reasons to get Fit™ and Strong™

*to beat up nazis
*to pick up big dogs
*to not almost pass out from overexertion in the pit
*to impress potential gfs/bfs/sos with my Stronk™
*so i can carry my future spouse out of the chapel
*so i can give my acquired children Quality Piggy Back Rides™
*for the napoleon complex olympic sport of lifting people bigger than me
*to carry in all the groceries in one trip
*to become a volunteer fire fighter
*to be prepared for the coming apocalypse


Princess Wedding Dresses: Mak Tumang
There’s absolutely nothing like a fluffy ball gown to make a bride look like a princess! Chic embroidery, voluminous gowns, and timeless silhouettes are some of the characteristics found in these dreamy designs!


Spent my birthday in this wonderful place for the second straight year.

Yosemite National Park, CA. January 2017. (Instagram)