Central American nicknames

Most Central American countries have different denomonyms than the “official ones.” 

Guatemala = guatemaltec@s or chapines

El Salvador = salvadoreñ@s or guanac@s

Honduras = hondureñ@s or catrach@s

Nicaragua = nicaragüenses or nicas

Costa Rica = costarricenses or ticos

Panama = panameñ@s or panas 

Some are easy to figure out as to why they have that name, however some standout like chapines/guanac@s/catrach@s.

If ya didn’t know:


The word actually comes from footwear that was worn by the Guatemalans(Maya). They were easily identifiable by people of other countries so that’s how they became identified. This is what it looks like:


When General Florencia Xatruch returned from a battle with William Walker, whose purpose was to invade Central America, the people yelled “¡Vienen los Xatruches!” at the soldiers. Xatruches later turned into catruches which then turned into catrach@s


The word comes from Poton-Lenca, an indigenous language spoken in El Salvador. It means brother/brotherhood. People celebrate an event called Guanacasco, meaning “gathering of brothers” under the Guanacaste (Tree of Brotherhood).

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Everyone loved Elvis, so as Dwight, but most importantly he knew how every single women was all over that guy. It wasn’t easy to get a ticket for the upcoming concert. (Even if he was the Deputy Assistant of Nixon himself). Dwight was already down at the deep garage waiting for the strikingly hot woman to appear, who was working at the White House just like Dwight. It seemed like he had zero chance at the girl so far, but now with the tickets he hoped for the best. 

When the woman of his dreams finally entered the garage, Dwight stepped up to her quickly. “Hi, long day, huh?” He smiled wide, however thought it’d be for the best to get to the point, before she’d just ignore him and walk off like usually. “I got two tickets for Elvis, this weekend. I was wondering if you’d like to come with me.”

I hope the person responsible for picking the music at Shondaland gets a raise, the blessings of Jesus, and someone’s firstborn child. Give them everything.


Sam Black ripping a clutch Bonfire of the Damned gets meme’d hard by Reddit

Songs about school shootings!

“The Kinslayer” by Nightwish
“The Ballad of Charles Whitman” by Kinky Friedman
“New Hope” by Five Iron Frenzy
“So Long” by Everlast
“Sniper” by Harry Chapin
“The Homecoming Queen’s Got a Gun” by Julie Brown
“Jeremy” by Pearl Jam
“Rival” by Pearl Jam
“I Don’t Like Mondays” by The Boomtown Rats (also covered by Bon Jovi, Ron Sexsmith and Tori Amos)
“A New Hope” by Five Iron Frenzy.
“Youth of the Nation” by P.O.D.
“Educated Hate” by Rorshack
“Stole” by Kelly Rowland
“The Anatomy Of a School Shooting” by Ill Bill
“Ticking” by Elton John
“To the Teeth” by Ani DiFranco
“Classtime Horror” by Madd Maxxx
“Vengeful Possesion” by Madd Maxxx
“The Nobodies” by Marilyn Manson
“Ronnie” by Metallica
“Cassie” by Flyleaf
“April 20” by Yellowcard
“Monday” by The Living End
“Rock the 40oz.” by Leftöver Crack
“Lullaby For Wayne” by Weezer
“She’s Anti” by Home Grown
“Hero” by Superchic[k]
“Black Shadow Symphony” by Westworld
“Columbine High Blues” by Countess
“Columbine Killing Machine” by Ressurrector
“In Praise of School Shooters” by Pink Eye
“This Is Your Time by Michael W. Smith (also covered by Five Iron Frenzy)
“Friend of Mine” by Jonathan and Stephen Cohen - survivors of the Columbine School Shooting
Feel free to add!