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:) Rodimus helmet is completely done now. I made the paintjob over night and for a while I wasn´t happy with how this one turned out. But in the end he really managed to surprise me and here we are. Sassy captain.
Drift has a friend now. They really look sweet together and they look even better on my trophy shelf~

Again, thank you for commissioning me @legendary-animist

Into Chaoz || yandere-dorodere

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The entrance was like a diving board into a pool. The entrance stood just above the rest of the chaos that was the club; people drinking tall and colorful drinks on either side with the dance floor full of bodies and lights right up ahead. Luckily the smell only had a tinge bit of alcohol and sweaty bodies to it as something must of a been pumping in fresh air to keep it mildly bearable.

A few exhausted bodies hung on the rail way over looking it all, but the smiles on their faces at least showed they were still having a good time. And why wouldn’t they? Chaoz was a club and nothing more, just with a lot more of…everything. 

Chaos at it’s drunkest finest.

“Hey there.” The smell of tobacco smoke wafted in as a man much taller then Sapphire stepped in. Nothing special to him, except that there was no shirt beneath the leather jacket. And he was definitely buzzing out on something. “You alone, pretty lady? I can show you around if you’re new…”



:) Finally! Here is the first shooting with the Tyrest helmet. I still had the staff and the cape laying around from an old cosplay, so I just had to make this little make-up test. I don´t have any clothes or armor for him, so my blue fluffy onesie had to do :D Casual Tyrest? Or slumberparty Tyrest?

Thank you @horns-and-heels for taking the pictures 

Holy shit that mirror picture wtf

(Also @rothinsel :)  and @axylh, we really have to do that…)

CHAOZ Starter

Chaoz was a fairly new club set just outside of where decent human beings lived. The modern building was surrounded by trees and just shadowed by a neighboring mountain. It looked part of a different world as even the parking lot was obscured from sight by a row of trees.The building loomed ahead, illuminated by the bright spot lights; a glowing strange spectacle like a UFO from some drugged induced scientists mind. Loud and upbeat music could be heard only when the door opened to let another new patron in. Otherwise it was like it’s own contained world that defied the normal laws around it. 

Despite it’s location and short time, it had already grabbed quite a bit of attention. People from nearby cities skipped their own clubs to make it and they weren’t always humans. No one could give a care when the music was loud, the drinks were slamming, and everyone was there just to have a good time. 

With the place being around for only a few weeks there was no telling what to expect or what Chaoz had in store for it’s patrons

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//Sorrry this took long to make because honeslty I had a hard time figuring this out. You can check here (x) for more information on the club. Feel free to choose a theme night if you’d like and have your muse do anything. Chippy will be in the next response promise. 


I´ve been working on this project for like 2 years xD But finally I finished the stand for my old Soundwave cosplay. But where do I put that? Guess he´s just decoration now
Back in 2014 I won 2 contests in Germany with this cosplay and thats pretty darn good for my first piece of armor :) Though I don´t really like him any more. The color is off and the helm looks weird. Also he was very heavy. I build much lighter and smarter now