That’s how we will remember you, Chape. All the players, all the crew. We are grateful. Very grateful. Thank you for all the smiles you gave us. You made your people happy. And today we cry and pray for you. A young team that never faced relegation and it was about to face it’s first international final match. May God bless all of you. Rest in Peace.

In the loving memory of:
Ananias Eloi Monteiro (1989-2016)
Arthur Brasiliano Maia (1992-2016)
Bruno Rangel Domingues (1981-2016)
Ailton Cesar da Silva (1994-2016)
Cléber Loureiro (1981-2016)
Dener Braz (1991-2016)
Filipe Machado (1984-2016)
José Paiva (1987-2016)
Guilherme Gimenez (1995-2016)
Everton Kempes (1982-2016)
Lucas Gomes (1990-2016)
Matheus Bitencourt (1995-2016)
Helio Zampier (1985-2016)
Sérgio Barbosa (1989-2016)
William de Jesus (1986-2016)
Tiago Alves (1994-2016)
Josimar Tavares (1986-2016)
Marcelo Augusto (1991-2016)
Mateus Lucena (1994-2016)




chape wasn’t even a big club, wasn’t made by stars and rich people and they kept reaching places that most people never thought they would reach, they got everyone in brazil cheering for them and they were living the dream.  it just makes me question life, why these things happen? why them? why now? my heart hurts.

The day even the sky cried for Chapecoense

Brazil mourns Chapecoense crash victims at packed stadium wake

On a rainy Saturday that only accentuated the grief, 20,000 people filled a tiny stadium under umbrellas and plastic ponchos to say goodbye to members of the Chapecoense football club who died in a plane crash.

Roughly 100,000 people took part in the ceremony to pay tribute to the victims of this week’s tragic plane crash in Colombia on Saturday. As the team’s stadium – the Arena Condá – has just 19,000 seats, two giant screens were set up outside for the crowds in the surroundings. The ceremony happened under torrential rains. “God also cries. That’s why it is raining so much today,” said Luciano Buligon, Chapecó’s mayor.

A message of Brazilian player Neymar was shown during the ceremony (see video above). “From here in Barcelona: My condolences. My prayers go to the families and the warriors that are gone. ‘Tamo Junto.’ May God bless and comfort us forever. Vamos Chape!”, said the player of FC Barcelona. 

Thousands also lined the roads as the coffins were driven in a procession from the airport to the stadium memorial.

Soldiers wearing berets carried the coffins into the stadium on their shoulders, sloshing through standing water and mud on a field filled with funeral wreaths, club and national flags, and other tributes.

As the ground became wetter the number of coffins brought into the stadium grew as fans paid their respects to the dead. Some 100,000 people took to the streets - half of Chapeco’s population - and around 20.000 packed into the team’s stadium for the tribute.

A floral tribute marked out the centre circle at the home of Chapecoense Real football club, where 10 days ago the team celebrated their progression to the final.

Hundreds of floral tributes were left on the field as the coffins were carried on the pitch one final time.

Fans who could not get into the stadium took any vantage point possible to pay their final respects to the tragic team mates

Brazilian soldiers react during a memorial ceremony with the coffins of the victims of the plane crash in Colombia.

While thousands of fans mourned, families were reunited with the bodies of their loved ones for a funeral procession.

Relatives of the members of the Chapecoense enter the field and hold up cards bearing images of the players who died in the crash.

Fans mourn the loss of the people during the crash and hold each other during their grief. 

Fans inside the stadium said their thanks to Colombia for their response to Tuesday’s tragedy near Medellin.


“I feel like I’ve lost my heart. I loved that team. I loved so much. Now I’m looking at this field and feel sadness.” Alice Santos, a young Chapecoense fan.

Chapecoense traveled to Colombia to try to conquer America, but they ended conquered the World. We will remember them, warriors! Vamos, vamos, Chape!

All the brazilian clubs are gathering together to assist Chapecoense financially,  and loaning players to them. They’re asking for Chape not to be relegated for the next 3 years. Also lot of people are becoming offcial supporters to help them financially, even when they don’t even cheer for them. It’s more than football.

FC Barcelona invites Chapecoense to the 2017 Joan Gamper Trophy

With the invitation, Barça aims to help with the institutional and sporting reconstruction of the Brazilian club

FC Barcelona has agreed to invite to the next edition of the Joan Gamper Trophy the Brazilian team Chapecoense, who were the victims of the tragic plane crash when on the way to play the final of the Copa Sudamericana in Colombia on 28 November.

FC Barcelona wants to pay tribute to the 71 people who died in the accident and their families, and will therefore make the 2017 Joan Gamper Trophy a great tribute to the world of football through various activities around this match which will become known as the date of this celebration approaches.

Along with the invitation to Chapecoense to the 2017 Joan Gamper Trophy, FC Barcelona would like to collaborate on the institutional and sporting reconstruction of the Club, and help to recover the competitive level that it had.

FC Barcelona has today sent a formal letter of invitation to the current Board of Directors of Chapecoense.


Ela era a queridinha do Brasil. O xodó, a graça. Aquela para a qual todos sorriam. A novinha do pedaço. Mal chegou e já se juntou com a “galera”, com os “populares”: afinal de contas, a Chape faz parte do seleto grupo que nunca caiu. Feito para se respeitar - e aplaudir. Em seis anos, conquistas, vitórias, goleadas e ascensões. Da quarta divisão, para a final de uma competição Sul-Americana. Respeita a Chape. Aqui é Chape. Chape terror. Todos somos Chape. Todos seguiremos. Todos seremos. Todos estamos. Todos ficamos… arrasados. Que triste. Que rasteira. Que aperto. Que dor. Que tragédia. Ei, juiz! Roubaram a Chape. Roubaram a nossa torcida. O nosso sorriso. A vibração. Roubaram o Bruno Rangel, o Caio, o Kempes. Roubaram a Chape. Roubaram o Victorino, o PJ, o Mário Sérgio. Ei, não estão vendo?! Roubaram a Chape. Roubaram o Jumelo, o Rodrigo e o Deva. A Chape, que não pulsava sozinha, também não vai sofrer sozinha esse roubo. Ei, juiz! Poxa vida, roubaram a Chape… Não adianta, com esse juiz não tem jeito, não tem papo, não tem pressão. A Chape foi roubada. Não é sonho, eu sequer dormi. A Chape foi mesmo roubada. A Chape, grande no seu carisma, até na hora da dor arrastou multidões. Torcemos juntos, Chape. Sofremos juntos, também. Como sofremos nas cobranças de pênalti, na noite em que o Danilo salvou quatro contra o Independiente. Só que dessa vez não deu pra salvar. Também não teve comemoração. Também não tem mais Danilo. Noite de jogo sujo, jogo triste. Roubaram a Chape. Roubaram o FOX Sports. Roubaram nossos amigos, nossos colegas. Roubaram os pais de família, os homens de bem. Roubaram um pedaço dos nossos corações. Roubaram a capacidade de acreditar, de entender, de aceitar…
—  Autor Desconhecido

Vamos Chape! Saben que acá Chape hizo historia y ya se quedará siempre en nuestros corazones ❤❤ no hay rivalidad ni competencia, hoy todos estamos juntos y nos convertimos en una gran familia. QEPD 🙏
Orgullosa de la solidaridad de mi ciudad 🇨🇴 🇧🇷

Chape we love you and support you, now you will always be in our hearts!❤❤ There is no competition today, today we are all a big family and we are all on this together. RIP 🙏