Happy Birthdayyy!!

one last time, to my little cousin/baby cousin Zakya<3 tumblr- chaoticwreck -go follow her!

So yeah I wrote on your wall and texted you at exactly 12 then called you not a minute after lol then i posted a bunch a pics on instagram and now the 2 pics on tumblr and made my fb status and default of her lol ok so maybe i kinda over did it? ah fuck it its not everyday someone you love turns 18! woot lol now we can get into way more trouble than we ever did because so far I think we did a good job getting in trouble all the time but now it will get a tad worse since you are now legal! ha lol Hopefully I shall see you and we can go out for like ice cream after you get out of school. and I WANT YOU TO ENJOY THIS BIRTHDAY! or ill kick your ass oh and dont forget the bday punches i shall be giving you..all 19 of them =) mwa hahahahahahah k Sally Wally OUTTTT!