Top Anime of 2016

**DISCLAIMER: this is my own personal list of the six shows I have watched this year. And I didn’t watch all of it I just felt like sharing so why the hell not**

In last place:
•Kiss Him, Not Me
This show is great in several ways. I relate to the main character way too much in her awkward otaku-ness and her awkwardness around the boys. The boys+one girl are enjoyable as hell, and I even ship her with two of them (don’t remember names) but the show took on A LOT of cliches and kind of dealt with her weight gain a little distastefully at times. But it’s really funny and if you are a fanatic fangirl like me you should watch.

Fifth place(s):
•Sweetness and Lightning
•91 Days
I couldn’t decide on which I preferred lol, which is funny since they’re completely different genres.
Sweetness and Lightning is ADORABLE AS HELL. It’s like Usagi Drop except without the weird ass ending in the manga lol. The situation the dad is in is relatable for a lot of people, Tsumugi is a delight and the food makes me so hungry. The characters are well done for the most part, and it’s just a cute slice of life.
91 Days is a completely different story. A 1920’s mob story about revenge, it’s been done before but the ride was enjoyable. At first I was put off by Avilio’s lack of character development but that was the whole point, he was completely stuck in the past and hell-bent on revenge. And he actually goes through with the revenge, which few stories like this do. An enjoyable time with a slight depressing ending.

Fourth place:
•Durarara x2
This one might be weird, but I love Durarara. I watched all of season 1 in one day and it took me a while to finish season 2 but I did. It was bizarre, it made me panic, it confused me, it made me laugh. It was Durarara and at the end of the day I enjoyed it.

Third place:
While Erased failed in some aspects of mystery and a general plot twist, this show still gripped me for a ride. The story, the concept, the dark aspects, the imagery-it all kept me at the edge of my seat. Even when good things were happening I knew something bad lurked around the corner. And a shoutout to Satoru’s mom who is one of the best moms out there. The ending was a little weird (I’d say it was better in the manga) but still really really good.

Second place:
•My Hero Academia
First off, shoutout to the opener for making me want to punch a wall every time it came on. This show is short but very fun. The idea of super powers being normal and being the odd one out who don’t have superpowers is pretty neat, Allmight is awesome, Izuku is an adorable baby I want to protect and I didn’t hate his rival as much as I expected too. It made me laugh and then the ending kept me on the edge of my seat. Super excited about the second season.

First place (big drumroll please…):
Yuri on Ice. Motherfucking Yuri on motherfucking Ice.
Do I even need to discuss this one?

Anyways, yeah.
Excited for more shows in 2017.


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