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What is ur favorite kind of kissing?


There’s sneaky pecks, you know, the ones where you are watching tv and they walk up behind you, bend down, and give just a little kiss?  They’re so sweet.

There’s the forehead kiss, which is nice when you need to be calmed down or when you’re just feeling crappy.

There’s the soft one lip grabber, where you go in, grab their lip, giving it a little suck.  I like those, especially when you’re not really expecting it…

There’s the kisses where you get 20 silly pecks all over the face, over and over, normally when you’re goofing off, or wrestling around.

There’s the neck kiss, just below the jaw, and it’ll give you goosebumps.

There’s making out, slow and soft, plus the anticipation that comes with it.  There’s that one moment, when your tongues first touch…It’ll put you into sensory overload.

There’s also making out that is rough and to the point.  You both are kissing each other like you haven’t been able to touch in years.

There’s angry kissing.  This usually leads to the kind above…lol

There’s signal kissing, in which you are giving them a hint.  A nice lip bite works well with it.

Ok, that’s enough.  I think it’s clear I like all kissing equally. Bahaha

@chapcourse asked for some help making a chapstick lesbian flag and this is what was decided on as the final result. reasoning for the colours are that dark colours are associated with masculinity, while red is associated with feminity, and chapstick lesbians are a kind of middle ground. also, oranges dont feature in flags as much, and chapsticks tend to be fruity, so the colours were picked from a few actual chapsticks.