Every now and then I stumble across an auction listing that makes me wonder if they’re serious. A standard model PTR-91 rifle, which is a U.S made clone of the HK 91. You’ll notice that the X-Products 50 round drum is inserted backwards. The price point is way off though. Seller mentions spending $1,799 plus drum, ammo and 5 Thermold mags but has a “Buy It Now” for $2,200. If you break down the price…

PTR 91* = $879

CBC 7.62x51mm 550 Rounds = $330

X-Products HK G3 Drum = $250

Thermold G3 Mags x5 = $80

Total = $1,539

*Cheapest I could find for factory new online at auction Has polymer furniture but wood furniture would add around $30 if you bought elsewhere.

Anyway, I’m not sure how paying nearly $660 extra is logical. This might have been a longer than necessary post but it’s a good example of how price checking gun packages can tell you if its worth it or not. Sometimes people get caught up with the “extras” without doing the math. (GRH)

So during Game 6 I hit my first thousand follower mark! So, I decided to go down the line and make a follow forever, so I can appreciate everyone I love on this website. I have heart eyes for everyone I follow, literally everyone. If you’re not on this list, it’s because I’m dumb and can barely remember what I had for dinner last night, so it’s hard to remember every single person I love. I’d also like to take this time to thank Scott Darling for existing, and to say that I’m still accepting apps for the Scott Darling Defense Squad, if you missed that earlier!

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