Play with me

Juice x Reader

Warning: Smut. 18+ Only

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You laid on the couch watching Juice pay his video games. You usually both played together but, he broke the other remote when losing to a 13 year old girl. It had been an hour, watching your old man. Smirking at him when his muscles flexed as he got emotional over a game, clutching his fists. Getting yourself worked up easily, which was not hard to do. It was Juice after all. The mo-hawked man drove you crazy with just a smile. You whimpered, sliding your fingers to your shorts, rubbing over your panties. Biting your lip you closed your eyes. “Juice…” Moaning out. Juice looked back, worried that you where hurt. He took a deep breath seeing his goddess layed on the couch touching herself. “Fuck…” he threw the remote grabbing your hand. “Play with me..” Juice smirked pulling your shorts and panties down quick. “Gladly..” He pushed his lips against your thighs, kissing and sucking on them, leaving hickies. He kissed closer to your pussy, causing you to gasp that mere feeling. He pressed his lips to your clit, licking and sucking, his fingers digging into your wiggling hips. “Fuck Juice yes!” You yelled out, gliding yourself against his tongue. You seen white, panting he laid your waist down. Pushing himself into you immeditly after. “Fuck.. best game in the world… let me see if I can win… again..” Juice flex his hips, hitting the spot that caused you to become a puddle of moans and cuss words. “Mm… so wet…so tight… geez…” He kissed your neck, suddenly biting and leaving rough hickies all over your neck. He slammed into you faster, your body shaking as he built you up, arching your back, finally the coil snapped. Screaming his name, he came quickly after you. Laying on the couch, coming down from your ‘highs.’. “I think you broke the other remote. When you threw it.” “Worth it.. had to get to you quickly baby… Just means I am going to play you some more my beauttful goddess.” “I love you Juan.” “I love you too..” Juice kissed your forehead, falling asleep on the small couch.