chapel of the palace of versailles

Royal Chapel of Versailles, May 2016. by Sabrina Danielle.

Photographed when I visited the Chateau de Versailles, France. The Sun King (Louis XIV) loved music and dance and thus had a gigantic gilded organ in this royal chapel where the King and his family would hold mass.

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UnbelievablePalace of Versailles, Yvelines, Île-de-France 2016


Here are some rarely seen online historical photographs of the Chateau of Versailles taken between the World Wars.* These crisp black and white photos from the official websites show the desperate state of the façades, roofs and windows prior to the American industrialist heir John D. Rockefeller Jr’s $20 million dollar gift in 1920 (nearly $250 million in today’s value).

*the top image is from copies of the series of architectural engraving by Marcel Lambert.

I can’t stop thinking about that Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell AU >_<’ 

I just:

  • Quaker Will as America’s equivalent to Strange, who has a huge natural gift for magic (is probably part fairy himself) and has published multiple articles/books about it under the pseudonym Will Grey and keeps being asked (by other magicians and fairies alike) to help them summon the Raven King
  • and people who visit him in search of wisdom are shocked when they find that America’s pre-eminent magician is not the aged wizardly alpha they had been expecting but a young, stunningly-pretty, unmarried omega
  • (keeps a pack of dogs, chops his own kindling, catches his own fish)
  • who lives alone, by a lake in the woods,and seems to harbour no greater ambition than to become a genteel spinster
  • and he also gets visits from local pastors trying to talk him into giving up this unnatural life of financial and spiritual independence (but he can tell that really it’s because they’re creepers who want a pretty young omega to be grateful to them.)
  • And Fairy!Hannibal as The Gentleman who is courting him
  • and keeps fucking up his life unintentionally with his outlandish gifts
  • and causing odd things to happen (because he has no chill and doesn’t know how to human)

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Architect Luigi Vanvitelli died on this day in 1773 at Caserta, where he had been working on one of his best known projects, the Palazzo Reale for Charles VII, King of Naples, later Charles III of Spain. Often noted as one of the primary figures responsible for the transition from Baroque to Neoclassical architectural style, Vanvitelli designed furnishings, chapels, churches, and palaces. He was a finalist in several important Roman competitions and was employed on numerous restoration projects in Rome. Known as the Versailles of Italy, Vanvitelli’s palace at Caserta recently received a 22-million euro grant for much-needed repairs.

Reference: Jörg Garms. “Vanvitelli, Luigi.” Grove Art Online. Oxford Art Online. Oxford University Press. <>.

Royal Palace of Caserta – exterior; portraits of Vanvitelli, throne room, staircase