Central American nicknames

Most Central American countries have different denomonyms than the “official ones.” 

Guatemala = guatemaltec@s or chapines

El Salvador = salvadoreñ@s or guanac@s

Honduras = hondureñ@s or catrach@s

Nicaragua = nicaragüenses or nicas

Costa Rica = costarricenses or ticos

Panama = panameñ@s or panas 

Some are easy to figure out as to why they have that name, however some standout like chapines/guanac@s/catrach@s.

If ya didn’t know:


The word actually comes from footwear that was worn by the Guatemalans(Maya). They were easily identifiable by people of other countries so that’s how they became identified. This is what it looks like:


When General Florencia Xatruch returned from a battle with William Walker, whose purpose was to invade Central America, the people yelled “¡Vienen los Xatruches!” at the soldiers. Xatruches later turned into catruches which then turned into catrach@s


The word comes from Poton-Lenca, an indigenous language spoken in El Salvador. It means brother/brotherhood. People celebrate an event called Guanacasco, meaning “gathering of brothers” under the Guanacaste (Tree of Brotherhood).

The six years of Junior High and High School growing up with Officer Chapin has been incredible. 
Chapin is one of the only people I know who took the time out of their day to ask everyone, and i mean everyone, how their day has been, to wave hello every morning and goodbye every afternoon with a ginormous smile upon his face. 
I will cherish the smiles and memories I have had with Officer Chapin. Even all the little things such as the jolly ranchers, the police badge stickers and his hilarious raptor walk. 
He has impacted and touched the lives of many many people and will forever be remembered and have a place in our hearts.

Sending much love to the Chapin Family ♥
Forever Rest in Peace Officer Stan Chapin.

“The Idle Class” (1921) is Charlie Chaplin’s 6th film under his million dollar contract with First National, released after “The Kid”, a tough act to follow, a return to a 2 reeler that has the feel of a Mutual film.  

He plays 2 roles, a rich, inebriate, neglectful husband to a beautiful woman played by Edna Purviance & “the tramp” who inadvertently falls in love with her and because of a costume party she thinks he is her husband.