chap 57

Royai in the Manga

Here is everytime Roy and Riza have been in a panel (not necessarily talking, but also just appearing) there may also be pages numbered because they are either in persona (Elizabeth) or they are talking about the other. *= significant moment (banter, fluff, angst, shows their relationship standpoint etc.) Hopefully I didn’t miss anything and forgive me if the pages are slightly off. I also have all of their appearances in both shows (fma ‘03 and FMAB) here.

Vol 1- Chap 4 pg 145,175,177

Vol 2- Chap 5 pg 7,39,40, Chap 6 pg 74 Chap 7 pg 104,106,108*,109*,111,121,123,127,136,139

Vol 3- Chap 10 pg 58,59 Chap 11 pg 94, Military Festival- 175,176

Vol 4- Chap 14 pg 55,58, Chap 16 pg 147,148*,152-158*

Vol 6- Chap 24 pg 99,100,101,103,104,116,124,125,136, 137, Chap 25 pg 166*,175

Vol 7- Chap the 2nd Lt. Goes To Battle pg 186

Vol 8- Chap 30 pg 49-51*, Chap 31 pg 55-63, Special Selection PS2 prologue pg 177

Vol 9- Chap 35 pg 56,58-61,84, Chap 37 pg 145,146,168,173,175,178*

Vol 10- Chap 38 pg 20,24*,25*,27-29,32,33, Chap 39 pg 57,59,75-80*,85,88,93, Chap 40 pg 112*-117,120-122, Chap 41 pg 146

Vol 11- Chap 42 pg 32-36,39,40 Chap 44 pg 128,129,131,133-135*, Chap 45 pg 164-166,168,169-171,173*

Vol 12- Chap 47 pg 71,72*, Chap 48 pg 133, Chap 49 pg 158-160,166,169-171,175

Vol 13- Chap 50 pg 33,34,35*,36, Chap 51 pg 94, Chap 52 pg 102,108,109

Vol 14- Chap 56 pg 104, 119*,120*,121*,122*, Chap 57 pg 143,144,146,147,172

Vol 15- Chap 58 pg 10-12*, 21, Chap 59 pg 71-74*,75,81,84-87*, Chap 60 pg 88,92-95, Chap 61 pg 165-168*,170-172*

Vol 16- Chap 62 pg 10-15, 44-48*, Chap 63 pg 55

Vol 18- Chap 71 pg 95-98

Vol 19- Chap 74 pg 20-26*

Vol 20- Chap 83 pg 184-186

Vol 21- Chap 85 pg 63, Chap 87 pg 142-145*,148

Vol 22- Chap 89 pg 60, 64-69,86,90,92-93

Vol 23- Chap 93 pg 63-64,79-84*,89-94, Chap 94 pg 111-117*,125-140*,Chap 95 pg 145-157*,160-161,164

Vol 24- Chap 98 pg 133-136, Chap 99 pg 164-169,177-178

Vol 25- Chap 100 pg 46-52**, Chap 101 pg 64-90****,94*,96*, Chap 102 pg 109,111-114, Chap 103 pg 155

Vol 26- Chap 106 pg 157-159*

Vol 27- Chap 107 pg 7*,15,17*,35-37*,42,52*,72, Chap 108 pg 111*,113*,120*,142-143*,191

Hanji Zoe

Our passionate, fearless, ingenious, perceptive, caring, brutal and beautiful future commander.

If you think she’s not capable we’re not reading the same manga.

||A quick review of 19Days timeline||

All the thing happened within 10 days

Chap.57:first chapter of Secondary school Arc. Its Thursday. If you wonder why please keep reading. (They were both wearing white shirt and kaki pants.)
Chap.58-66: besides very cute moment between JY and ZX. Its also indicated that this day is Friday; the uniforms changed; Jian Yi said even though TOMORROW is the weekend but thinking about bunch of homeworks he gotta do made him sick; Xixi invited him come playing video games tomorrow.
Chap.67-97:Saturday. JY came to Xixi’s house;meeting his sister;got into a dilemma with her;holding xixi’s hands;he stayed one night there.
No entry about what happened on Sunday.

Jian Yi helped Xiao Hui sent her love letter to Xixi ,by one “condition”; He Tian became side-character officially; JianYi’s dream revealing a piece of his childhood; this day is Monday,also known as JY birthday. Chap.115-129: Tuesday.the fight hapened; Zhen Xi was sent to the hospital;an intimate hug as debt pay. First day Momo showed up. Chap.130: Still Tuesday. In my opinion,this chapter happened after the fight+the school already ended,but da Sun still shore,so its before when ZX called Jian Yi.He Tian went out for food and met Guan Shan on the street. Chap.131-144:Wednesday. A classmate asked JY what happened with Zhen Xi yesterday “so that he got expelled from school today”. He Tian helped JY skipping class but ended up going with him.~It was a very angsty,rainy day for Jian Yi n Xixi; homemade beefstew. Chap.145-170: a very long Thursday:Ball twisting; Xiao Li love letter got exposed; Jian Yi almost got kidnapped; He Tian groped his wife’s boob. Chap.171-181: Friday. The French kiss. She Li-Guan Shan-scapegoat-Jian Yi:“ because we are friends”-calling He Tian. Chap.182-now: i dont know but logically its Saturday. The proof for this is,when Shan had been sent to the office Jian Yi asked Xixi if they should tell the teacher about “yesterday” conversation. Even though its rare to see people going to school on Saturnday. - - - - - So we have 10 days in total. I know my grammar is shit but please sparing me for that. I’ve tried to figure all the days out one by one,all the hints showing every distinctive days. I would be extremely GRATEFUL if anyone of you guys have an offer to remake this article,so it would be more easier to understand.
TGRE Spoilers were real. T-T Kanae...


I really was hoping that the text spoilers from last night were fake.

And now waking up and learning they are real..


So Shirazu is confirmed to be dead.

Kanae is pretty much dead.

Shuu I’m betting is alive.

And Akaneki resigns from the Quinx.

This sucks.

Reason’s why Akaneki may have left the Q’s in my mind is that one Shirazu’s death. Even if he know’s its not his fault since he wasn’t there, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel guilt over it Kaneki always feels guilt. And yeah maybe he is blaming Urie too. 

Another reason is that as the Q’s mentor Akaneki will alway’s be surrounded by them. Day and night. He wouldn’t have the chance to have some alone time to plot shit out. What he would be plotting IDK. But if he is no longer the Q’s mentor he will have a lot more free time to himself and be able to reunite with his surviving ghoul friends. That is to say if he even wants to reunite with them.

That brings me to my next thing. Kanae’s sacrifice. 

Akaneki manipulated Kanae into jumping after Shuu. If he really wanted Shuu to die then he would have just killed him on the roof not make a show out of it. What he did was the best chance of survival for Shuu. It was a low chance but the only chance for Akaneki to be able to stay with the CCG and for Shuu to live.

The price of course was Kanae. Who -I want to remind everyone- Akaneki doesn’t know.

That’s right Akaneki doesn’t know Kanae. To him Kanae attacked his squad on multiple occasions, tore off his hand, and was working with Eto and Aogiri. Akaneki doesn’t know of Kanae’s importance to Shuu, nor does he know Kanae’s personal problems. Kanae was simply a matter of equation to Akaneki in order for Shuu to not die.

It was a cold and rational decision and Akaneki’s side. And a beautiful sacrifice for Kanae. What we can only hope for is that Shuu survived.

On the other note Akaneki in a way protected Eto. He know’s her identity, all of them actually. And he didn’t reveal it. It could be that he wasn’t given the chance to in this chapter, but in all honesty if he really wanted her dead all he would have said is, “I faught the OEK and they might still be alive. I say her face and it’s Tatasuki Sen send out as many investigators into the area to try and see is she is still there while I finish up Tsukiyama.”

A mouthfull but it still could have happened.

But it didn’t. Now why would Akaneki not do this? Does he simply want to have more books by Tatasuki Sen? If that was my favorite Author I probably would do the same thing, but anyway I think Akaneki wants to use Eto for something. Something that is very difficult.

Something like breaking into Cochlea and saving Hinami.

Then turning on Eto once Hinami is safe.

Right now Akaneki is manipulating others in order to get what he want’s. He’s lashing out, taking risks with others lives and and once again pulling away from the people he loves.

History is repeating it’s self.

TGRE 57 possible spoilers??? MMMMhhhhh

These spoilers….

IDK how I feel about them.

People say they make sense but I don’t think so.

For one how the fuck did Kaneki throw Tsukiyama from the building when Ui and them were there. Was it while they were running up the roof? Was Kaneki eating Eto’s kagune to distract everybody?

He defeated the One Eyed King by himself…and he doesn’t even get promoted to Special Class? Only Associate Special Class? Are you fucking kidding me?! 

No seriously. Arima couldn’t even kill Eto. Unless there is proof Eto is alive then I personally call bullshit on that promotion.


Why the hell would he resign as the Q’s mentor? He is the only one who can teach them how to fight with their Kagune. Was is guilt?

The whole “I had a dream. I woke up.” Thing, was this like saying that Kaneki coming out and fighting Eto was only a one time thing and Haise is back? Or was this talking about Kaneki’s life as Haise coming to an end?

I am so confused right now.

And in all honesty is Ui just going to stand by and do nothing after seeing Kaneki EATING ON THE JOB?!

Cause I’m pretty sure he is not allowed to do that.