I was rewatching the end of Hibike! S2E10 and I know most of you are focusing on the last scene but there was quite a build up of shots there:

*Kumiko realises she’s been focusing on everything but her best friend right now*


*still being avoided*

*fist clench*

*quick scene cut to the place where Kumiko and Reina watched the fireworks*

*out of vision, not priority*

*Reina’s line of sight; Kumiko being ‘happy’ without her (Reina’s pretty oblivious to the extent of how much Kumiko’s been hurting lately)*

*cold stare*

*continues to avoid*

*Kumiko notices and her heart probably sinks*

And if we cut back…

Are you, Kumiko?

Malec scene in ep10

So here is my simple theory

Alec (and the shadowhunters gang) are going to Alicante,Which is the most likely option Since Sebastian is gonna come in 2b And they first meet him in Alicante in the books.

Also magnus won’t be there
So i think it’s gonna be like a promise /goodbye scene and they DID say it’s heartbreaking so, Maybe he’ll say that magnus is the only one for him Asking him if he is willing to wait or something along these lines

If it’s a love confession (even if it’s kinda early) but they’ve been through a roller-coaster this season, i wouldn’t really mind that at all

But maybe it is not a love confession after all , which is also fine, because either way they are going to kill me