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Music from “The Prisoner”…

Electronic Mind
What’s The Name Of This Place?
Foret Tropicale/No. 6 Chops Down A Tree
Psychedelic Portrait
I Suppose You’re Wondering…
No. 6 Takes The Life-belt
From Out Of Space
Speedboat Dash
Electrified Trap
I Am Not A Number
No. 6 Approaches The Escape Helicopter
Under The Lamp
Sweet Village Music
My Name Is Death
No. 6 Enters Dream
Fight On Board
Harpsichord In Jazz No. 1
Stalactites Et Stalagmites
No. 6’s Historical Recital
Tomorrow, You Will Wake Up A New Man
Attack Of The Bulldozer
No. 6 Is Regressed Back To Childhood
Walk Down French Street “A”
Dance Of No. 6
Harpsichord For Drama
Night Club Music
Music Concréte III
Knowledgable Cabbages
No. 6 Follows No. 58
Adrift At Sea
President Speech
End Titles

Music by Ron Grainer, Nino Nardini, Albert Elms, Wilfred Josephs, Camille Sauvage, Paul Bonneau, Eric Allen & Frank Reidy, Jack Arel, Eric Peters, Thierry Veneux, Jean-Claude Petit, Johnny Hawksworth etc.

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1. Harry’s tweet and bears appeared with a difference some minutes

2. “Hope” at bears on a text and at Harry in twitter (a photo 2,3)

3. Two kisses at the end of a sentence as likes to write Harry (a photo 3)

4. On a card the cat is attached. Of the Styles house have a cat, at Louis - no, (a photo 3)

5. And obviously identical plinth. Though I don’t know, there can be in England at all it identical (a photo 1, 4)

6. Handwriting as at Harry (a photo 3, 5)

+ the Photo near job center in Holmes-Chappele and the book from library Holmes-Chappel. I think, Harry gave us many helps that it he


Unknown altitude…

Pierre Dutour - Abyss
Jack Arel - Something Happen
France Gall - Frankenstein
Francois De Roubaix - Centrales Thermiques
Jack Arel & Pierre Dutour - Sundown
Vladimir Cosma - Dans Les Fonds Sous-Marins
Bernard Lubat & Hevré Roy - Vibraphone Crescendo
Galt MacDermot - Cathedral
Hildegard Knef - Im Achtzigsten Stockwerk
Francois De Roubaix - Rendez-Vous À L'Aube
Evasio Roncarati - Central Park
Francois De Roubaix - Le Saut De L'ange
Michel Bernholc - Norfolk Fog
Galt MacDermot - Space
David Axelrod - The Warnings Part 1
Tino Contreras - Visnu
Alain Goraguer - Un Homme Traqué
Piero Umiliano - Epilogo

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