Deah Shaddy Barakat. Yusor Abu-Salha. Razan Abu-Salha. 

Barakat was a dental student at the University of North Carolina, and he started a campaign last year to send dental supplies to victims of the Syrian civil war. The YouCaring effort has raised more than $70,000 to date.

Yusor had planned to begin her dental studies at UNC-Chapel Hill this coming fall. The outlet also cited UNC officials as saying that she and Barakat were married in December — less than two months ago.

Razan was a student at North Carolina State University, where she studied architecture and environmental design. The New York Times notes that many have praised her artistic abilities; she won an award from her school “for capturing 3-D abstract model making with time-lapse video.”

These are the 3 victims of the Chapel Hill shooting — and we must remember them.


Islamophobia killed my brother. Lets end the hate.


This was so heartbreaking, literally shaking and teary eyes as i listen to this.


Norwich, England, U


Palestinians throw flowers into the sea in Gaza City, on February 14, 2015, in remembrance of the three victims of the Chapel Hill shooting in the US.

The banner reads ‘From the Mediterranean to the Atlantic, To the souls of murdered in the name of terrorism #ChapelHilShooting’

> “When one part of the body aches, the entire body aches” <


This week’s snowstorm inspired us to look back at @npr stories from winters of yesteryear.  Long before the age of Netflix, Americans prepared for snowstorms by stocking  up on the essentials – milk, bread, eggs – and by renting movies from their local video rental shop. In 1996, All Things Considered host Noah Adams asked a video store manager in Chapel Hill, N.C. to recommend the best titles to “snuggle up with” during a blizzard. Spoiler alert: his picks included Prime Suspect,  Breaking Away, The Bicycle Thief, Black Orpheus and A Hard Day’s Night .


I agree… like the 14 women executed in Iraq last year for not wearing a hajib. Or those imprisoned for it in Saudi Arabia, or the myriad of other female rights violations due to sharia law involving just the Hijab… that’s before we look at who is FORCED by LAW to wear the Hijab…

that’s also before we enter into the various other womens/human rights violations, like getting stoned to death OR lashed AND imprisoned for getting RAPED… or the fact that women cant even drive in Saudi Arabia… or the 150 women executed in Iraq for refusing to convert… or the THOUSANDS of Iraqi and Syrian women who are currently being sold into sexual slavery…

The Chapel Hill Shooting is a tragedy by one bigot, lets not use it as an excuse to overlook the very real oppressions and murders happening EVERY DAY throughout the world. The greatest threat to and killer/abuser of Muslims is AND HAS ALWAYS BEEN other Muslims.    


If we acknowledge that the Chapel Hill murders were a hate crime, then we have to examine our cultural climate. A cultural climate in which films like American Sniper, which at least simplify the situation in the Middle-East and America’s position over there, that these kinds of films and that kind of narrative are contributing to waves of anti-Muslim feeling. We have to accept that we have a responsibility in the way that we tell stories.

Russell Brand - Chapel Hill Vs Copenhagen - Which is Terrorism? (x)