected. She wasn’t this person. Alice was watching from somewhere overhead, screaming that she was crossing a line, Simon didn’t deserve what she was planning.
The part of her still inside her head though? Alice wanted to hurt him. So much.
Pulling, Alice forced Simons shoulder from his socket.

Simon’s cry’s were muffled by her hand. “I don’t forgive you Simon. But…I’m better than them. This is a warning. Stay the hell away from me.”
Twisting , Alice forced the shoulder back in.
Heavy footsteps announced the arrival of whoever had turned up.
Simon was gasping and groaning on the floor and Alice stood over him wide eyed and pale was what Steve, Sam and Clint were confronted with.
Gail and Kerry were in front. Kerry ran to Simon and stared in shock at Alice.
Turning to Gail, Alice felt her head snap to the side when Gail’s palm connected with her cheek. “You are a poor excuse for a Slayer. We protect! We do not hurt those weaker than us!”
“That man is not weak! He was strong enough to make those decisions! He’s strong enough to take the fucking consequences! Hate me, look down on me, whatever! You’re just pissed off because I get the chance to get some payback from my Watcher.”
Strong hands grabbed her and Alice was confronted by Steve’s bright blue gaze, “What did you do?” He looked…battered.
“What the hell happened to you?! Wha- Where’s Bucky?!” Alice looked around. Bucky wasn’t with them.
Sam and Clint looked nauseated but Alice couldn’t care less, “Steve! Answer me!”
When all he did was glare at her, Alice snapped again. Grabbing him, she shook him, “Is he dead?! Did- did he-”

Alice fell to her knees. She could hear Sam and Clint talking to the others and telling them to move back to the front of the house. They had transport to get them somewhere safe.
Alice could only hear the crushing silence from Steve though.
“Why won’t you answer me..” Alice felt her heart start to shatter beyond repair. If Steve couldn’t answer then the only possibility was that he-
“Bucky’s alive, Alice.”
“He’s hurt and not just physically. But he’s going to be okay. He’s waiting for you.”
Rising back to her feet, Alice swung at Steve. And the bastard Super Soldier caught it and twisted her so she had her back to his front.

Rage, bright and powerful welled up. And died just as quickly. “He’s really alive? And safe? And you’re really taking me to him?”
“I want to. Can I trust you to not murder someone?”
Alice started shaking, “Yes! I was never going to kill him!”
Spinning her back around, Steve looked her in the eyes and held her face in his palms, “I heard about what you’ve been through. I understand what drove you to do what you just did. But I need you to be stronger than that okay? Bucky loves you. You keep him grounded. Don’t ruin that by becoming the thing that he is trying so hard to get away from.”
“I won’t apologise to Simon. Not today, maybe not ever.”
Steve looked so sad. Alice’s heart went out to him. Whatever had happened in Siberia had been worse, far worse, than what they had predicted.
No smile and no twinkle in his eye, Steve sighed and nodded, “Yeah. It’s that kind of day. C’mon. I think you two need each other.”
Shaking his head, Steve put his hand on her shoulder and directed her towards the car that was waiting.

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It’s Completed!

First, I would like to thank you all for bearing with me. I know I haven’t been posting a lot lately but now I’m back. I have been working on this 12 part series since the beginning of April and now that it is completed, I will be releasing it every Saturday starting tomorrow at 7 (Yes, like a TV show lol). I chose to do it this way instead of posting every time I finished a chapter because if anything was to happen in my life, I can still give you guys something to read in a timely manner. I’ll admit that a pet peeve of mine is reading a bomb ass story and the author just abandons it. Now that has nothing to do with the writers that are busy with life and still post from time to time. I’m talking about the ones that just quit altogether. They exist everywhere, not just on this site. I didn’t want to be like that so I decided to write out the entire thing beforehand and will probably do the same with each of the series I do. So without further ado, I would like to introduce the concept of this story.

The picture above is the mood board for the story “Run-In”, created for me by the one and only @bangtans-baby. The story is a mix of Crime, Thriller, and Mystery and Suspense. Of course it has smut in it. As well as large amounts of angst and violence. I wanted to write a story that would mimic the same effects as watching a movie so I hope it works and you guys understand it. This was created for your entertainment so please enjoy!


@bangtans-baby is releasing her new completed series, “Andromeda”, starting this Sunday. This sci-fi story is beautifully written and full of fluff but also suspense. It stars our bubble of hope, J-Hope, and is definitely worth the read. Please check it out and support.

Things I have learned from Fifty Shades Darker (part 2/?)

1. Christian and Ana have gone out to eat. He ordered food for her, because Ana cannot apparently function as an adult. HURR DURR I AM CHRISTIAN GREY AND I MUST EXERCISE CONTROL.
2. Ana made Christian jealous and because awww, his feelings got hurt, he’s now calling her a child and belittling her. Fuck you, Christian. OH OH! And he’s making HER feel guilty for hurting poor Jose’s feelings (again, you know, that Jose who stuck his tongue down her throat) and having no regard for them. Fuck you, Christian.
3. Petition to rename this series Fifty Shades of Ways to say “Fuck you, Christian”.
4. “My inner goddess rises sleepily, stretches and smiles. She’s been asleep for a while”. Anyone here with a prescription for super effective sleeping pills? I’ll take a hundred.
5. Christian to Ana: “You are what I want you to be” AHAHAHAHA. FUCK YOU, CHRISTIAN.
6. Oh. Oooooooh. He is asking her how he can trust her when she didn’t use the safe word when he beat her, in a situation that frightened her and overwhelmed her to the point of literally forgetting there was a safe word. Christian is a HUGE dick to Ana. 
7. And now SHE is apologizing to HIM. This is unbelievable. If this isn’t emotional manipulation, then I’m a duck.
8. Petition to ban the following words and phrases: oh my, jeez, crap, holy crap, holy shit, whoa, holy cow, holy hell. The list, as of this moment, remains open.
9. “I will take you across my knee.” - Whenever I feel sad about the fact that either there’s no more chocolate left in the house or my favourite fictional character has met an untimely demise, I think about this sentence and everything seems a little brighter in the world.
10. Ana has now taken a liking to calling Christian Fifty. FIFTY. I bet the author thinks she’s oh so clever. Plot twist: she’s really really not.
11. Hair can apparently “fall deliciously” over someone’s forehead.
12. They’re “redefining the terms of the relationship” and Christian is making compromises, so points for him, but for the life of me, after a book and 3 chapters, I cannot connect with these characters. They have no personality, no draw, nothing compelling about them. So I just have a permanent facepalm as I’m reading.
13. “The physical pain you inflicted was not as bad as the pain of losing you”. Haha, sure Ana, keep telling yourself that. Also, this is not romantic in any way, shape or form. 
14. And still, she thinks SHE is the undeserving one. This is a setback for female characters everywhere.
15. Oh boy, they made up. Sound the fanfare. Pop the champagne. This effectively negates ALL THE DRAMA in the end of the first book and the beginning of this one. Think about it. Also, of course they made up, was there seriously any doubt about this???
16. “Laters baby”. Ugh. Shoot me now.
17. “Holy shit… an Ipad”. It’s like she discovered the last known world wonder. AN IPAD. PRAISE THE HEAVENS. A FUCKING IPAD. She gets a car from him, but she loses her shit over an Ipad. Okay.
18. Seriously, it’s like the beating and the drama and the abuse never happened. This is frightening to read.
19. There’s a holy something in every paragraph. Someone fire whoever edited this book.
20. She’s still calling him Fifty. I should make my peace with this and add it to the open list of words and phrases I never want to hear again. Ever. 
21. These people still do not know how to properly use an e-mail. Nobody writes e-mails like they do. N-O-B-O-D-Y.
22. Oh, here’s the new “plot”: a mysterious woman approaches Ana, seemingly knowing shit about her (like her name), and being all mysterious.
23. Calling it now: she’s one of Christian’s old…um…”girlfriends” and she’s jealous. She’ll probably be holding a gun in the vicinity/aimed at either Ana or Christian at one point or another.
24. Yes, I think this author is this “creative”.
25. Ana likes to give stupid nicknames to people. After naming Christian Fifty, mysterious lady friend is Ghost Girl - here to fight crime and punish current girlfriends of the man who dumped her. TO THE RESCUE!
26. “Jack, who is mentally assessing the fine specimen of manhood in front of him”. Excuse me while I throw up in a bucket. There’s bad writing, then there’s that.
27. “I’m the boyfriend”/”I’m the boss”. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to tonight’s “I Have A Bigger Dick Than You Fight Me”. In one corner, we have the slimy, sleazeball boss, Jack. In the other, we have the abusive, manipulative boyfriend, Christian. Why this fight is even happening, I have no idea. Ana, just run off into the sunset with Ghost Girl. Go fight crime together and make out. You’d be better off. 
28. “Panty-combusting look”. Read that again. No, really, take a second and read that again. Panty. Combusting. Look.
29. Hahahaha, Christian is lecturing Ana on sexual harassment. Excuse me while I laugh my ass off in a puddle of tears.
30. And then, theeeeen he tells her he just bought THE ENTIRE COMPANY she works at in order to “keep her safe”. How are you people defending this. 
31. “Why does he have this need to keep me safe” - let me help you with that, Ana: “why does he have this need to keep me safe control me”. There we go, much better.
32. Ana and her inner goddess come up with a plan to lure Christian into bed. Lord, help me.
33. Cooking foreplay. Okay then.
34. Yup, the sex scenes are just as cringe worthy as the last book. And you know what? They wouldn’t be so bad, but with all the jeez and holy craps, it’s like very very badly written fan fiction. I have ready smutty fan fiction about 100 times better than this.
35. “he springs free”. You all know what she’s referring to, but I just imagined Christian springing off a trampoline, with a cape tied around his neck, yelling “Dobby is freeeeee”. I am so sorry.
36. Well that was… *takes coat and closes door on her way out*.
37. I’m only 54 pages in. Pray for me.

Part 1

Things I have learned from Fifty Shades of Grey masterpost

Status Update - November 1st

After two weeks “vacation”, I’m back at work and still active as emergency personnel.
Water service has become more stable, but it left me hanging on Sunday while I was washing clothes. So that was fun.
Cellphone service has partly arrived to my town, but nothing to my home.
The Whitefish ‘novela’ has been cancelled, and they will be leaving in 30 days. We’re still a little confused about the whole thing.
A load of people have taken out or bought a flag as a sign of strength and solidarity 🇵🇷
Hoping to get news from ny wedding dress soon.
No bad news to report from Halloween, so that’s good.

In writing:
Chapters 11 and 12 of Caged are halfway written, and will continue to be written in the coming weeks.
Misadventures in Reporting #1 is finished and ready to be revised.
Wrote a short story for a collection of anthologies to fund money for the needed in Puerto Rico, and I’m hoping it gets picked.

On Miraculous notes:
Met a fellow miraculer at work, so that was fun. We’ve both been missing out on the new season.
Also, the amount of spoilers in Tumblr is insane.

What else can I say, I’m a bit tired.

Puerto Rico Se Levanta Más Cansado 😪🇵🇷

Makai Ouji 30 Days Challenge

I’m surprised no one made one so far, so here you go! Nothing too original, pretty much the basic stuff,but you can still have fun with it.

Day 1 - How did you get into the series?
Day 2 - Favourite Male Character
Day 3 - Favourite Female Character
Day 4 - Most Anticipated Chapter
Day 5 - Your Opinion On The Anime
Day 6 - Favourite Pairing
Day 7 - Favourite VA/Seiyuu From The Anime
Day 8 - Least Favourite Pairing (or one you just can’t imagine)
Day 9 - Amon Or Mamon?
Day 10 - A Character You Think Deserves More Love
Day 11 - Favourite Rivalry
Day 12 - Top 3 Characters With Best Designs
Day 13 - Character With The Saddest Backstory
Day 14 - Choose A Cute Panel From The Manga
Day 15 - Funniest Moment
Day 16 - Favourite Volume Cover
Day 17 - Top 3 Characters That Are Most Stubborn
Day 18 - Character You’d Like To See Crossdressing (xD)
Day 19 - Favourite Villain
Day 20 - Saddest Moment
Day 21 - Least Favourite Character (or one you just don’t care about)
Day 22 - Top 3 Characters That Are The Cutest
Day 23 - A Character You’d Like To See On A Cover
Day 24 - Character You’d Cosplay (or already have)
Day 25 - Pick A Quote
Day 26 - Most Epic Scene Ever
Day 27 - Favourite Fighting Scene
Day 28 - Top 3 Characters That Always Make You Laugh
Day 29 - Your Pick For Hell’s Interim Ruler (you’re the Elector now :3)
Day 30 - What Kind Of Ending Would You Like The Manga To Have (Happy, Sad, etc.)

After Coffee; Chapter 7

Hello guys!! Just so you know, the chapter after this one is going to be the last one I post in a while, (I’m going to New York to see Hamilton - be jealous) so savor it. Don’t worry tho, Chapter 8 is going to be more than enough to tide you over. I hope you like this one!!

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She learns a lot, but they have even more to learn themselves. 

(Chapter 1) (Chapter 2) (Chapter 3) (Chapter 4) (Chapter 5) (Chapter 6) (Chapter 7) (Chapter 8(Chapter 9(Chapter 10(Chapter 11(Chapter 12(Chapter 13)

“It’s just, when you’re young, you have this idea about how your life is going to play out. Maybe it’s something your parents told you, or that the media taught you, or that society dictated. Even as you get older, you still have all these… expectations. But then, inevitably, reality gets in the way, and nothing goes how you had planned. And you’re just stuck there, wondering what you did wrong, or what the hell you’re going to do now.”

It was four in the morning, and Penny was learning that, when Baz was drunk and tired, he tended to get very philosophical.

She had learned a lot about Baz in the past several hours. At the beginning, it had been like a mix between a police interrogation and a job interview. She had gruffly asked deeply personal questions, and then stared Baz down until he answered them.

Simon had put a stop to that fairly quickly. He was protective of Baz, it seemed, which told her just as much as the interrogation would’ve. She then moved on to more… subversive methods. She approached it more like a friendly conversation, talking about favorite colors and movies and other seemingly inane topics. Then, she introduced vodka (whipped cream flavored – who’d have thought?) into the equation, and it was all over.

Simon had conked out around 2 AM, and was still asleep on the couch. His messy hair was splayed out on the cushion, his body contorted into a loose knot. Bits of moonlight filtered through the windows, illuminating his skin. Even in sleep, he seemed to radiate soft, golden energy. Or maybe Baz was just really drunk.

“I feel that.” Penny responded, “I sure as hell never thought my life would involve sitting on the floor at an ungodly hour with your drunk ass”

He shoved her

“Come on, you know you love me”


Penny looked over to Baz, her expression shifting from sarcasm to sincerity.

“I really, honestly want to thank you for helping Simon out like this. He needed someone to confide in, and- even though I’m still super pissed he didn’t come to me first- I’m glad it was you.”

Baz nodded his head, sensing the truth behind her words.

“You know, with all that shit with hid dad, and breaking up with Agatha, I really worry about his well being.”

Baz perked up.

“Who’s Agatha?”

Penny sighed. Simon had really gotten himself into a mess with this one.

“She is- was Simon’s girlfriend. They broke up a few days ago. He was pretty torn up about it.”

Baz’s heart dropped to the floor. The room began to spin, and it (probably) wasn’t because of the vodka. He didn’t have time to process this new information, however, because Penny was standing up.

“I told you at the beginning of the night that my purpose here was to decide if I trusted you. Well, I’ve made my decision. I do. I trust you Baz… with Simon. You’re a good man. So, I’m going to head out.”

She grabbed her coat and walked toward the door.

“Where are you going?”

She kept walking.

“Home. Paris. Wherever I want.”

Baz supposed she could, but…

“You’d better not be driving!”

“Why not? I never touched a drop of alcohol.”

He remembered the events of the night, and, now that he thought about it, she never had. Damn, she was good.

She took one last look at the boy sleeping on the couch. She sighed again. She had done her bit, and he would have to sort the rest out himself. Then, she was gone.

Baz sat there for a moment, marveling at the sheer, biblical awesomeness of Penelope Bunce, before he remembered what she had told him. Simon had a girlfriend. Well, not currently, but that was beside the point.

He was foolish to have thought that he and Simon could be anything more than… well, whatever they were. Not strangers anymore, to be sure: they knew too many of each other’s secrets for that. Baz wasn’t sure he could call them friends either. It sounded terribly emo, but Baz had never really had friends. There were people he had hung out with at school, but they were family acquaintances, more allies than anything else.

He looked over at Simon. He had shifted his position, and was now holding a throw pillow like a teddy bear, drooling slightly.

Baz knew one thing: be it friends or something more, he just needed to be something with Simon Snow.

Eh, not nearly as interesting as people were rumoring it would be.

The memory about Sasuke having a second arm was just part of Sarada’s fantasy, that’s why it’s in the same style as when she imagined Sasuke hugging her when they reunited. It’s not a real memory. Sasuke is still confirmed to have not been around.

And I still don’t buy this bullshit about Sasuke being away for Sarada and Sakura’s sake, especially when the previous kage meeting flashback established that Sasuke didn’t start his super secret mission until he was already older. It still makes 0 sense. Sasuke still has no excuse for not visiting Sarada, and it’s a discrepancy it seems Kishimoto or the NG writer is going to ignore.

This chapter just confirmed what the previous chapter was building up to, the idea that the person that raises the child is the parent and its the affection and feelings behind the connections that matters. It pisses me off that they used SNS moments and Itachi’s forehead poke to get that message across (I’m so sorry ItaSasu fandom, again), especially since they blatantly misuse the context of both the forehead poke and the SNS bond to further this SS agenda. It’s not a bad message, that the parent is the person who raises and cares for you, but the execution is just so all over the place.

But at least we got some positive interaction between Sarada and Sakura, that’s something we’ve yet to see in the 7 fucking chapters preceding this one. Before it was all “telling” and no “showing” that Sakura was a good mother to Sarada, with evidence only to the contrary. Now we have evidence that Sakura can be a good mom. It still doesn’t excuse her behavior in chapter 1 or her lying, just as Sasuke’s super secret mission doesn’t excuse his behavior, but at least it’s something positive in this heap of shit.

Naruto once again TnJing when he has no business doing so. He feels like he can give family advice when his own son fucking hates him? Yeah, whatever. He’s all talk and lies. Perfect politician.

And virtually no information on Sasuke’s dimension-jumping jutsu. It feels like an asspull rather then actual development, a way to excuse Sasuke’s obvious nerf a few chapters ago.

And SS is still shitty. I know the fandom’s going to jump all over Sasuke praising Sakura for being strong and all the Sarada/Sakura moments, but they need to realize that Sasuke still hadn’t seen Sarada in those 12 years. The kage meeting flashback confirms older Sasuke as having the opportunity to see her and him choosing not to. There’s nothing around that. That flashback killed any way to excuse Sasuke’s absence. And Sakura assuring Sarada over and over that Sasuke cares is not going to make it true or believable, especially with Sasuke showing very little concern for his supposed wife. And yeah the SS fandom’s also going to go bananas over the idea that Sasuke and Sakura kissed. Again, I don’t care. It doesn’t excuse what’s happened between them or how Sasuke is currently treating Sakura.

It’s just so easy to show Sasuke being OOC off-screen/off-panel, isn’t it? When he’s on the page he treats Sakura same as usual: brushing off her presence and berating her for showing up, showing a lack of concern for her safety but acknowledging she can take care of herself, same as usual. But off-panel? He has children, he gets married, kisses, whatever, but we don’t see that. Just like the happy moments between Naruto and Hinata, it’s a matter of telling and not showing. We’re supposed to take the writer’s word for it that the characters act a certain way even though what’s shown blatantly contradicts what we’re being told to believe.

So yeah it’s still a story rife with asspulls, retcons, and crap. Nothing interesting, nothing worth anything.

Edit: Also the chapter still doesn’t address the issue of Sarada’s origin. We’re probably going to get that either next chapter or in the last chapter. But it still leaves open the question of Karin being the mother and how/why. It’s possible the dimension-jumping might still be used as a copout to explain it. We’ll see.

Double Edit:

Also, something I just noticed. Sakura’s reaction when Sarada asked if she’d ever kissed Sasuke.

That middle panel. She looks sad.


She doesn’t smile until she remembers the memory that’s better than the possible kiss with Sasuke. Why is that?

Something tells me there really is more to this. The memory she’s talking about is probably the day Sasuke brought Sarada to her, but the fact that she looks sad when remembering the possible kiss with Sasuke…

This is just my thoughts on it, but it’s still possible that Sasuke literally dumped Sarada on her, married her to make her feel better about the situation and to keep up appearances, and left. Sakura loves Sarada and possibly deludes herself into thinking Sasuke loves her, but I get the impression that isn’t the case.

Again, we’ll see.

Fics Updated from October 11th to October 18th

Hello everyone!!! I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!!! We have a veeeeery long list this week because I am adding the Autumn Fic Exchange stories! Which btw are AMAZINGGGGG (you guys are all my heroes!). Thank you soooo much to @1dautumnficexchange for putting the exchange together, what a treat has been being able to read all the stories!

Soooo here we goooo! If you have any recs send them my way!!!!!! And if I forgot any story I AM SORRY!!! And please just let me know!!!! DON’T FORGET TO REVIEW AND SEND THE WRITERS SOME LOVEEEEEEE!!!!!!!


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Picadilly Lane by @violentdeliight

If You Could Only See @inkoasis

We’ll be Outlaws by @inficwetrust

Under the Influence by @1dable @runninghomefic

Kick Drum Beat in My Head by @wordsbestforgotten

These Days by @stylesprimes

Par for the Course by @likeamisfit

Just Stay Here Tonight by @ninetyfovr

Beautiful Boy by @inkoasis

Space Oddity by @bioluminescentwriting

Under the Canyon Moon by @konstantine11-11

The Punishment by @onismanxiety

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