Gum (WinterIron Ch.1)

(Wings AU and does not follow the timeline of the comics nor movies.)

Who knew that the confectionary sweet that former Winter Soldier, Bucky Barnes would be missing was simply, gum? Being reintroduced into society that changed so drastically from the 1940s was anything but a walk in the park. Because a simple walk in the park wouldn’t lead you to meeting Anthony Stark, no, you would have to had been stressed out of your mind and in the wrong place at the right time.

Steve had led Bucky towards the tower with a reassuring pat for comfort when suddenly flashes of light bombarded their view. Steve kept his hand on Bucky’s back, indicating that this was nothing to be concerned about, however, Bucky was more than concerned, surprised definitely, but terrified. He couldn’t deal with the sudden attention and flashes hurt his eyes, heartbeat rising he steped backwards jerked away from Steve’s grasp. Then he started to walk away, really fast. Steve tried to follow him but decided that it was best to let Bucky calm down while he took care of the reporters. Eyes scanning, he soon found a sign that indicated the location of the nearest bathroom. However, when Bucky had burst open the doors to the nearest washroom, he was immediately taken aback by the wings that he ran straight into. The sudden impact had caused both individuals to collapse onto the cold floor below, embarrassment and abandoned feathers soon filled up the entire room. Suddenly, both pairs of wings shot up as a physical initiative to apologize first, but the breathtaking views of their wings silenced them. After a few minutes, Anthony Stark cleared his throat and asked,

“Are you okay?”

Breathing in sharply Bucky stuttered,


Usually he was the charismatic one in most social situations whilst Steve had been more antisocial and shy, but once he had gazed upon the wings gracing the individual in front of him, his stress and charisma melted away.

“Are you alright as well?”

Anthony smiled,

“After seeing you, yeah, I mean it’s not everyday you see an angel.”
The sudden compliment made Bucky relax his shoulders and smile.

“Thank you…”

Anthony then stuck out his arm while supporting himself by his other, gesturing a handshake.

“Anthony Stark.”

Bucky didn’t hesitate to respond, shaking Anthony’s hand with a gentle grip.

Anthony chuckled slightly,

“Got a last name to go with that, Bucky?”

A shiver ran down his back after hearing his name being spoken for the first time by Anthony.

“Barnes, that’s my last name.”

They never stopped shaking their hands slightly while staring at each other’s wings and into each other’s eyes.

“Bucky Barnes.”
He swallowed,

“Anthony Stark.”
Pulling away, Stark stood up and immediately grabbed Bucky’s hand to haul him up from the floor.

“Well, Mr. Bucky Barnes, since I ran into, messing up your suit, I must compensate you somehow.”

Anthony began to dust off Bucky’s suit and slightly readjusted his tie,

“So what do you want?”

Bucky put up his hands and shook them,

“No, no, please, it was my fault for being ignorant of my surroundings.”

Anthony’s wings shook slightly in amusement and replied,

“I insist, Mr. Barnes that I compensate you, the angel that just ran into.”

Bucky then put his hands down to focus on the smirk growing on Anthony’s lips,

“Mr. Stark, it’s fine, it was my fault.”

A few seconds ticked by and Anthony straightened up again, his wings fluttering slightly.

“Well, I believe that it was your fault, Mr. Barnes.”
Taken aback by the sudden comment, Bucky furrowed his eyebrows,

“What do you-”

Anthony cut him off,

“If it is indeed your fault, which it is, then as a victim, I demand compensation. Therefore,”

Anthony pressed a finger to Bucky’s chest, “you will go to dinner with me.”

The sudden invitation surprised him,


Anthony wasn’t finished,

“Bucky Barnes, you will go to dinner with me.”

Now Anthony was pressed extremely close to Bucky and the tension was growing.


Grinning, Anthony pulled away,

“Fantastic, all the details will be sent to you.”

Bucky interjected,

“But, I haven’t told you where my email address yet.”

Bucky still wasn’t used saying that, but Steve had stressed the importance of remembering one’s business email. Anthony laughed again at Bucky’s statement,

“Don’t worry, I have my ways.”

And with that, Anthony Stark in all his black-feather glory walked out of the washroom with an air of confidence and charm. Standing there for a while, Bucky decided to wash his face before going outside to find Steve. Sighing, he wiped his face of the dripping water and threw the paper away in the trashcan. However, he did not notice the cleaning paper that had a certain last name on it which indicated the owner of the washroom, tower, and company, ‘Stark.’


Home- Chapter 1

Description: Now, twenty years later, Phil Lester stands on his doorstep, his jet-black hair tousled and his clothes tattered and torn. His eyes contain the same memories with their same bittersweet love. His unshaven chin still shows the same chiseled jawline, but he looks much thinner than he did back then. Dan stands in awe, pulled out of his own flashback by a single word. “Hi.”

Suddenly, Dan, who’s already amiss insane chaos, is thrown yet another curveball when Phil comes back into his life. Together, the two of them continue to defy expectations, but this time, of an entire country. They’ve got a lot to deal with, but they each find a home in both another house and another person. 

Sequel to Bus Rides!

Genre: Fluff; Angst; AU

Word Count: 1032

“Let him in,” Dan says to the two men who immediately grab both Phil’s arms. They release him, and he falls to the floor. Dan extends a hand to the ragged man, who takes it. He pulls Phil up, immediately noticing how light he is. Looking him up and down, Dan decides he hasn’t had an adequate meal in days. “Do you want something to eat?” 


“How’d you end up here?” 

“I saw your campaign ads.” 

Dan can’t help but chuckle. “I’ve been running for President for a year and you just now realize it?” 

He realizes he’s made a mistake when Phil stares at his plate of spaghetti for a moment, twirling his fork in the noodles. “I- I haven’t really had the chance to be at a television much in a while.” 

It suddenly dawns on Dan why Phil’s come to him. “Do you have a place to stay tonight?” A grim look crosses his face as Phil shakes his head. “Come on; I’ve got a room for you.” He takes Phil to his guest room and leaves him to his privacy. He’s got plenty of questions for him, but they’ll have to wait until morning. After all Dan’s sure he’s been through, Phil deserves a rest. 

Dan finds Phil in the kitchen having a bowl of cereal when he wakes up in the morning. Years ago he would have complained, but now Phil needs every ounce of food he could get, even if it is Dan’s Crunchy Nut. “Morning.” 

Phil flinches before looking up and sighing, a smile crossing his face. Dan notices that his teeth are far darker and yellower than they used to be. “Sorry, I was hungry and I didn’t know what to get.” 

“No need to apologize.” Dan grabs the box of cereal and pours its remains into a bowl. It’s only enough for half a bowl, but he takes it anyway and sits across from Phil at the table. “You don’t have to if you don’t want to, but would you mind telling me what happened in the last twenty years?” 

Phil takes a deep breath, and, looking into his eyes, Dan can see trauma and suffering. “I don’t know if I’m ready.” And from the fear he sees in Phil’s once cheerful eyes, Dan understands. “I’d rather hear about you.” He gestures to the large kitchen and the two Secret Service men in the hall. “How’d you get here?” 

Dan tells the story with ease; he’s said each and every word more times than he can count. “Well, after I graduated I studied law and got a degree. I worked at a firm for a few years before getting into politics. I ran for a few local positions, then state, and then I was a Senator for a few years. Now I’m here.” 

“Wow. And when’s that election?” 

“Today.” Dan tenses up at this; he’s not sure if it’s because Phil doesn’t know when Election Day is or if it’s fear of the fact that people all over the country are casting votes that will determine his fate as they speak, but it takes him a moment to return back to reality and catch Phil’s response. 

“Wow. I guess that means you have to go to some party tonight, right? That’s what people do, isn’t it?” He asks, obviously trying to recall information from years ago. The sheer fact that it seems like he’s been torn away from society for so long both scares and pains Dan; Phil doesn’t deserve this; he’s forced to act like a helpless, clueless child simply because he hasn’t had the chance to advance with society. With all this running through his head, Dan simply nods. “Oh,” Phil says, dejected. “I guess I’ll give you some time to rest up or practice a speech or something.” Finishing his cereal, Phil gets up and nearly walks out of the kitchen. 

“Wait!” Dan calls, and Phil’s hair, looking like it hasn’t been cut in years, flips over his face as he turns his head back. “I have one more question for you.” Dan ponders it for a moment, letting curiosity take over. “How’d you find out where I live?” 

Phil smiles, a bit of worry draining from his face. “I found your mom in the phone book and called her. She was very helpful.” Dan rolls his eyes. He would have appreciated a bit of warning from his mother, but he’s come to expect as much from his family. “See you tonight!” And Phil heads back to his room. 

Dan’s almost ready to leave for the party when he starts feeling off. Phil may be an outlier in a group of Dan’s campaign team and advocates, but he’s one of Dan’s best friends–or at least he used to be. He doesn’t want to leave him. And so he runs up the stairs, throws open the guest room door, and tosses Phil one of his spare suits. “You wanna go to a party?” It’s the widest smile Dan’s seen on Phil since their teen years. 

A few minutes later, Phil saunters out of his room, his tie done incorrectly and his cufflinks attached to his jacket instead of his shirt. Dan can’t help but laugh. It still hasn’t dawned on him how little of the sophisticated world Phil’s really been associated with. He walks up to Phil, taking his hand and undoing the first cufflink, fixing it for him. He doesn’t notice Phil blushing with every touch. Finally reaching up to untie and correctly tie his tie, Dan looks up at Phil’s face, noticing its slight red tint and sensing the memory-filled love in his multicolored eyes. He suddenly becomes aware of each of his movements and touches, realizing how close he really is with the man he fell in love with years ago. He awkwardly fixes the tie and sends him off to comb his hair and brush his hair. Dan’s left alone with his own thoughts, and he can’t tell whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing. At this point, all Dan can tell is that even after twenty years, he’s not sure he’s over Phil. 


And Keith’s shoes were ruined.

Thanks everyone for the first 1000+ it means a lot to me that everyone is having as much fun with this A.U. as I am. Sorry for the lack of question answering! I wanted to finish this up first.

For those who haven’t read Voltron Cafe, this is the last scene in the first chapter. Check it out if you like?


David Haller + Text Posts (6/?)

I recently hit a new follower milestone, so this gifset is dedicated to you guys! Thank you all so much! So many of you love these gifsets and I love making them. The more I make them the more relatable I realize David is tbh

A 2D Bendy Fanfiction

An AU of 2D Bendy, inspired by @squigglydigglydoo and @shinyzango. Written and illustrated by myself, accompanied by chocolate. Enjoy!

“Dear Henry,

It seems like a lifetime since we last worked on cartoons together. 30 years really slips away, doesn’t it?

If you’re back in town, come visit the old workshop.

There’s something I need to show you.

Your best pal,

Joey Drew”


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