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Additional Tags: Gyakuten Saiban 5 | Dual Destinies Spoilers, the next chapter is happy i swear, jove/thalassa isnt rlly described but still, claypollo is implied if u squint at that one line

Apollo reflects on the people he’s lost and the people he’s met.

guess who ;)

- chapter one: part one -

“There’s a million reasons why this shouldn’t work…but there’s one reason why it should…”

7 Weeks

Two pink lines. What the fuck. No, this couldn’t be happening.

I shook the stick a few good times, knowing the box says you’re really not supposed to but I thought that maybe if I did it hard enough, maybe...just maybe, it would fix the error. Because this was clearly an error. This was clearly a manufacturing error. It was the test, it had to be. The test was defective, the test was clearly defective. Because there was no way this could be right, there was absolutely no way that this test could actually be positive, there was no way I could actually be…pregnant…

Oh God.

The air cinched from my lungs as I plopped down on the toilet seat of my bathroom, the test barely dangling between my loose fingertips over my bent kneecap. Shit. I flicked my head back and forth, shutting my eyes as the heat began to travel from the warped pit of my stomach up to my cheeks, filling them with a sickening flush. Shit, shit, shit. How could this have happened? How could I have let this happen?

My shaken thoughts quickly juggled between ‘what the fuck am I gonna do’ and ‘holy shit….I gotta tell him’. Him. Him being a guy that would probably want nothing to do with this, a guy that had a whole entire world of speculation and scrutiny to deal with considering he was…famous. Him being a guy that I didn’t even really know, a guy that I hadn’t even spoken to since the night he…well, apparently impregnated me. The mere thought of having to speak to him, to tell him this news when we literally didn’t know a lick about each other, made the nerves start to creep up my spine.

I popped my eyes open and tentatively peered down at the little stick of death that was in my hand. Maybe I don’t have to tell him, I innocently thought with a tiny shrug, the idea being swiftly washed away by my own good conscience.

Letting out a loud groan, my upper body tumbled over as I let my head hang down between my parted knees, my arms dramatically slumping to the floor.  

I had to tell him. I had to tell Niall.

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KH Manga Epilogue: The Couple After That—Screenshots

😍😍😍😍😍😍 They went to Disneyland(?)~ lol Akura-ou is like their unruly adopted child.

😭😭😭😭😭 I’m going to miss this manga to bits. I followed it since chapter 1 came out in 2008, so this has a very special place in my heart 😭😭😭

Here’s a little WIP for all the nice folks who have been so patient with me :) I’m just about done the lineart, and I hope to get a lot of work done on it at tonight’s livestream (which’ll probably be around like 7pm eastern time, I’ll decide for sure later). I’m doing my very best to update this weekend.

A Way Out

TITLE: A Way Out

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter 1 of 5 (I hope)

AUTHOR: MaliceManaged

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being kidnapped and meeting Loki, who is trapped in a network of mirrors. Bored and with nothing better to do, he decides to help you escape, figuring he’ll never see you again after you’re gone. But as soon as you’re able, you return intending to rescue him…


NOTES/WARNINGS: This was supposed to be a one-shot, maybe two-shot, and then it… wasn’t. I’ll just… yeah.


    The sounds of a struggle filled the halls as she tried to kick, claw and bite her way out of her captor’s grasp. Unsuccessfully, but at least she was trying. A small comfort as she was tossed onto a mattress on the floor and chained to the wall by a cuff around her ankle.

    “You can’t just keep me here! I want to go home!” She screamed, not caring if she sounded like a child. She was angry and scared; she figured it was her right.

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- chapter one: part two -

“There’s a million reasons why this won’t work…but there’s only one reason why it will…”

7 weeks

I struggled with what I wanted to, or actually, what I should say to Niall for what felt like forever. It was more like…four hours and twenty three minutes. Which may seem a bit excessive to some, but being in the current situation I was in, with the person I was in it with, I knew I had no choice but to get this exactly right on the first go. I had no clue as to what I was going to do about…anything quite yet, but the first thing that needed to be done was to tell Niall.

Sitting on my couch and continuously staring at the little piece of paper as I contemplated word for word what I was going to say to him, almost made my head hurt. But I finally swallowed back my fears and picked up my cell phone, getting up from my couch to nervously pace back and forth across the carpeted floor. My teeth nipped increasingly hard at my bottom lip, scraping off the bits of skin that I had already been picking at for the past four hours and I could feel my hands jittering uncontrollably as I held the phone in my hand. Nervous was beyond an understatement at that point; I was absolutely scared shitless.

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When you told yourself you weren’t gonna look at spoilers but :’))

Regrets [Jungkook x Reader]

Let’s hope I don’t get writer’s block. I’m testing out this angst lol tbh some of these events have happened to me 

Chapter 1.

Chapter 2.

Chapter 3.

Out of all people. Why did it have to be Jeon Jungkook? You had run into him again after the last incident that happened between the both of you which was nearly five years ago.

Your parents wanted the both of you to get married to one another and carry on the family names. You wanted to marry Jungkook because you were sincerely in love with him. However, he was not with you. He hated your guts. He wanted to ruin you for being put into this forced relationship whilst ruining the other potential relationship he had with another girl. He thought you were ugly. He thought you were stupid. He thought you were overly dramatic. He thought you were desperate. He didn’t want anything to do with you.

You accidentally bumped into him after grabbing your jacket and running out of your apartment, late to work. “Aish, I’m sorry…” You looked up and fear overwhelmed you. You remembered the names he called you. You remembered the things he had done to you. You began to back away from the man.

“Ah- Y/N-ah, it’s been awhile.”

You felt your eyes welling up with tears. “Y-yeah. It has. Well. I’m late for work. I have to go before my boss scolds me.” And with that you ran away. You couldn’t deal with the trauma anymore. Tears were falling. You got to your workplace and your boss noticed your red-flushed face.

“Y/N-ah! What’s wrong?!” She screeched. Your ears ringing after that screech.

“Oh nothing, I’m okay. I just remembered something a little scary that’s all.”

She looked at you with worry. “Alright then. Just know I’m here if you want to talk.”

You dragged yourself to your office. You couldn’t concentrate. You began having flashbacks to when you were engaged to Jungkook.

“YOU RUINED MY LIFE!” He pointed at you. He pushed you to the door, slamming your back against the hardwood.  “If  you weren’t such a desperate little brat, I would actually consider being your friend.” He sneered. He began ripping your journal apart. He burned the pieces. He threw the burnt pages on you; slightly burning your clothes. He pulled you by your shirt collar, “YOU NEED TO GET OUT OF MY LIFE. YOU RUINED MY LIFE, YOU DESERVE TO SUFFER. I DON’T WANT TO MARRY SOME LOSER THAT EVERYONE SAYS IS A LOW-LIFE LEECH!” He proceeded to push you onto the ground again. You cried.

You shook your head and tried to focus on work. All you heard were his words again.

“You whore. You probably got sold because your family is dirt poor.”


“Gold digger.”

“Piece of sh-”

You were broken out of your thoughts when your best friend, Park Jimin came into your office.

“Y/N!! I missed you so I came here!” You didn’t reply. Usually, you would make a sarcastic remark about him being your soulmate, but you didn’t and he noticed. He looked at your face and he saw your puffy red eyes and the look in your eyes made it easy to notice that you were lost in your thoughts.

“Are you okay, Y/N?”

You slowly shook your head. He pulled up a chair by your side and sat down. “You know you can tell me anything right?”

You barely whispered his name. “Jungkook”

Jimin’s eyes widened. He knew what Jungkook did to you and he knew the fear that was in your system right now. He was worried that something might happen to you if you were stressed out about it.

He pulled your head onto his shoulder and he pat your head. “It’s okay, I’ll be here to protect you. Y/N-ah, you’re my best friend and I can’t let you be hurt again by that jerk.”

You had a feeling of worry in your gut. You didn’t want your best friend to be hurt if anything did happen. You were scared that Jungkook was going to find you again and try to hurt you like he did last time. You held onto Jimin’s arm sleeve and thought about what to do if Jungkook did find you again. You were terrified and your sobs got louder. Jimin was genuinely scared and he loved you too much to let you get hurt.

“Jimin, can I stay over tonight?”

He looked at you, and answered without any hesitation. “Of course.” After work, the both of you walked back to your apartment. The day never got better. Flashbacks kept coming and showed up through random part of the day. You remembered when your parents kicked you out after the engagement was called off.

“How can you be so stupid Y/N?” Your mom yelled at you. She was truly disappointed in you. You just looked at her without any remorse. “Mom, I told you I never wanted to–” -Smack- She slapped you across the face. You turned to her with shock. “Eomm-”

“I’m not your Eomma anymore. Leave this house immediately. Breaking the engagement because you thought you were doing the right thing. Leave now. You are no longer my daughter. That marriage would have saved our family’s name.”

You begged your father to let you stay. “Appa, please, I don’t understand. He was never happy with me! I didn’t want to force him into a marriage that would kill him on the inside. We’re still young! Appa! I’m only 17. Please. “

Your father turned away from you. “Leave this house.”

You stood up and wiped your tears. You went up to your room and packed quietly. You were happy there wasn’t much in your room. You packed the essentials and you left to start a new life elsewhere. Ever since then, you never contacted your parents or anyone back in Ulsan. You missed the beaches, but you left for Seoul to find a new life and start over again. Now you’re 22 and living the life that you want. But ever since you left him, things became quiet and light. You haven’t heard or seen from your family in the past five years you’ve been gone. It was lonely. Until you met Jimin.

You sat down on Jimin’s bed exhausted. You never wanted to remember any of these memories. They were painful. Even the dates you went on with Jungkook. You thought that he was finally reciprocating the feelings you had for him, but they were fake. He was never happy when he was with you. He intentionally ignored every word you said, every smile you gave him and every laugh that was sounded. Jimin sat next to you. “You okay?”

You just stared blankly at the bed and didn’t hear him. Until you felt a hand on top of your head patting your hair. “Y/N-ah, you know if you ask to be at my place, please be sure to talk to me. I get worried when you space out.”

“Mian. I know, but what if he came back to torture me again?” Jimin looked at you. He knew you were being serious. He gave smile that could melt any girl. “He’ll have to go through this!” He started tickling you. “AhahahahahaJimin-ahaahahahahhhplease”

“There, I love to see you smile.” You were grateful for Jimin. He’s been there ever since you left your hometown. You were happy. You gave Jimin the biggest hug. “Jimin-ah, I love you so much.Thank you for staying by my side even though I’m super depressing and negative.”

His face flushed red. He felt his heart race. He loved being in your presence and seeing you smile. He loved it. He loved everything about you.

“No, No Y/N, it’s okay! I’m always here for you”

“Jiminie, let’s go to sleep.” You turned around and you cuddled into his arms and fell straight asleep. However, Jimin on the other hand was nervous to where he didn’t know when he was going to sleep.

Once you woke up the next morning, you smelled food in the air in Jimin’s apartment. You had to give it to Jimin for being the awesome best friend he was to make food for you when you were feeling down. Honestly. He would make a good boyfri- Wait. What were you thinking. Jimin didn’t like you that way. It’s purely platonic right? He was there only to be support and to guide you when you were in times of need. You felt your cheeks warm up at the thought of him being a potential boyfriend.

You almost died from shock when Jimin ran into the room yelling that the food was done. After breakfast, you both got ready and headed out to work. You both walked to the company since it was literally a five-minute walk.

The first half of the day was tedious. Your boss gave both you and Jimin stacks and stacks of paperwork to do and it was draining the life out of you.

You put your head down onto the desk for a second and you immediately fell asleep.

Jimin watched you while you slept. You looked more at peace than you did last night. It was a great relief and thank goodness you did most of the paperwork. He would have to finish up the last couple of pages and you would be done for the day.

He nudged you softly, “Y/N-ah”

You lulled in your sleep. “I like you too”

He stared at you, he didn’t know if he heard you correctly, did she say I like you too?

“Y/N-ah? Wake up you ugly troll, you’re drooling on everything.”

Your head snapped up. “I swear Park Jimin. For some reason I always hear that name in my sleep and it makes me want to deck you straight in the face. “UGLY TROLL???? What are you trying to say??”

“Y/N, you can’t deck me in the face, I need to stay good-looking.”

“I don’t care Park Jimin” It was cute how you said his full name when you were annoyed. “You can’t call me an ugly troll because I was sleeping WHAT DO YOU MEAN I’M AN UGLY TROLL? LIKE WHAT DOES THAT MEAN???!?!?!”

It was now or never, Jimin interrupted your little fire. “I like you”

Your breath hitched a little. Your eyes became as big as the moon. You wanted to cry of happiness. But at the same time you wanted to run away it was weird to have him confess to you in the office so nonchalantly.

“I-..I li-”

Right before you reciprocate your feelings, your boss came in screeching about something and both you and Jimin stared at each other as if she was crazy. She dragged the both of you to her office and introduced you to a new co-worker.

“Jimin, Y/N, this will be your new co-worker. I hope you all get along!”

You made eye contact with the newcomer and felt like your legs were stiff.

“This is Jungkook” 

Guess who cried again watching episode ten

Never Let Me Go - Chapter 2

A/N: Overview - Once Feyre had found her mate and her family, found the person she was supposed to spend eternity with, she was filled with immense joy. But that was all so long ago. Before The Great War. Before she had to give it all up. Set in the future after the destruction of the Cauldron aka THE FIC WHERE FEYRE LOSES HER IMMORTALITY (I’m the worst, I know).

Chapter 1 here.

Special shout out (and a million hugs) to my wonderful beta Jo, @eloquenceisnotyourthing, for taking this mess of a chapter and turning it into something worth reading. 

***Chapter 2 below the cut***

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majestictophat  asked:

Fatal can see basic characteristics of others???

YES! He absolutely can! This is a very important detail that I’ve been wanting to get to for months.

Back in Chapter 1 we all found out that Fatal can see the code of others and the world around him. This means, essentially, he can see what other characters are ‘made of’.

In Chapter 2 we learn something very important and new about him: Fatal can ‘read’ the code of others and the world around him. It’s not just numbers, it translates into information - he can literally see what other characters are ‘made of’. Like in this instance with Blue, where he can see some of Blue’s most prominent character traits, which are similar to Papyrus’.

Feel free to ask questions, but remember that I may or may not answer them due to spoilers, and I may or may not be able to say if I can or can’t. Regardless, I’m so happy to finally be able to talk about this now :’D

Oh and just for fun, all of this was actually what Fatal was referring to back when this happened XD

[Miraculous Ladybug]: The Sexual Awakening of Chloe Bourgeois

The last thing I should be doing is starting another story, but screw it. Life is short and this fandom is deprived of Chlonette fics so there. 

[Next: Chapter 2]

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

Title: The Sexual Awakening of Chloe Bourgeois

Summary: “Chloe didn’t like girls. She didn’t like Ladybug.  She just wanted to make out with her and show her platonic admiration for Ladybug’s gorgeous commitment to civic duty. And if she wanted to continue the making out at Chloe’s place, then hey, who was she to deny a freaking superhero?”

In which Chloe is new to the whole “not-straight” thing, and Marinette can’t just stand by and not help the poor thing out.

Chapter 1: Magazines and Superlikes

It all started because she was late for her dental appointment.

Chloe was still convinced that had she not been busy agonizing over which filter to use for the Instagram post she was making that morning, she wouldn’t have forgotten to look at the time. Her driver wouldn’t have gotten her there after her appointment was given away. She wouldn’t have had to sit in the reception room and wait for the next available opening. She wouldn’t have been stuck looking through old magazines to keep her occupied because she wouldn’t have forgotten to charge her phone.

She would’ve just walked in, gone for her cleaning, and left.

Because if her life was going to be upended without her express permission, then Chloe was going to blame something . And that something was the reception room.

Specifically, the magazines in the reception room.

More specifically, the old August 2010 issue of Madame Figaro .

Even more specifically, the picture of Mylène Jampanoï on the cover of said issue.

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