chapter 1.2


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The following evening Eirwyn decided that tonight would definitely be the night she would find out what the mysterious object she kept seeing dashes of was, although she ended up getting more than she bargained for. She wrapped up warm and headed outside, she had her camera set up on a tripod and a timer in her hand, ready to catch it when it flew past. This evening was a lot colder than the rest, “Brr”, she thought, “Chilly…”, then she saw it.. she pressed down multiple times on the timer button, the camera was flashing maniacally into the night and this time, something extraordinary happened. Eirwyn couldn’t believe it, she stood back from the telescope in awe and grabbed the camera from the tripod, a series of colored lights were glittering in the sky, “What the…”, she waltzed over to them, treading carefully, they were so beautiful, she didn’t want to… scare them away. She gazed up staring into the beautiful lights, almost mesmerized by them, they were like a siren’s song and she couldn’t look away, she was in a trance. Out of nowhere the lights disappeared and a bright blue beam shone down onto her, temporarily blinding her. “What’s going on?!”, she whimpered. She could no longer feel the soles of her feet on the ground, she was in mid air and floating upwards into the beam of light, her heart was pounding and fear was amidst her eyes. Her body was circling round and round, she could feel the blood rushing to her head, the camera flew from her pocket towards the ground, “Nooo!”, she yelled trying to grab it but failing. Then everything went black, it was as if her body was torn into tiny pieces but it didn’t harm her, she was in an abyss…

The dreams I had after that were strange to say the least. I had dreams of her, and she was wearing a wedding dress. I was holding her. I was happy, we were happy. What was most important was that my — I suppose I can say our — daughter was happy when she appeared.

I don’t know if it was some kind of alien magic, that she was working on me, but I found myself more open to this idea of getting married to her. She was Sabry’s mother, and I wanted to be happy.

Really, that’s all I wanted now.

So I try to get in contact with her. It took weeks, upon weeks, upon weeks. Months flew by, and while Sabry was getting straight A’s and I was going up and up in the scientific career. I was still longing to see her again.

Sabry had no idea of thing, and I’m not sure I’m sorry for that. Even now. It made the impact so much larger when she showed up.

How and when she showed up, I was not exactly expecting her to appear how she did. 


Parsley’s turqoise colored eyes looked straight threw me as he leaned closer towards me, “can.. i spend the night?” he asked with a shy smile. I felt the corners of my lips quiver, chills ran up my spine. Were we finally going to cross the friend zone?

I smiled and nodded, “you know you’re always welcome here Pars..”