Dominican Chapel of the Rosary in Vence, usually known as the Matisse Chapel

In 1946, Sister Jacques-Marie, a young nun who helped Matisse convalesce after serious intestinal surgery, asked him if he would advise on the design of a stained glass window for a new chapel. Not only did he, an avowed atheist, agree, but, at age 77 and still weak from his surgery, Matisse took on the design of the entire chapel including the architecture, stained glass windows, interior furnishings, murals, and the vestments of the priests; and he even raised funds for the chapel.

In a 1952 interview with André Verdet (Pretiges de Matisse), Matisse responded to Picasso’s angry objection to his involvement with religion:
My only religion is the love of the work to be created, the love of creation, and great sincerity. I did the Chapel with the sole intention of expressing myself profoundly. It gave me the opportunity to express myself in a totality of form and color.



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