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Servamp Scanlation Masterlist


Chapter 1: Mahiru and Kuro
Chapter 2: Tsubaki
Chapter 3: 7+1
Chapter 4: Alice in the Garden
Chapter 5: Choice

Chapter 6: Which One of Us is The Liar?
Chapter 7: A Future That Will Never Happen
Chapter 8: What it Means To Carry A Weapon
Chapter 9: Sakuya
Chapter 10: Big Brother

Chapter 11: The Man With The Coffin
Chapter 12: The 4th Member
Chapter 13: Towards A Happy Summer Break
Chapter 14: I’m An Adult, That’s The Society
Chapter 15: Unsaid Things
Chapter 16: Countdown

Chapter 17: Welcome in The House Alicein
Chapter 18: A Safe Garden
Chapter 19: Snow Lily 1
Chapter 20: Snow Lily 2
Chapter 21: Lust

Chapter 22: Angel or Devil?
Chapter 23: What is Your Name?
Chapter 24: Tears
Chapter 25: SOS
Chapter 26: Life’s But a Walking Shadow 
Chapter 27: Why Me?

Chapter 27.5: The One And Only
Chapter 28: Alone
Chapter 29: In the Beginning Was the Act
Chapter 30: Cursed
Chapter 31: I’m Not Wrong
Chapter 32: Miscalculation

Chapter 33: Lawless 1
Chapter 34: Lawless 2
Chapter 35: The Scorpion Flame
Chapter 36: Coward
Chapter 37: For Not Forgiving Me

Chapter 38: The Method Called “Me”
Chapter 38.5: Intermission ‘An Aspiration Covered in Ash: All the World’s A Stage’
Chapter 39: Hounds
Chapter 40: A World of Nothing But Night
Chapter 41: Magician Men -THE MAGICIAN-

Chapter 42: Advice
Chapter 43: You’re Both Similar
Chapter 44: I Am Your Treasure
Chapter 45: Pain
Chapter 46: Ace 
Chapter 47: THE TOWER
Chapter 48: Limit
Chapter 49: Please
Chapter 50: THE HANGED MAN

Chapter 51: Screams
Chapter 51.5: At One Point, We Had Meals Together
Chapter 52: Kurumamori Junichirou -THE CHARIOT-
Chapter 53: I Can’t Take This Anymore
Chapter 54: Climbing A Tower
Chapter 55: Complications
Chapter 56: A Windowless Room
Chapter 57: Born

Volume 11:

Chapter 57.5: The Person Searching For the Key
Chapter 58: I Wasn’t Able To Grow Up
Chapter 59: Strength
Chapter 60: Wrath Resembles Fear
Jensen & Quinn: Man Cubs, Chapter 11 "Tough One"
Quinn tries to protect her family by having a long awaited conversation with her ex-husband.


Summary: Quinn tries to protect her family by having a long awaited conversation with her ex husband. Takes place immediately after “Cards on the Table”

Warnings: Mentions of past domestic abuse. Heavy Angst.

Word Count: 6201

Special Thanks: To @theycallmebecca, @ariallane @alievans007 @daisyjm75 and @misshyen for beta reading and helping to convince me to write for myself and to stop overthinking and second guessing myself! You guys rock!! Xo

Thank you so much for reading! I love your guts! xo

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Revenge Sandwich Week 1

Chapters 1-5

I remember most of these early chapters pretty well, though I will admit to having completely forgotten about Caderousse.

Caderousse is the only one who knows what book he’s in, Part 1.

…Are. Are you sure about that Danglar. Caderousse is the only one who knows what book he’s in, Part 2. Too bad he’s too lazy and self serving to do anything about it.

Chapter 6-11

Man, Villefort is the worst.

I mean, sure, Danglar is terrible, but he’s a simple kind of the terrible. He’s petty, and jealous, and doesn’t want anyone to be happy besides him. Fernand is also awful, but he’s impulsively and rashly terrible.

Villefort is the one who stopped, took a good hard look at himself, his life, and his choices, and decided “yep, gonna send this totally innocent man to prison to save my career.” That’s cold, man. To me he’s the most compelling of the villains - he likes Edmond, he feels bad about what he’s doing, but his immediate “oh fuck this is going to completely screw me over” is so human? Also kinda hashtag relatable, sorry, I’m a Slytherin, I’m not endorsing his choices, I’m just saying.

Final note, will I ever stop finding Edmond’s “Haha weird I wonder why there are bars on the carriage window! I wonder why we’re getting in a boat! It’s a mystery~~” hilarious? Signs point to no.

Fallen Angels -- chapters to date

In lieu of an update, I thought I would at least post a complete list of the chapters so far, plus a bit of teaser from what might turn out to be chapter 14, or 15. We’ll see. I am making progress – I promise!

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Rating: M (maybe E?) for language and cartoon violence (as they say at the movies); some salaciousness later.
Characters: Loki, Sigyn, Fandral (briefly), Eir, Amora, Thor, Elli
Description: a post-apocalyptic, MCU-Norse mythos mash-up; science fiction/fantasy
External validation and constructive criticism actively and shamelessly encouraged.
Thank you again and again (and again), @icybluepenguin, for your help and encouragement and editing. I was ready to abandon this plot line until you pushed me right over the edge.

Chapter 1: After – Walking with unblest feet

Chapter 2: Before – I struck the board and cry’d ‘no more!’

Chapter 3: After – Like gold to airy thinness beat

Chapter 4: Before – We are tapers, too, and at our own cost die

Chapter 5: After – Batter my heart

Chapter 6: After – Lost hours recall’d

Chapter 7: Way Back – Something wicked this way comes

Chapter 8: Before – This fair acceptance take

Capter 9: After – Like a fantastic ague

Chapter 10: After – “Thy firmness makes my circle just/ And makes me end where i begun”

Chapter 11: Before – “No man is an island, entire of itself”

Chapter 12: Before – “Show me worthy of thy sweet respect”

Chapter 13: Before – “If ever any beauty I did see, / Which I desired, and got, twas but a dream of thee.”

A taste of chapter 14?

Thor kept a firm grip, feet planted wide, arms wrapped entirely around Loki’s, pinning his brother’s limbs to his side and straining to keep him from rushing across the room. They remained like that for several minutes, Balder wisely deciding to keep his thoughts to himself while Thor tried to keep Loki still. Finally Loki’s struggles slowed to the point where Thor felt he could ease his grip. He let go and turned to face his youngest brother.
“Balder,” Thor finally began, “you cannot imagine how poor your timing is today.”
“I still cannot understand the source of your anger, Loki,” Balder responded. “I truly thought you were different than the rest of your kind.”
“Thor,” Loki spoke between clenched teeth, “I think perhaps you should explain to Balder why we are here, because if I attempt to address him directly, I believe I shall feed his own intestines to him for supper.”

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Chapter Index

I’m here to make your life easy, so If you are starting to read the #JoshAn story here I give you a recap with the links of the 15 chapters published so far.

Chapter 1: And we met again

Chapter 2: Working on it

Chapter 3: Recovering from the past

Chapter 4: Angry released

Chapter 5: Tour life

Chapter 6: The perks of being a Truman

Chapter 7: Russia

Chapter 8: Back to LA

Chapter 9: I’ve wanted this for so long

Chapter 10: Celebrity status

Chapter 11: An English man and an American girl

Chapter 12: The words

Chapter 13: The friends

Chapter 14: Italy

Chapter 15: Separate paths

Which one is your favorite so far?

In The Name of Your Father

TITLE: In The Name of Your Father

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Eleven

AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki is training recruits for a war that Asgard is in. Every house has to send one man to fight in the army, but your father is too old/ill to go, so you disguise yourself as a man to save him from certain death. Basically something resembling the Disney Movie of Mulan.

Loki pulled you to his chest tightly, without your breastplate, the leather and metal of his armour pressed painfully against your breasts. You winced slightly as his long arm reached around you, pressing on your wounded shoulder as he held you into him. Like with the ice blockade, you felt an odd sensation before finding yourself close to the destroyed camp.

“Loki is it really wise to have sauntered off for a walk?” Fandral joked. “Especially when it was just you and young Ragnar?”

“Where is Thor?” you demanded, causing the warrior to cease his jesting behaviour and study Loki’s concerned face better.

“He is with Heimdall at the Bifrost site. Why?” 

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The Importance of The Goat Man in Catching Fire Chapters 11 and 12

Chapters 11 and 12, which so many fans refer to as the “cheese bun” chapters, paint a homey picture of Katniss’ daily existance in Victor’s Village. While her life as a victor is truly not her own, still she, Prim, and her mother, along with Peeta and Haymitch have formed an unconventional family.

Much attention has been paid to her obvious growing relationship with Peeta in these chapters. And what’s not to love? I’d much rather have Peeta carry me around than use crutches, too!

I, however, would like to focus on another layer that Suzanne Collins added to these chapters. To do it though, I’ll have to take you back to chapter 20 of The Hunger Games.

While in the cave in THG, Peeta asks Katniss to tell him a story.

Tell me about the happiest day you can remember.

What day is that? Katniss picks the day she negotiated a deal with the Goat Man for a goat that was near death in order to give the creature to Prim for her birthday. Why would the author devote several pages to a side story that takes away from the main action of THG?

Speaking as a writer, I believe S. C. used this story as a way for Katniss to define herself. Yes, she’s a lawbreaker, but she’s also a loving sister, someone who is resourceful, and compassionate toward the weak. She’s also a team player. She’s only able to purchase the goat with the help of Gale and Rooba (the butcher). Katniss even goes so far as to credit Greasy Sae for introducing her to Rooba.

But keep in mind that the Goat Man is the villain in Katniss’ story. He is against her purchase of the goat initially, and then drives a hard bargain in the end.

Now jump ahead to Chapter 11 of Catching Fire. Katniss has outwitted the Peacekeepers by climbing a tree and jumping over the electrified fence. She needs to come up with a quick excuse to explain where she’s been all day.

She walks to her house thinking to tell her mother that she slid off the roof trying to mend a leak and injured her foot. Once inside, she is greeted by Peacekeepers. Before she can say anything, she notices Haymitch and Peeta, are there as well.

Were they here by chance or “invited” by the Peacekeepers? Either way I’m glad to see them.

Is their presence the reason she changes her excuse from “falling off the roof” to “searching for the Goat Man?” And of all the excuses she could use, why would she think to make up a story about the Goat Man?

For two reasons.

First, despite her difficulty in getting home from the woods, she’s had a remarkable day, a happy one even, much like that happy day she told Peeta about in the cave.

She left Victor’s Village in the morning overwhelmed and in search of a purpose for her life. Just pages earlier Haymitch laughed off her idea to start an uprising. A crate of wedding dresses has arrived.

I can’t make sense of it. I toss and turn in bed until I can’t stand it anymore. I have to get out of here. At least for a few hours.

She sets off impetuously for the lake.

Maybe to say good-by to the place, to my father and the happy times we spent there, because I know I’ll probably never return. Maybe just so I can draw a complete breath again. Part of me doesn’t really care if they catch me, if I can see it one more time.

But instead of finding some internal sense of peace through solitude in a natural setting, she comes across Twill and Bonnie, who are in straits as dire as Lady the goat was. Katniss gives them the food she has and instructs them in survival skills, demonstrating her resourcefulness and compassion to them and to herself.

In turn, Twill and Bonnie provide Katniss with proof – through the image on the cracker – that her life has meaning. Only pages earlier she wanted to start an uprising, now she learns that she is the symbol of the budding resistance. Suddenly her life has purpose again.

Second, for Katniss the Goat Man is symbolic of a villain. The immediate villain she faces is President Snow. But she’s also just learned about District 13 from Twill and hates them, as well, calling them no better than the Capitol.

“Why haven’t they helped us. If it’s true why do they leave us to live like this? With the hunger and the killings and the Games.”

Katniss’ story about the Goat Man is a kind of double-speak to Haymitch, and even Peeta about what she’s learned while she was out in the woods that day.

“So where have you been?” says Haymitch in a bored voice.

“Well I haven’t been talking to the Goat Man about getting Prim’s goat pregnant, because someone gave me completely inaccurate information…”

To translate: Katniss has been given false information by President Snow tying her relationship with Peeta to the uprisings in the districts. Snow told her to prove her love for him (marry him or to use an animal term, “mated”). It was on the walk back from meeting Twill and Bonnie that Katniss realized that Snow had played her for a fool.

In what appears to be cute banter, Katniss goes on to question the location where the Goat Man lives. Apparently it’s next to a mine entrance. Katniss says “west” entrance, Prim responds with “east”. Katniss further adds insult by saying it’s near a slag heap.

Is Katniss hinting at the existence of District 13 – the latest villain she’s encountered? S.C. isn’t big on geographic directions, but on page 17 of Mockingjay we learn that the Capitol had its own nuclear arsenal out west, which implies that District 13 lies in any other direction other than west of the Capitol. And the residents of 13 do live underground (in a kind of mine).

It isn’t until weeks later when Katniss is healed and able to get out of the house that she tells Haymitch about Twill and Bonnie. He discounts her thoughts about District 13 completely. I imagine it’s because he’s knee-deep in planning for the resistance. Katniss already knows enough to get them all in trouble if she’s not careful.

Thanks @tersyne for talking me through this analysis and giving me some good ideas to think about, and many thanks to @everlarkedalways for organizing this re-read.

On to chapters 13 and 14.

anonymous asked:

Most ROMANTIC clexa fics? Something that gives you the best case of da feels.. Thanks!!

Ohhh I like that ;D

when love becomes the reason — dude, THIS. THIS is probably the one that makes me pheel the pheels like no other

blood rush in the hazy glow — one of my favourite fics of all time

bathroom stalls & late night calls — another super romantic fic ^-~

fight me and fight me ‘till the sun rises —this is so so so so cute and adorable!

broken wands — I love this D:

she got me up all night (all I’m singin’ is love songs) — this fic had me smiling like an idiot for a whole week

you’re fired (so yeah you win) — aw man, chapter 11 will forever be one of my faves in fanfic history

Small list but those are (imo) some really ROMANTIC clexa fics :)
Rookie Mistakes: Chapter 11 - The City of Brotherly Love

“What am I, chopped liver?” Lip pipes up, and Ian huffs out a laugh as he pulls away from Fiona.

Ian shakes his head fondly. “Get over here, dick.” They embrace briefly and clap each other on the backs. “Glad you could make it,” Ian tells him.

“Wouldn’t miss it,” Lip assures him. “Flyers forever, man.”

chapter 11 of hockey au; 3157 words; R; second to last chapter before the epilogue!