chapel hill. evening


Friday 11.25.16

I took the Greyhound to Chapel Hill, UNC Wednesday evening and arrived yesterday morning. Then, D and I had two really nice Thanksgiving “dinners”: one at the UNC’s alumni center and the other one at his friend’s house with some of his cohorts.

After the fun of yesterday, we had to buckle down and study today since I have an exam on Monday and he has a paper due early next week. Since this is his turf, D took me to a cute, hipster place by his apartment in Carrboro. This whole area is like the Berkeley of the East Coast.

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving :)

Kitten update!

We found a place to board the kitten until Sunday! Hurray!

We’re heading back to Chapel Hill on Sunday. Please message us if you are genuinely interested in him and could meet us along the route from Morehead City to Chapel Hill, or in Chapel Hill proper, on Sunday evening.

Again, please only message me or Ash if you have a GENUINE INTEREST in adopting this kitten and meeting us on Sunday.

even if it was over a “parking dispute”, which it absolutely was not, if a muslim man killed three white people because of a parking dispute that wouldnt even be considered an excuse and the white community would probably burn down a couple dozen more mosques

An old man who was standing next to me on the train leaned in and told me he heard about the chapel hill shooting and “even if it doesn’t mean much from a random guy on the train” said he wishes the best for my family and the Muslim community.

He even told me he likes to go to the ISBCC (our mosque in Boston) just to sit down at the cafe there because the people were so nice and welcoming.

That was nice. That was really nice.