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Hello, I was hoping you might be able to help me out with possibly finding a deck. I've been scouring google looking for a sort of lesbian tarot deck, but the only results I've gotten are goddess or feminine decks (with no lesbian qualities at all) or decks for gay men (LOTS of decks for gay men). Since you're the tarot queen, have you seen/heard of any such decks? Thank you so much!

There are SO many decks for gay men and like…I have never seen one for lesbians. I’ve had the exact same experience you’ve had on that front ://

I feel like there HAS to be a lesbian themed deck out there, but I thought the same thing about werewolf decks and apparently I was wrong then too.

But I do like to hold out hope that there’s some small press or indie lesbian themed deck I just haven’t come across yet. :O 

I think, at best, there are one or two tarot decks that have alternate Lovers cards, but I don’t know which ones off the top of my head :// 


So Little Update

Keep in mind: I’m not doing this for you. I"m doing this because I want to and it’s my tumblr so there. If there are things I don’t want to talk about on a public sphere, I don’t have to. Just so we don’t get it twisted. 

So I know I’ve not been posting on here as much- I’ve still been active on PSG as the administrator with answering questions and trying to make it more user friendly and at first that was taking up a lot of my time. 

I was also doing a shit ton of traveling and trying to get shit in order for this coming semester in terms of school.I was trying to get my real life in order and take care of PSG so this blog go neglected a bit. 

Then I gotta admit, some real life shit went down. Like, not the kind of shit I could have planned for and I could have prevented it but it ended up happening. And you know, shit happens, but I also didn’t realize what was happening until about a week ago and since then I kind of shut down with people and things in my life. I really have to thank all of my mods at PSG but especially 2 in particular. Two of my lovely mods, Ghost and Wanderings really helped with PSG and have been all along but really stepped up this week. Only one of them knows what’s going on with me because we’re super close so they took the initiative and for that I have to thank them because it’s been a super tough week. I have several more super tough weeks to go. So this blog might be a bit of touch and go for minute. When I feel so inclined, I might share what’s going on when all is said and done. But I just wanted to say thank you for not unfollowing me and sticking with me through my queue, which has been posting for me for the last 2 or 3 weeks. 

Anywho, I will get to any inboxes in my personal inbox sometime thig week and if you want to talk to me, you can also reach me there.

Until then, unpleasant dreams

Sirdame Snakes

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What is you personal opinion on Mermaids, if you don't mind me asking?

ah yes, the merfolk 

I’ve only ever worked with one, and she was as tempered and chaotic as the sea itself. 

For the most parts, mermaids scare me :’D its partly because I respect the power of the sea, but also because I’ve had a close call in the Faelands (long story ;A;)

I plan on respecting the merfolk when I move over towards the coast. Its hard to work with them when you’re land locked :c 

chaoticwanderings replied to your post: thiscrookedcrown replied to your post …

That’s the way I read it, too. It was kind of like you pointed out something you couldn’t do and they tried to turn it around and make you seem like the bad person with the whole “I’m insulted you don’t remember me” crap

I legitimately only remember being in a TC 3-4 times with rider-waite and I vaguely remember the other person being there once. I didn’t interact but I may have answered questions? Literally the only time they talk to me is trying to get me in TinyChat and just…no. It spooks me and I don’t like it. 

ChaoticWanderings, my dear, I sense a disturbance in the Force

A few weeks ago I was at 400 followers?
Today I’m at 432?
Welcome, animarelics ^^ you are the newest to join the…
Star Cluster? Galaxy? Dragon Nebula?
I’m gonna go with Star cluster.
Followers, beloved followers, you are the Star Cluster.
You get your own tag now and everything XD

In just a moment, I will reblog a giant ‘about me’ post thing.

Basic things?
You shame, no game.
Gender, sexuality, cursing, Otherkin, different types of pagans (including Christopagans and PC Pagan), whatever. Don’t shame. Ain’t cool.

I am agender (or potentially greygender hmmm) asexual, panromantic and polyamorous with one lovely boyfriend at the moment. She/her works, or they/them, if you so choose. I am an Arctic Dragon Otherkin, which amounts to a grand total of nothing. XD it doesn’t matter much. I just am.

All questions are welcome, Anon is on. C:

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I want to incorporate some native spirituality into my practice but I don't want to be disrespectful of the tribes. I might have a connection either to the Choktaw or Chikasaw tribes (dunno which) and it is SO hard to find information with all the Half informed 'shamans' out there. Are there any good sources to look up?

Native religions are part of closed cultures, so unless you grew up in that culture there’s very little likelihood that you’ll be allowed to participate it in. I cannot stress the italicized part enough. There’s a difference between being genetically related to a culture and actually being part of the culture. It doesn’t really matter if you might be part whatever tribe, if you aren’t part of that culture you have no right to participate in it unless you get permission from a figure of authority within that culture.

Furthermore, they’re not like eclectic paganism. You can’t dabble in Native spiritualities, you can’t incorporate a little here and a little there with your existing pagan practices. That’s super disrespectful.

My recommendation would be to just stop where you are. There are tons of open cultures with varying beliefs and probably one you’ll be able to connect to. If you insist on going further with this, however, you’ll need to find a figure of authority within the culture you’d like to learn about and get permission from them. Native religions are very different from one another and have different rules so I can’t, as an outsider to them all, tell you who would be more accepting (if any) of this, it’s something you’ll have to ask them yourself.

If they say no, that’s the end of the line. Our resource page has tons of information on open cultures and I’m sure you’ll find something you connect with.

Book Of Shadows Pages





It’s mostly Supernatural, buT WHOA


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How similar would you say most pop culture dragons are to the dragons you've dealt with. What PC source would you say comes the closest? And one last question, have you ever considered/do you work with any dragons from pop culture? (sorry, over-enthusiastic dragon-loving pc pagan here)


All right, let’s see… it depends on the dragons, really. A lot of the dragons I know are pretty similar to the dragons in the Temeraire novels. And some are like the dragons in Pern.

I’ve been considering working with Daenerys Targaryon and her dragon children. Maybe, and this is just a brainstorm, Temeraire? Cause he’s adorable. And -cough- Flight Rising deities, perhaps

I see a post on my dash that is going to start a shitstorm later, especially if seen by the people I hope see it who can lay down a beautiful smackdown. The post makes me angry, really fucking angry. I’m thrilled I’m not going to be here for the fallout of said post but I’ll get to read ALLLLLL of the debate on it later.

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Is it possible to be a Christian witch and practice magic? I know that in the Bible it condemns witchcraft and sorcery, yet I've seen people on Tumblr profess to be Christian witches. What kind of mental gymnastics would be necessary to justify something like that?

Few very mental gymnastics once you realize that the bible doesn’t actually condemn witchcraft, and the persecution of witchcraft was due to King James’ personal fear of witches. The original word in the Bible was “poisoner”, not witch or sorcerer. But King James was scared of witches and had the text edited for his own purposes. There are a lot of instances like this in that text, which is why the King James version is seldom the recommended version of the Bible for newcomers.

It’s very important when reading old texts to remember that the meaning of words change over time and to not apply today’s meanings for a word when the original text was written in a very different time. Also, the older the text, the more likely it was edited by people in positions of power for their own gain or agendas.

Christian witchcraft is entirely possible and there has been a long history of Christians practicing magic, though the name for it has changed over the years.